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If you want to know how to assemble a Karlstad sofa, here are the instructions: Click on model to download pdf. Tip: The instructions are tucked between the slipcovers for the cushions, which are separate from the sofa box.
Our StoryWe're a small Australian company specialising in the creation of beautiful handmade sofa covers with an aim to rejuvenate all the world's old & tired couches. Shoot us a picture so we'll know whether to refund you, send you a replacement, or even provide alteration credit if you'd prefer to amend via your local seamstress.
We'll do whatever it takes to satisfy and float that boat of yours; within reason of course. I had expected my last day in Portland to be like those final moments you might see on some reality TV competition. When we found the kitchen, it suffered from an enormous hole to the right of the sink where a washing machine used to sit and some very grungy lighting, exhaust fan covers, and switch plates.
The one over the sink is on the left, the thing in the middle of the ceiling is on the right.
And then, because projects beget more projects, we went and bought these chairs (for FIVE BUCKS EACH. We quickly realized that the cabinet hardware in the kitchen was the same size and shape as in the bathroom (and the exact number we needed!), except the bathroom hardware was chrome and the kitchen was bronze. The brass ceiling fixture was just too small and dark for the hallway (where it was originally), but it works perfectly for over the sink. I couldn’t talk Chandler out of reupholstering the chairs in vinyl—I would have done fabric—but I think they came out really cute regardless (and the vinyl does pick up the dark blue in the rug nicely).
The table is the NORBO from IKEA, which was probably the easiest thing I’ve ever assembled. We finished off the day with some delicious takeout from Tom Yum, wine, relaxing, and admiring our handiwork.
One of the adorable things about my friend Chandler is that the idea of living alone makes her generally apprehensive.
More than anything, living alone seems, to Chandler, to come with a renewed set of security risks.
Aside from bringing home Winny, we got as close to finishing the living room as we were able to get.
After Anna at Door Sixteen posted these pictures of her beautiful hallway, I had to get Chandler the Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names poster from Pop Chart Lab as a house-warming present (also in a RIBBA frame). Excuse the crazy Portland window fog (nope, we didn’t frost those… I think somebody just took a shower), but the trim is painted and the curtain rod is hung! It’s not the most glamorous solution in the world, but it works and the whole thing was less than $20. I think someday it would be nice to switch the chaise add-on unit to the other side of the couch and put a lounge chair in the corner this picture is taken from (the left side of the window, where all the kitty stuff is now), which would further define the living room a bit and create more seating (because who can have enough places to plant themselves?).
When the time does come, though, we bought this brass lamp for a few dollars to sit on a side table next to future-lounge-chair and spray painted it red. A new, much brighter light fixture obviously helps, too, but things were already vastly improved even with the old light. Another thing the white trim did, which was kind of unexpected, was it actually made the walls look better. Between coats of paint on the hallway, I was spray painting outside because I multi-task like that. We passed this parking lot a few times before I was able to actually remember the general location, and a few more times before I realized that the lot belonged to a dumpy-looking thrift store not much bigger than a trailer.
On the morning of Day 11, I woke up a few hours earlier than our normal regimen called for (wake up at noon, work n’ stuff, go to bed around 2, repeat), feeling restless.
As Chandler drove me back to Grandma’s Funky Furniture later on that afternoon after we ran a few errands, I began to wonder if I was wrong all along. We also found this cool woven shade that will make a perfect light fixture in the hall (we have other plans for the current light, don’t worry!) for $10. About a week ago, I showed you the IKEA KARLSTAD sofa we picked up for Chandler’s apartment. Chandler really liked the idea of a sectional from the beginning, and since there’s clearly room for it, Day 10 found us going back to IKEA to purchase a few assorted items to finish up the bathroom and the KARLSTAD chaise add-on.
The other side of the bathroom had a towel rod that hung awkwardly directly behind the door and dingy paint-covered switch plates. So the door got spackled up and painted, switch plates were swapped for a couple dollars, and I just moved the existing towel rod over a couple feet.

We also added a little SAVERN towel hanger from IKEA, which is nicely designed and continues with the chrome theme. The little art above the towel rod is this paint-by-numbers guide Chandler had already in a RIBBA frame from IKEA.
This whole bathroom didn’t cost too much, particularly factoring in that a couple of the pricier items (like the Simple Human trashcan and the shower organizer) were bought with a gift card at the Container Store, and the paint used on the door and trim was leftover from the living area.
I would have loved to replace the crappy sheet lino with some black VCT (it seriously would have cost about $25 for a whole new floor, including the glue and trowel), but I couldn’t convince Chandler on the idea.
Blog written by Daniel Kanter about creating a little home on a little budget in a big city. Arren and Tamara Robbins Griffith both take us on their respective journeys to create two very different (but equally BOLD) schemes, based around a leather Karlstad sofa from Ikea.
Trust that we'll come in handy to those unarmed with a sewing machine, x-acto knives, velcro, band-aids and patience.
There would be more projects than we could reasonably expect to finish and I’d be racked with guilt over how many odds and ends I was saddling Chandler with upon my departure. Chandler already owned everything in here (with the exception of the dresser), so we didn’t have to do much work, really.
I rarely even went in there to be honest (my domain was the living room couch, which is roughly the size of my apartment anyway), but I like that it just kind of came together in this un-fussy, cozy and casual way.
Even though I never could convince Chandler to let me replace the kitchen floor with VCT (it would have cost about $100), a cool rug, some lighting swaps, and a few finishing details made the space about a million times cuter.
And can I just say, after upholstering an entire bed, upholstering two chair seats felt like child’s play. I’m not including the stuff from the Container Store because it was all bought on gift cards. We’ve come a long way from spreading out Marlboros and vintage cigarette ads across my kitchen table for our senior project.
While a criminal might enter a home occupied by any number of people, something about quivering in fear on the floor of your closet is just so much less intimidating when you’re accompanied by a friend or family member.
One of the things about only having 13 days in an apartment is that not everything gets quite finished, obviously.
Originally we put the couch against the paneled wall (the one with the framed poster on it), but I moved it out here when I was painting the trim and we liked the layout better this way. I think the way the couch divides the spaces and sort of defines and elongates the hallway is nice, and it made a perfect little gallery wall for Chandler’s awesome art.
Chandler went to Berlin over the summer and made this fantastic photo project using pictures of various balconies on apartment buildings around the city. To hang it, we fashioned these little brackets using closet rod supports, a screw, a washer, a nut, and a 2″ L-bracket.
I think maybe if the brackets were painted black they wouldn’t be as odd looking, but the ends would still be ugly. Even though the living room window is massive, not a lot of natural light gets in because of the architecture of the building, surrounding trees, and Portland’s generally grey, indecisive weather. Whereas before they seemed like a dingy white (since there wasn’t a true white-white to compare it to), the white trim made them look kind of creamy and warm. It was around my second day in Portland that I initially laid eyes on a parking lot full of depressed-looking furniture. Which is essentially what I told Chandler, in gentler language, when she called wondering where the hell I’d gone and when I was coming back so we could go get some breakfast. After his calls also went unanswered, I convinced him to let me have the guy’s cell number, trying to look as sane and rational as possible as I programmed it into my phone with all too much excitement. But that sofa—the very same one that looks huge in my apartment—was basically swallowed by Chandler’s cavernous living room. So itty bitty (which is actually a healthy 81″ long already) sofa turned into hulking, awesomely comfortable sectional.
We’d gone several days without a mirror and were starting to wonder if we even still existed.
I might have tried to thrift something vintage , but it’s a really good mirror at a really good price that works well in here.
It makes about ten times more sense here, anyway, since it’s right by the shower instead of across the bathroom. Check out their blog for instructions and cost breakdown of getting your Karlstad’s seat and back cushions button tufted.
Our ambition over the last two weeks would have gotten the best of us, and it would be in these concluding hours of my stay that frustration would turn into aggression.

There weren’t too many things to do on the apartment that were urgent or pressing or calling out for completion. The curtains haven’t come yet for this room either, so excuse the totally-bleach-out-by-camera-exposure vertical blinds.
I probably would have gone with black, but Chandler picked silver spray paint and it looks pretty good. That huge, gloriously bright (we only had 100-watt bulbs on hand, which is definitely overkill) vintage light.
She doesn’t concern herself with fantasies of, say, preparing a crudite platter when suddenly the knife slips, she accidentally severs all ten of her fingers, is unable to dial the phone for an ambulance, and perishes alone on the kitchen floor. Her hobbies include cuddling up and sleeping next to you in the middle of the night, purring, and begging shamelessly for food. Plus, putting furniture too close to walls in Portland is a problem because mold can grow, so it’s better this way. I made pillows out of that table cloth, and I think they came out pretty cute and girly and whatnot.
Standard curtain rods just aren’t made that large, and ordering one would have been, like, hella expensive.
It took one coat of primer and about six coats of white paint (I blame the off-the-shelf Glidden brand. Since painting all the walls would have involved a lot more money and a lot more time than Chandler was really looking to put in, we decided to coat all the trim in white semi-gloss paint. It was dark outside and we drove by it quickly, but I could have sworn I saw an Eames shell chair out of the corner of my eye. So I threw on some clothes, stole Chandler’s keys and drove there myself, cackling maniacally on the way as the wind lashed through the car, wafting in the sweet aroma of going rogue.
There were two shell chairs sitting in the fenced-off parking lot, both looking pretty rough but it was hard to tell from my distance. Maybe my radar was off, and it would actually be as junky as it looked, like some glorified yard sale that had gone on for a few too many weekends.
Well, let’s just say they were holding on with a death grip and caused a little damage coming down.
Oddly, every wall in this room had a different color plastic baseboard, but I just lightly sanded them, primed with Bull’s Eye 1-2-3 latex primer and gave them about three coats of semi-gloss white trim paint.
I don’t like silver spray paint in general, but things like this are just small enough that I think you can still get away with it.
We left the yard a janky disaster area so nobody would suspect that the inside held anything worth stealing.
This is the same girl for whom, 11 days before, I considered purchasing and then slipping a crushed-up Xanax into her coffee before we embarked on our first IKEA run.
Benjamin Moore would have never done me like this), but I finally reached the end of the road with Operation: White Trim. I quickly looked around for street signs so I could privately catalog the location of what looked like a club meeting for neglected chairs. I know some people like slam dunks or field goals or holes in one, but for me, such a scene is essentially the most exciting thing in the world. I parked the car across the street and walked the perimeter of the lot, scoping the place out a bit. There are no knobs or switches, you just lightly touch any part of it and it turns on and off.
On one hand I think they look much better, on the other hand I think they might make the floor look sadder. We considered buying a Guard Duck, but eventually decided that it might freak out the neighbors. What we needed was something on the inside— a beast so magnificently terrifying, so thoroughly menacing, and uncompromisingly vicious that it could ward off all evil spirits, living or dead. Then I looked up the store on my phone, promptly called, and got connected to a super whacked-out answering machine. Around 11 my stakeout was getting boring and my bladder was about to burst, so I drove to Starbucks.

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