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JOINTS USED IN FRAMING Plate IX illustrates and shows the application of the principal joints used in framing.
Framing Around a Fireplace Plate X illustrates the use of the tusk and tenon joint and the wrought iron joist hanger in fireplace framing. GE is a trademark of General Electric Company and is under license by ikeGPS Ltd, 42 Adelaide Road, Wellington 6021, New Zealand.
For over 60 years, Finley Engineering has been a leader in the design, engineering and construction of broadband, communications and electrical power systems. If the halving joint is at an angle similar to the sketch shown at , great care will have to be exercised in the use of the chisel, owing to the change in the direction of the grain of the wood. To saw out this type of halving joint, proceed to work the shoulder line as already described; then place the piece of wood obliquely in the vice as shown and proceed to saw down the vertical line, carefully watching the gauge line to see that you saw on the waste side of the lines. Halving joints properly made and fitted should knock together with the weight of the clenched fist; the use of a heavy mallet or hammer will deface the work.
45 illustrates tee halving, as in the case of wall plates coming together at right angles. 48 shows the girt framed into corner post with a mortise and tenon joint, pinned with hard wood pins or well spiked Fig.

51 shows the header, trimmers, and tail beams framed together with the tusk and tenon joint, which is considered the best joint, both theoretically and practically; and the other half of the plan shows the use of the wrought iron hanger, which is used when it is important to pre serve the entire strength of the timbers.
57 shows a cheaper method of framing' which is used to a considerable extent, though not with as satisfactory results as the previous ex amples. Joint use is the common practice of a utility pole owner allowing third parties such as telecom providers to collocate equipment on a utility pole. The Company has a Trademark Agreement with General Electric and markets its Electric Utility solution as GE MapSight.
IkeGPS Group Limited is listed on the main board of the New Zealand Stock Exchange under the stock symbol IKE.
The arrow marks in this sketch distinctly indicate the direction in which the chiselling must be done so as to give a smooth result.
Then turn the piece of timber with its opposite edge towards you, and again use the saw as illustrated. 44, the method of jointing at the corners is shown; the joint being known as angle halving.
The continual growth of new attachment permit requests combined with increased regulatory oversight are driving demand for improving efficiency, accuracy and safety for a variety of joint use related applications.

You will this time only have to watch the gauge mark on the edge of the wood, because the saw will readily follow in the saw kerf already made.
Now place the wood vertically in the vice, and keeping the saw in a horizontal position, saw down to the shoulder line. This is done in the best work, the common way being to cut off posts and studs with square ends, and spike to sill and girt. The thickness of the tenon "X" is one-sixth the depth of the beam, and the tenon is so fixed that it has its lowest surface in the center of the depth of the beam.
55, which shows the tenon se cured with a hardwood pin through the center of the header; and is also shown in Fig. A hole is cut in the beam as shown, to receive the nut, and is made large enough so that nut may be turned.

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