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After you take the steaks and chops off of your big beautiful grill and pass them out to your highly impressed guests, do they have a place to sit? Okay, all of these topics are important, but the way you position your kitchen often gets forgotten. Realize that regardless of how elaborate your outdoor kitchen is, it will always be tied to your indoor kitchen to some degree.
The planning stage is the time to decide which direction your various kitchen components will need to face. Cooking and eating may be the highlight of the outdoor time, but they're not the only things happening.
If you have a small courtyard behind your townhome, you probably won't have room for a full, deluxe outdoor kitchen.
The idea is that you need to think about your needs, not just about what looks cool in the pictures. Keep in mind - while an outdoor kitchen is a great and fun addition to any backyard, it is not essential. Backyard Design Ideas - Proudly serving the Lake Norman area of Central North Carolina including the following towns and counties; Mooresville, Troutman, Charlotte, Statesville, Mt. Camino Construction Servicesis the best source for decks, porches, gazebos, whatever your outdoor construction needs may be.
We’re wrapping up a kitchen remodel in the Columbia neighborhood and I love how the old chimney and the new cabinets look together. One of the biggest changes I have seen in the past three years is the emergence of the wood species Walnut back in kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets.
Whether you are looking to create a new updated look in your kitchen or update that old bathroom, the use of walnut can be a great option for you. Below are a couple pictures where walnut has been used to really change the dynamics of the room.
Also when used in bathroom cabinets, walnut lends itself not only as modern but also transitional as well.
Builders Cabinet Supply has been on the forefront of using walnut in its kitchen and bath cabinets for the past six years.
Signature Kitchen Builders is a manufacturer and distributor of quality residential cabinetry across Southern Alberta.

The National Association of Home Builders estimates that you may recoup as much as 130% of your cost to build!
Then, after you've spent the money and time, you realize you will be staring into the setting sun as you eat. You will be less dependent on the main kitchen, but you will not be completely disconnected to it. Available in a wide array of styles and prices, this can solve many common issues by combining several outdoor kitchen elements into a self contained unit. Walnut is not as readily available as say, maple or cherry is, however, with its new resurgence in popularity in kitchen cabinets, it is a great species to work with. As walnut continues to grow in popularity, so will its uses in various rooms in your house.
We build cabinetry to your specifications that will meet your needs and reflect your lifestyle.
Whether its family time, A casual gathering of friends, or a big party - you can count on folks to gather in the kitchen. That means that eventually, you'll get paid to add fun and enjoyment to your home and your life! You won't have to give up much since the can have all the bells and whistles and they look great as well. Mourne, Davidson, Huntersville, Denver, Iredell County, Mecklenburg County, Lincoln County, Cabarrus County, Catawba County, Rowan County. Any amount is greatly appreciated, although donations over one million dollars will get you a personalized note of thanks! Mourne, Davidson, Huntersville, Denver, Terrell, Stanley, Concord, Salisbury, Pineville,  Iredell County, Mecklenburg County, Lincoln County, Cabarrus County, Catawba County, Rowan County.
It took some elbow grease to get the chimney looking as great as it does (it was previously plastered over) but I’m so glad the clients chose to leave it exposed.
The walnut that we are manufacturing now is much more sleek and modern than the old dark walnut of the Brady Bunch era. We build inner city custom homes and they consistently provide high quality unique pieces while producing the fine finishes on fast timelines. With over 25 years of experience in the kitchen industry, Signature Kitchen Builders continues to provide professional and superior service that you can rely on!

After all, the old fashioned way of cooking on a portable grill and walking back inside the house for your needs still works. Outdoor kitchens can cost from $1000 to over $100,000 depending on the options, materials, size, and how exotic you may want to be.
It adds to the historic character of the room while still looking classy in the updated kitchen. As a builder we appreciated and respect Signature Kitchen and will continue to use them in the future. Outdoor kitchens (also called summer kitchens) allow the gathering to go outside without losing that homey kitchen atmosphere.
But if you're ready to take your backyard design to the next level, an outdoor kitchen may be the perfect choice for you. Many, many great times and great memories have been made on a simple patio with a small charcoal grill.
Black walnuts were very common and available in old growth forests with trees heights ranging up to 150 feet with six-foot diameter trunks. Also, remember that the sun can be brutal as it reflects of of shiny stainless steel, so be aware as you decide where to put those items as well.
If the afternoon sun is an issue for you, you may want to consider a darker, less reflective surface for your countertop. But since you're outside anyway - you may as well make a great backyard while you're at it! Black walnut is normally straight grained and is preferred for its beautiful grain character, producing more figure variation than any other wood. It is a great wood that is not heavy on grain and when stain is applied, it produces a very even appearance. I would caution you not to go with a natural finish, though they are offered, due to the different colors that are in each piece of lumber.

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