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100 Awesome Kitchen Island Design Ideas - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Other kitchen island designs are in use by a sink or a stove top, freeing up counter space in the other areas of the space.
Magazines can act as great inspiration at what time considering different kitchen island designs.
A small kitchen design doesn't have to result in a recipe for disorganization and too little counter space. Gourmet Kitchen Design Ideas: Whether you are a professional or aspiring chef, or if you simply want a luxury cooking environment, we encourage you to find inspiration in the gallery below. Gourmet Kitchen Appliances: A gourmet kitchen is usually situated around the cooking surface, be it a full range or a range top. These jaw-dropping 84 custom luxury kitchen island ideas and designs (pictures) will give you some great ideas for creating a kitchen layout that you will love.
Welcome to our gallery featuring stunning kitchen island ideas in a wide ranging galaxy of colors, materials, and styles. One of the best functions possible with large scale kitchen islands is the ability to host in-kitchen dining along with abundant countertop workspace. This extraordinary kitchen island grants a burst of contrast to its respective room, with a dark stained wood structure and bright marble countertop. For the period of a remodel or new construction, the kitchen is one space which can to a great extent benefit from the most recent products and features. The Internet search can expose the assorted Web sites recognized for this reason as well as pictures uploaded by the real homeowners. Though many of those feature plentiful layouts, with a bit inspiration they can oftentimes be downsized to match the space and the financial statement. In fact, the addition of a kitchen island can provide extra storage room and a place for food preparation, making the space more manageable.
Deluxe appliances, large working islands, and food prep zones are expertly arranged in these amazing gourmet kitchens. The butler's pantry through the arched doorway includes a tall wine cooler just outside the kitchen. When I think of my favorite kitchen designs from childhood on through now, the ones that have always stood out contained an island. This particular model features a two-tier design, with discrete space for dining and a built-in sink. The extended countertop space allows for in-kitchen dining, with a set of matching wood bar stools tucked in. These work well in larger, open kitchens are shared room designs, helping to separate the kitchen itself while offering a surfeit of usable countertop space. The L-shaped island stands out with a built-in sink and abundant storage, plus an attached high dining table. That’s a great thing that adds storage, place to cook, place to eat and many other things. Energy-efficient domestic devices, sleek new cabinets which automatically close, and the kitchen island are just a few of the most preferred features. The space beneath the countertop can be taken by drawers or just left as an open storage space.

Consumers can also come across tips and other details which will prove useful for the period of the design phase. Getting some ideas from their Web pages and then working with an expert can make your dreams come true, even for those who have tight budget to use up on their remodel. Not just any island, but something unique, a standout piece of the space that commands attention, offers utility, and truly completes a room. This two-tier design boasts abundant cabinetry, a built-in range, and a lengthy in-kitchen dining space. The serpentine design helps define the kitchen space while enhancing the bold white color palette. Typically such islands can be found in open kitchens but you can istall it on any kitchen that have some space for it.
The island that is placed at the heart of your kitchen comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Possibilities are almost infinite and are mostly determined by the consumers’ preference after a careful review of the kitchen island designs options. If this is the first time making this area in the house, then it is simple to ignore some aspects, thus take the suggestion of some people who have been through the process. Countertop and cabinet surfaces differ in cost, adding to the options of kitchen island designs a consumer has while shopping. I recall a friend’s home featuring an island with  myriad cubby spaces that we could hide in as kids; the thing felt magical! 4. Country Style Kitchen Island with Wood Surface Despite its more rare appearance, hardwood countertops are one of the best options available for both style and utility, when it comes to designing a kitchen island.
7. Kitchen Island with a Sink With an expansive open plan space, shared with a living room, this kitchen has room to spare. 9. Kitchen Island with Breakfast Counter on the Side In a richly appointed, traditionally styled dark wood kitchen, a matching island commands attention at center. Kitchen islands become popular about 50 years ago so nowadays they are quite sophisticated and you can find ideas to design an island that fits any of your needs. Some kitchen island designs aim to make a food preparation surface which can double as an eating space in the kitchen.
Some sites allow the visitors to upload the size of their kitchen and do a practical layout of the area. Two-Tier Kitchen Island Designed for Storage and Work Space Speaking of storage, this kitchen island has it in abundance. This example features a rustic-styled base with old fashioned cabinetry painted hazy green, contrasting with the sleek, rich stained wood countertop. The extraordinarily large island in black stained wood houses a variety of drawers and cupboards, plus a small over, in the body. Featuring a broad dark marble countertop and built-in sink, the island also houses cabinetry and a glass door wine rack. Here is a bunch of such ideas that we gathered in one place to help you find a proper inspiration.
Individuals can try out with different kitchen island designs to find out if expanding the island to make additional seating space can be a possibility.
Whether it’s a unique shape, bold material, or rich feature set, they often command attention in already luxurious kitchens.

The sleek curved wood design of the extension allows for a pair of massive drawers, while the main body houses a dual-basin sink and expansive countertop space in jet black. An oversized white basin sink is built into the light granite countertop, while the structure extends into a broad space for in-kitchen dining on the opposite side. The end of the countertop extends to offer dining space for a pair of leather upholstered, nailhead trimmed bar stools. Finally, the refrigerator should be on the large side (either deep or wide), and you might consider a large professional sink and faucet as well. With an already jam-packed space full of the necessities, from appliances to fixtures and more, the island offers an opportunity to get creative. Kitchen in Luxury Home with White Cabinetry Within this sprawling, open-plan kitchen, the island stands in sharp contrast, flaunting a black stained wood construction and beige granite countertop. Dining spaces bump against second sinks, ranges, innovative storage solutions, and plain old expanses of beautiful marble.
The island houses a stainless steel microwave, in addition to a curved expanse of countertop that provides ample dining space for a pair of wood bar stools. You might consider an island or peninsula with an integrated eating area illuminated by pendant lights.
As you’ll see in the following collection, there are few things that cannot be done with good kitchen island design. A light hardwood countertop and lower dining tier provide ample space, while the white body matches the surrounding bright cabinetry. A trash pull-out near the main sink is useful, along with a pull-out cutting board or rattan baskets for storing potatoes, fruit or vegetables.
If you’d like to learn more about the expansive kitchen pictured above, see our review.
Luxury Real Estate Home Kitchen In this dark hued, utterly bespoke kitchen, sharp contrast is achieved via juxtaposing between dark floor tiling and matching-toned granite countertops against rich wood cabinetry. The island features glass door cabinetry and a two-tier design, with an upper level in rich wood for dining purposes. The distances between the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop, known as the work triangle, should be ideally spaced four to nine feet apart.
12. Kitchen Island with Glass-Faced Cabinets on the End The bright and bold nature of this kitchen is highlighted by warm hardwood flooring and rustic white painted cabinetry. Aisles and walkways should be 36-48 inches wide, and no less than 42" wide where a work zone will be. The wide space centers on a beautiful island with glass panel cabinetry and sleek, dark toned countertop space. If you enjoy the beauty and utility of these gourmet kitchen photos, you might also enjoy some of the Traditional, Italian, and Luxury kitchens as well.

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