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Pour lire cet article, vous devez etre abonne a l’une de nos offres web ou papier et vous connecter sur votre compte dna.fr avec votre identifiant et mot de passe habituels. Mainstreet on the Map heads to Southeast Asia where our former colleague is working in Cambodia. In the latest edition of the Bygone Days Dutch Thompson takes us back to the early days of radio here on Prince Edward Island.
She shares her passion for quilting through her television show, Kaye's Quilting Friends, her line of tools and her lectures and classes around the world. Don Smith, originally from Albertan, wrote a book, 'Finding my voice' with the help of Jane Field.

He also shares some interesting home remedies, and a real bad night spent on the ice between here and New Brunswick. Relationship columnist Stacey MacKinnon explains how sibling rivalry is part nature but mostly nurture.
Easy to make Christmas ornaments, quilts and tablerunners, wallhangings and treeshirts, and I imagine there's even more. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell us what your favorite kind of Christmas quilting produces!
Joining him at his home in Scarborough where he lived independantly were Jane Field and Don's nephew Chris Doucette.

If I hear a quilter say she made a particular quilt once, but never again, I see this as a challenge to make the cutting and sewing easier.
My perfect matching techniques, many without pins, are included in my book "Everyone Can Quilt." My technique for perfect Y-seams makes perfect seams without having to remove one or more stitches, or add one or more stitches.

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