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It’s not too often you majorly change up the kitchen, and so when you do it’s important to choose materials and design features that you will still enjoy many years down the road. As more people try and decrease their ecological footprint future homes (and kitchens) are expected to be greener, and more efficient. For many years the focus has remained solely on the outer appearance of cabinets, and less on the actual space and functionality behind closed doors. Wood cabinets have remained popular for many generations, although over the last decade oak wood has seen a decrease in popularity, but not anymore! Ditch the plastic cutlery holder and have your cabinets pre-made with all of the dividers you need to store your silverware, knives, and even dishes.
Let’s face it you can never get enough cabinet space, which is why this trend is so popular. Tops Kitchen Cabinet offers affordable wholesale prices on kitchen cabinets, countertops, and accessories. About UsFamily owned and operated since 2006 Tops Kitchen Cabinet and Granite has dominated the wholesale kitchen cabinet and granite business. Copyright © 2016 Modular Kitchen Designs, Jikoni Kitchen Collection, Modular Kitchens,Modular Kitchen Collection - Modular Kitchen designs.
Using a mixture of different woods for cabinets throughout the same kitchen is a new trend on the rise.
Designers are looking to emphasize clean lines and simple cabinet designs that offer more functionality as opposed to gaudy standout characteristics. According to recent data, the number of oak wood cabinets being ordered in the US and Canada have suddenly seen a huge surge. While black kitchens are certainly on the rise, white and bright kitchen cabinets are expected to remain incredibly popular throughout 2015. Glass face cabinets offer a place to store your fancy China, or other pretty kitchen accessories, keeping them out of the way but still beautifully on display.
More and more kitchens are incorporating floor to ceiling cabinets on designated walls.  You can break up the monotony of cabinets by adding decorative molding at the top, and using a mixture of glass-faced and solid-faced doors.
Check out our wide variety of inventory today for the kitchen of your dreams at a price you can afford. Since we opened our doors at 2520 West Copans Road in Pompano Beach Florida we have worked towards building a reputation of consistent quality. Those are tiles, mosaics, glasses, stones, and stainless steels.Kitchens need to look attractive, neat and beautiful.
Cabinets make a huge style statement and contribute to the overall functionality of your kitchen.
The following 10 cabinet design trends on the rise this year might be just what you are looking for to add that extra special ‘wow’ factor to your kitchen.

This benefits you in the long run, as you will be less likely to get sick of looking at cabinets that stick to a more basic style. White or off-white shades make a kitchen appear clean, as well as larger than it actually is. This dark, and glamorous material can be carried through to other elements of your kitchen such as the sink faucet, towel hanger, or pantry door handles. Plus, it looks really cool to open up your drawers and see a perfectly designated space for everything. Glass doors also help break up rows of the same cabinet faces, giving your kitchen more dimension and overall style. Pretty hardware and different style cabinetry, for instance mixing horizontal, vertical, large, small, and pull out drawers also helps break up the mass of cabinets.
And you are in luck, because the latest kitchen cabinet design options for 2015 are better than ever! Mixing up cabinet woods offers a rather unique look, and most stick with using just two different types of woods. This also allows you to transform other elements of your kitchen later on without worrying as much about the cabinets still matching. With a few coats of white paint you can transform almost any cabinet material.  Plus, white cabinets go great with many different kitchen styles, from modern appeal to rustic country charm. You can easily add a few glass doors to a couple of preexisting cabinets for a new look that is fresh and fun.
Floor to ceiling cabinets offers room for everything, reducing the clutter in other parts of your kitchen.
Without backsplash, the wall will stains and moist since it is set above a sink or countertop. In order to pull it all together you can use these same woods in other parts of the kitchen as well.
Pullout trays, specially made breadboxes, and built in spice racks are just a few of the awesome additions your cabinets can offer. If you are looking for something less dark and intense, other nice finishes included brushed nickel or chrome.
For instance, if you go with a darker and lighter shade of wood, you can use both to create different elements of the center island. For almost people, kitchen backsplash ideas in line with the material and style is important to obtain complement decoration.
Thanks to custom cabinetry you can turn even the smallest and most wasted areas of space into super functional cabinets built to store uniquely shaped items, such as pizza pans and baking sheets. Character of stone is strong andKitchen Backsplash Designs, Ideasdurable, however it needs to reseal to avoid the stains.

Long lasting may be the character of metal backsplash.Kitchen backsplash is presented using various materials. You should use for kitchen backsplash ideas glass tile if you’re interested in a style of modern kitchen.
If you like contemporary and modern kitchen backsplash ideas, stainless steels are actually perfect for those styles.Choosing one schemeTo come up with new ideas for a kitchen backsplash, they best source is the imagination. If you have yellow coloured cupboards, a black coloured backsplash crafted from shiny ceramic tiles will appear good.
However, if you have a little kitchen, then we would suggest that you get a white colour scheme as it results in a sense of more space and room.MaterialsOnce you have got a basic idea of what colour you need to go for, the next step is to decide which material to select. Some of the popular materials include ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, glass, metal, laminates, wood, and textured wallpapers. In case your kitchen cabinets are made of wood, adding a backsplash made from some or stone may bring some variety. Or you can go one step ahead and hang your utensils and basic crockery on wall mounted pegs for those who have less space. The sheet can be obtained to cut, so you can blend in different style and color.Kitchen backsplash ideas based on the material used is various, attempt to suitable with your necessity.
The price is inexpensive, to help you change anytime you want and simple to replace if it damaged.Kitchen Backsplash DesignsElegant-looking backsplashes can be found in a wide variety of colors and textures. For the very own kitchen, you must choose a color scheme that goes well using the overall theme and design of your kitchen.
If you have cherry or walnut wood furniture in your kitchen, a cream-white with a hue of peach color backsplashes can make your kitchen look elegant.
For a small kitchen, white ceramic tiles are the most useful choice as these colors create a feeling of brightness and more space.Next comes the selection of material to be used for the backsplashes.
Ceramic and marble tiles are easy to clean, and their shine provides a sophisticated stylish look to your cooking place. Granite is comparatively expensive but it gives the kitchen a unique feeling.Glass tile backsplashes are highly recommended for a modern mansion kitchen or one in a villa. These backsplashes are much more expensive as compared to ceramic tiles, however they give unmatchable delicate and modern turn to your kitchen.
These tiles however are not suitable for you if you have a rustic style or a farmhouse style kitchen.Stainless steel backsplashes are most commonly found in hotel and restaurant kitchens. They’re durable, easy to clean and they maintain their shine and beauty for an extended life as compared with other backsplash materials used.

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