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There are SO many awesome ideas for Lego tables out there, and yet despite all the Legomaniacs in our house we have never had one! 2 Trofast shelvesA – We bought ours at the IKEA store, and they did not have this option in the store.
To attach the shelves to each other, my husband used four metal brackets and four half inch screws – one bracket on the top and bottom of each side.
There is still plenty of room for the tubs to slide in and out, and if you want to move the table or use it as two separate units again it would be easy to remove the brackets.
Also check out our post on Lego organization, especially when you have multiple kids sharing the Legos.
The term hack comes from hackers, the people who take computers and software and change them, often for the better. I think using industrial strength Velcro would be an easy way to secure base plates but make them fairly easy to rearrange. Hmm, velcro sound good but it’ll be a pain to properly align the plates (esp height wise).
I would think of making a small cut-out that fits the plates between them, so you could easily swap them with a similar grid. Plus, you can often find Trofast systems cheap on craigslist, or similar shelving units at target, etc.
I just picked up this from ikea, put this together without help from the hubby, quite easy.
BTW, I purchased the white melamine Trofast shelf, a more budget friendly option to the Pine shelf Sarah used. We did something similar with the IKEA Lack tables and the IKEA Lack tables that are on casters. This is a beautiful setup ,i am doing almost the same project for my 3 kids , i don’t find it too pricy , like you said those shelves will be useful forever . Then I drilled three holes into each rack, with a slightly larger diameter than the head of the screws.

Then I took the LACK table top, marked the half and put the first rack with the opening facing away from the middle right next to the line. I haven’t got a DUPLO baseplate yet, so I used a LEGO size one as a placeholder (Picture 6). His 1st birthday is in September, but I’m not sure I can wait that long to give it to him. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. I haven’t purchased the samla box yet so unsure what size I need but have found a variety of stockists selling a wide range of channeling at reasonable prices here in the UK.
A We did loops of painter’s tape for now because the boys may want to put road base plates on there sometimes.
A In the store, you buy the frame and storage tubs separately from each other, and they only have black and white tubs in the store.
A Check out their post for a photo of a larger version of this table using four Trofast units! Its usually looked at mistakenly as destructive, though, by a misinformed few that mistake malicious hacking and general hacking as the same thing!
We have a standard train table that gets ZERO use…but I think this would inspire the kids go break out the LEGOS and trains again! Read your guide last night, and this evening we went to Ikea and bought all we needed – have opted for small bins though so that the Lego pieces are possibly easier to find.
I could probably have gotten a longer one and cut it in quarters, but then I had to transport it on my bike, which is much easier with 1 m long racks. I used wood drills, because they work well with plastic and they have that nice pointy top.
As DUPLO is exactly double the size of LEGO (hence the name, in case you didn’t know), it worked anyway. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".

I too would love to know where you purchased the plastic racks – I’ve searched high and low to no avail!
A Each of the boys has his own bin for sets and parts that belong to them (a continuation of our Lego organization system) and then we made tubs for wheels (and other car parts), minifigures, and special bricks. I am a single mom with no family around to help build it and to be honest not real handy when it comes to building things.
In reality, the two are as different as someone opening fire on a crowd, and someone recreationally going out to target practice with a gun. The table is now ready for the kids to clear their rooms (and floors!) of Lego and sort into the bins. Take a simple Ikea piece, add a little ingenuity, and transform it from flat-pack to fabulous! A Anyway, this is seriously a great way to slightly re-purpose IKEA storage with an awesome result!
A We want to play with it a while longer before deciding what to label the other side, but I know that I want labels for Hero Factory, and two of the large tubs will be basic bricks.
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