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Recently I tackled the project of painting my kitchen cabinets.It was a lot of work, but the end results were so worth it! After painting our bathroom vanity last winter, I really thought hard about also painting my kitchen cabinets too, which had the exact same honey oak cabinets.
I took the week before Labor Day off from work and started right in on the kitchen, knowing it was going to be a big job.
We are about to show you how to achieve incredible, quality results when painting your kitchen cabinets. Our painters don’t brush on enamel, they use high-end HVLP, airless and air assisted sprayers. Start by removing small appliances, food and other items from your counter tops, floor and cupboards (if possible). The best way to make sure your kitchen cabinet refinishing project goes smoothly is to have all of your tools ready and organized.
If your kitchen is small, set up an additional work space in your living room or garage for finishing the doors.
In order to make sure that you get the right door back into the right spot, make sure to label all of you doors and the area’s from which they came.
Use your zip lock baggies or plastic containers to store all of the hardware and handles that you have removed.
You will find many online tutorials that suggest not to sand and to use some kind of de-glosser to prepare you cabinets.
If the area is extra rough, start with 80 grit; if it is in really good shape, start with 120.
CAPSTONE TIP: It is always necessary to wipe off the doors with a damp rag to remove all traces of dust. While gaps and cracks may not be very noticeable on natural or stain-colored wood, they will be visible once you have painted your cabinets.
CAPSTONE TIP: The best way to achieve a perfectly smooth bead of caulk is to use a wet rage. CAPSTONE TIP: If you are using an oil based top coat (like we are in this project) make sure to use an oil based primer (water with water as well).
If you have raised panel doors, start by painting the insides of the doors first, then the groves and finally the outside of the doors. CAPSTONE TIP: To achieve professionally smooth doors, add paint thinner to your oil based paints and water to your water based finishes. You will be extra happy if you labeled your cabinets before starting and will be spared from a huge headache when reassembling.
Be sure to clean all of you brushes and trays in paint thinner before they have a chance to dry out. And thanks to the experts for posting those awesome instructions – the enamel was indeed WAY better than the semi gloss, just tried it a few days ago and it turned out awesome on our bathroom cabinets!! Thanks For Visiting!Make sure to check out our blog for painting tips, how to's, photos, ideas and much more. A Frenchman sits atop the With articles being added almost every day and an online monthly newsletter of painting tips, the website is anticipated to quickly Crown Molding & Baseboards, Decorative Concrete (Increte), Garage Floor Epoxy, Condo Associations, and Commercial The painted coffee table picks up the blue tones of the kitchen island nearby. But if you are wondering how to achieve that perfectly flawless finish you see in the magazines and Parade homes, know that such finishes are done by professionals (like Capstone Painting) who do this type of work every day with top quality tools and sprayers that can take years to master. We like to set up all of our tools neatly in an unused corner of the room we are working in. This also allows you to lay your doors flat while finishing them so that you can achieve the best possible finish.
If you remove the top hinge first you will put awkward pressure on the bottom hinge and risk breaking or cracking the door.

Write the number one on a piece of scotch tape and place it on the inside wall of the cabinet. While this works, the only way to achieve professional results is to sand down the original finish and get a perfectly smooth starting surface.
By finishing with a fine grit like 220, you will not see any sanding marks in your final coat of paint.
To achieve perfectly smooth cabinets, sand these brush strokes out until they are completely smooth.
There are many different types of primer available; such as stain blocking primers, easy sanding primers, bonding primers and fast drying primers. This will slow down the drying process of your primer and finish and thin them out allowing more time for the brush strokes to settle down.
This will help to level out any brush strokes and dust particles that may have landed in your finish. CAPSTONE TIP: When applying the top coat, you must find a balance between too much paint and too little paint. If you add paint thinner to your finish it will take longer but you will see better results. Before you clean up, go through all of your work and check the cabinets, doors and drawers.
Instead of throwing out your paint thinner, put it into a bucket with a tight lid and save it for your next project. The kitchen cabinets are a similar color to the fun and funky painted pashima taupe hexagonal antique table between the sofa and lounge chair. Using a true enamel instead of a semi-gloss paint on your kitchen cupboards (as many how to articles will tell you to do) will produce a more durable, longer lasting, easier to clean and better-looking finish. Next use your permanent marker and write a “1” on the part of the door that gets covered by the door hinge (this area is not visible when the door is installed).
The rag will provide less resistance than a dry finger and the extra caulk will build up on the rag, not your hand. When you apply too little, the brush strokes will remain in your finish and not level out nicely. Take your time to make nice, even strokes with just enough paint to level out into a beautiful, glossy finish.
Remember not to rush the drying process in between coats; give the paint plenty of time to dry so that you can properly sand between coats.
You will be less likely to fix something if you find it after you have already put away all of your equipment. Once thinner has sat for a while, the paint will separate and you can pour off clean thinner to re-use (that’s the best way to stay green!).
I would start out by sanding them down, but I don’t think that it is necessary to go as far as 400 grit on your first sand down. Updating your kitchen sink to serve as a focal point of the room can do wonders for your space. Then take a look at our Kitchen Cabinet Painting services provided by Painting San Francisco Co.Painting kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way to update your kitchen back to a like-new appearance without going through the trouble of remodeling or renovating your entire set of cabinets. When you apply to much, you will get runs, globs of paint in corners and a poor quality finish on your cabinets.
If you have no plans for more painting projects, check to see if your city has a recycling center for old paint and thinner. I really liked the outcome and had planned to use the same method , but then I ran across an article in Better Homes and Gardens about various techniques for painting kitchen cabinets and they mentioned a product from Rust-Oleum specifically made for cabinets that didn’t require sanding.
Many people are keeping their cast iron porcelain-enameled claw-foot The kitchen was disassembled so cabinets could be painted a soft white and assigned new hardware.

The kitchen features oak cabinets, ceramic tile flooring, a large eat-in area, and all kitchen appliances.
A beautiful apron-front sink For the next three days volunteers for the group Rebuild Together are working to build a wheelchair ramp, stabilize a shower, install kitchen cabinets, add insulation, clean up and paint two homes.
This will allow you to paint right over the area without worry and remove the tape later to reveal the number below. Budget restrictions meant that the existing white appliances had to be kept, but a new stainless steel, chimney- style exhaust hood over the stove 3.
Many people are keeping their cast iron porcelain-enameled claw-foot Remove hardware and scrub the cabinetry clean Add a new tile backsplash to finish off your new kitchen decor. One of the veterans receiving the help is “I became a fan of Zuber wallpaper from visiting the great houses in Natchez Directly opposite the portion of the mural picturing the fantasy event, a Napoleonic arch appears on the wall above a marble mural.
I would not however use this product in any hard to sand areas, only in flat areas that you will be able to sand with a random orbital sander.
A Frenchman sits atop the Because cabinets are at eye level April’s Kitchens offers “Kitchen Makeover” packages. After you have skim coated your doors with a filler, I would then go from 150-220 for your sanding.
I was skeptical but willing to give it a try, so I bought the kit last summer and did our upstairs bathroom vanity as a test run. They can help homeowners paint walls, replace flooring, install new cabinetry, and change the location of appliances to achieve their dream kitchen. In just a few working days you can have the kitchen of your dreams.After our San Francisco Kitchen Cabinet Painting Experts paint, restore and refinish your cabinets, your cabinets will look good as new. Not only can they look better, but with the addition of a few inexpensive options they can be more functional also. The scratches left from 220 are fine enough where they will be covered by your primer and will not be any issue at all in your top coat.
Budget restrictions meant that the existing white appliances had to be kept, but a new stainless steel, chimney- style exhaust hood over the stove THE COLONY, TX – What’s the next new color in kitchen cabinets?
I would then prime with a good oil bonding primer like Zissner and top coat with at least two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Satin Impervo. One of the veterans receiving the help is Speaking with dna, a member of the team engaged in refurbishing the cabinet hall said Gundu are getting a fresh coat of painting and portraits of all the earlier chief ministers are being arranged in order.
Once upon a time, kitchen cabinets came in just a few neutrals – white, natural, light or dark brown, sometimes black or even the occasional red. Kitchen cabinets can take a beating so it’s very important that the right product and technique is used. Impervo looks amazing and has a really high build that will help fill imperfections in your doors.
Although refacing cabinets is less expensive than replacing them, it is still much more cost effective to have your kitchen cabinets painted.With proper surface preparation most cabinets can be successfully painted. To insure the proper paint adhesion, before paining we thoroughly prepare every kitchen cabinet surface.Recent ArticlesPointers for Oakland House PaintingIt can be difficult to think of ways to paint your house.
You might struggle with finding the perfect color and style to match your personal style and home’s interior decor.
There simply is no better, easier way to change up the look of your home then with a professional paint job.
For your interior, exterior or both – this is a great shortcut that bypasses a whole remodeling job.

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