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September 14, 2015 By Beckie 3 Comments Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic had always wanted a kitchen island but for space reasons decided against it when having her home built. The original inspiration came from the Hamilton Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island from Pottery Barn.
Denibbing is a really important step in applying any finish, it helps either the adhesion or absorption of further coats and can make a real difference to your projects. This Video will show you the best way apply A Hard Wax Oil Specifically – Fiddes HardWax Oil. Are you looking for an exterior decking oil that will not just protect your deck from Water, Mould and General Wear and Tear but also from harmful U.V.
In terms of all things wooden, Bamboo isn’t usually the first wood type that comes to mind. Kitchen worktops come in a massive range of materials and styles, from manmade laminate and composite materials to natural materials such as stone, granite, quartz and wood. Judging by the response we received from last weeks blog post about hand crafted Valentines gifts, a fair number of you were inspired to give it a go and for those that haven’t started yet, and in case you needed a gentle reminder, Valentines Day is this Sunday. Valentine day is celebrated all around the world on February the 14th, but the true origins of this day and how it came in to being is largely unknown by most. With memories of Christmas and the New Year fading fast, it’s time to start looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that 2016 has in store for us all.
Not long now until the fat man with a red suit and a big sack comes down the chimney, but only if you’ve been good, and where does he leave the presents? Here at Wood Finishes Direct we love nothing more than to see what our customers are doing with the 1000’s of wood finishing products that are bought from us every week. Osmo is a brand that we here at Wood Finishes Direct have been dealing with for many years and for good reason, it’s simply one of the best producers of wood finishing products in the world!
When we hear about ancient woodlands and forests disappearing here in the UK, thoughts immediately conjure up images of urban sprawl and swathes of forests being cut down for new Motorway and rail routes. Following on from part 1 of the Wood Finishes Direct story and how we got to where we are today, here is the hopefully highly anticipated part 2 of our story that brings us up to present day. According to a report in The Independent, and another in Science Daily, our planet has around 46% fewer trees than it did before the human race started its destructive shenanigans. We live in a green and pleasant land, and its many forests and woodlands play a large part in making our quirky little nation so beautiful. There’s nothing quite like a well-maintained, smooth, beautiful-looking garden decking for making your entire outdoor space look extra-good.
There are number of contrasting colours that you can choose from to design your kitchen interiors around black and white theme. These are some of the ideas through that you can decorate your house around black coloured granite worktops and white cabinetry. This entry was posted in Granite and tagged granite colour, granite slabs, granite tiles, granite worktops by admin. Matched the new cabinet doors in kitchen onto the existing corner cabinet in the dining room.

This kitchen boasts of an abundant amount of storage, including both sides of this work station island.
Travertine floor tiles are becoming more and more popular and gaining a solid reputation for been a fantastic investment when giving your kitchens or bathrooms a makeover.
Like most things in life, using Travertine floor tiles in your home does have its fair share of pros and cons – let’s have a look at what the they are and how we can work around the negative points to make using Travertine floor tiles in your next project a no-brainer. As well as having the plain, natural look that Travertine tiles offer, you also have the option of buying them from a supplier and selecting one of half a dozen different finishes. There is however a couple of downsides to using Travertine tiles in your makeover projects.
The cost of manufacturing the stone into floor tiles is a lot more expensive than most alternatives, giving the manufacturers no choice but to pass the cost onto the suppliers, who in turn have to pass the cost onto the customers. The good news is the initial outlay is a little more expensive than other options but due to the lifespan of Travertine it will save you a great deal of money in the future.
The other problem with stone tiles such as Travertine is that it is often very cold and hard under your feet; this might put some people off and force them into considering carpet as an alternative. So as you can see from the overview above there are plenty of reasons to choose Travertine tiles for your bathroom or kitchen floors, there are plenty of options available to cancel out the cons, making travertine floor tiles a strong competitor for the best kitchen and bathroom flooring on the market.
Trim Work by Design offers our customers a unique and high quality design service for your home.
It is with our assurance that the quality and craftsmanship of our products will guarantee complete fulfillment to our customers. Wood or MDF Interior & Exterior Decorative Columns, Baseboards, Shoe Mouldings and Quater Rounds, Windows and Doors Casing, Chair Rail & Wall Appliques, Wainscoting Wall Panels, Ceiling Medallions and Flexible Mouldings.
If you click on the link or picture in my feature, it will take you directly to her site and you can email her directly. However, this advice is also suitable for other Hard Wax Oils, such as Osmo Polyx Oil And Osmo Polyx Oil Tints. Ask a thousand people to name 5 woods and you can almost guarantee that Bamboo will rarely feature, being pushed out of the running by the likes of Oak, Pine, Mahogony, Beech and Cedar. All of which give a very specific look and feel and while some worktops can be relatively cheap, others can run into the many thousands.
From Cauliflower to Leeks, Onions to Peas, January and February are the months for sowing seeds. This week we’re diving into all things black and making two excellent recommendations to help you achieve absolutely glorious black exterior wood. At the same time we currently have around 3 trillion trees on earth, more than seven times the number scientists had previously estimated.
They look absolutely beautiful, they’re rugged, they last more or less forever when properly maintained and they play a part in all sorts of creations from garden steps to raised beds to basic garden furniture. It forms an attractive, smart natural backdrop for your planting, providing a practical space to relax, cook and party.
A few shades like blue, green and red that can be efficiently use to furnish the beauty of the kitchen interiors along complimenting fabrics and flooring.

For perusal you can consider some home design books to give a perfect complimenting decor to your kitchen interiors. In order to make it a perfect match takes the same colour combination partially to rest of your rooms, bathroom and hallway. Black and white kitchen theme is quite contemporary in style although it is tough to match with other existing interiors so think about this colour theme twice before implementing it in your kitchen. Always assess the market before making any purchase on granite slabs and cabinetry and do not forget to check out granite warehouses for reasonable price range. The first thing you will notice is the initial cost of buying the travertine, it is a naturally sourced stone, making it quite hard to come buy.
A simple option to counter this common problem is to add a large rug, or, if your budget allows, consider using under floor heating.
A Canadian company, based in Toronto and with over 15 years of experience our customers can enjoy an unparalleled level of trade expertise with an extensive provision of installing service in Toronto and throughout GTA.
She teamed up with Ana White to design and build this gorgeous wooden kitchen island with casters. At this time of year, this is done undercover, usually indoors to protect from frost in preparation for planting out in Spring. In modern practise, this is more drawing than writing, with some artists creating truly fantastic pieces of art.
But pine wood flooring is another strong contender in the beauty stakes, a soft wood that’s been used to make floorboards for centuries and a feature of many old homes across Britain. When it comes to accessories and furniture then copper colour and other darker shades will be the best choice to consider on the decor of black and white. Along white and black coloured cabinetry and worktops you can choose shades like red and hunter green in fabric and other relevant accessories. If you want to give more formal look then stainless steel utensils are good choice and for cosy and relaxed feeling you can consider black and white coloured accessories or utensils.
Manufacturing and install of Wall Units, Fireplace Mantels, Libraries, Offices, Closet Organizers, Bath Vanities, Custom Furniture, or any other cabinets. This colour combination speaks about the kitchen space and the entire decorative work that your house have in a form of great artistic flair.
This handy video listing the 3 main causes of damage to decking, and how best to combat them will point you in the right direction! Take this decision carefully as the flooring material will define the entire decor for very long time.

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