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Store and organize your kitchen blades and other utensils with the Wusthof 13 Slot Knife Storage Block, featuring a custom shaped half moon slot that holds kitchen shears, forks, and a variety of other utensils for versatile and adaptable storage. September 6, 2013 by Laura Silva 11 Comments I mentioned last week that I was going to try to organize my entire house. I first looked on Amazon, the Container Store, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walmart and Target to try to find a knife block that would fit in the drawer right by the stove next to my dishwasher. I did a Google image search for DIY drawer knife blocks and saw several options I would be able to do myself. Originally I tried just cutting down with the compound miter saw using the metal guide that is attached. The smaller piece of wood I cut was for the handles to rest on. After cutting all the pieces and notches, I sanded the wood smooth. Now, all my knives fit neatly inside the drawer, and I was able to get the knife block off my counter. It feels good to get my first project done for Project Organize. What organizing project have you tackled this week? Laura's Crafty Life was created to share my love of crafting and to inspire you to craft a creative and well-lived life! Though it seems like a good idea to house your knives in a block with custom-size slots, in practice it can be an organizational mess. In the busy test kitchen at Food52, a slotted table stows cutting and slicing tools within easy reach. For many of us, cooking alongside an online tutorial has become a fact of life, but not every modern kitchen has caught up with the times.
For a magnetic knife holder with a rustic sensibility, nothing beats this DIY option in reclaimed wood. The streamlined KNIFEdock magnetic holder, crafted from sustainable bamboo, uses powerful concealed magnets to keep knife blades in clear view, making it simple to spot the right tool during busy cooking sessions.
With wall space at a premium, the owner of a diminutive home adhered a powerful magnetic knife rack onto the underside of a kitchen cabinet. For those lucky enough to have space for a dedicated knife drawer, here's an ingenious organizational idea.

No matter how large your kitchen, there never seems to be enough room for all the cookware. Nine times out of 10, the search for extra storage space in the bedroom can leave a homeowner stumped.
The lightweight beechwood build of this storage block brightens your countertop, with a rubberized bottom that clings securely to all countertop surfaces.
Normally, I would strategically go room by room and complete one whole room before moving on to the next. The few little items left in the original knife drawer are being relocated to my utensil drawer after I can find some drawer dividers that will fit in our small drawers. It is really hard for me to find something to fit my strange small-sized drawers without spending a fortune! It is working out really well so far and it was nice I was able to make this without spending any additional money!
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No self-respecting chef would dream of prepping a meal without a set of trusty slicers and choppers. That's just one of the reasons to love this sculptural holder from German cutlery brand Wusthof. A table with sliding leaves or two heavy chopping blocks could be positioned to create a similar storage scheme. Not only is it perfect for following along with a recipe, but it also incorporates slots to store eight knives, so you can pull out precisely what you need as you chop.
If limited counter and drawer space is a concern, consider stashing this magnetic holder beneath an upper cabinet.
This hanging pocket holder, crafted from thick wool felt, keeps five knives and a sharpening steel close at hand and adds a sumptuous texture to your kitchen.
Magnets secured to the wood’s flip side using a drill and adhesive keep the knives in place. For proof, look no further than this DIY idea that relies on tall vases filled with bamboo skewers or dried beans.

But, with my lack of motivation, I wanted to get my biggest bang for my buck (so to speak).
I would have loved to just put all the knives we use in the knife block, but the nice newer knives we inherited didn’t fit. Then, I added some shelf liner I had left over from my bathroom organization (purchased at Dollar Tree). I need to do something like this for my silverware drawer, the forks are taking over the knives. It holds 15 knives and a sharpening steel—and it allows you to keep the blades you use most frequently closest at hand. A knife block sprayed with black chalkboard paint looks playful and chic, and its "chalkability" could be useful for keeping blades labeled and organized.
When you need to do some slicing or chopping, simply pull it down, select the proper blade, then push it up and out of sight. One word of caution: Keep these holders in an out-of-the-way spot where they won’t be easily knocked over. She used pushpins to make guides for larger blades and bundled small rectangles of cork as blade holders for steak and paring knives.
Basically, I want to first work on areas that are bothering me the most or have been on my to do list for the longest time.
Kitchen knives need to be convenient to grab, but for safety’s sake, they also need to be stowed securely. Not only is it flexible, but it also looks good enough to earn counter space in even the sleekest kitchen.

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