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I can make this desk design in other wood combinations, and also custom sizes.  I can also design a completely new desk to suit your needs.
This desk was so wide that it wouldn’t fit on my photo backdrop, so please excuse the amateurish photos. These are my two newest pieces and they'll be shown here on Kauai in late August or September. This dresser is mostly from quarter-sawn white oak, with highlights in padauk, ebony, zebrawood, ipe and koa. The client wanted something that would have design consistency with her bedroom set, but that would also have unusual details, as well as a large amount of storage space and a compartmentalized jewelry drawer. This desk is from reclaimed red oak from two different forklift pallets, as well as red oak salvaged from a coffee table provided by the client who ordered the desk. The drawer fronts were designed to show off the magnificent details of the knots in the original wood.
It's encouraging that a movement has developed toward greater and more deliberate use of reclaimed wood.
Storage crates aren't generally the territory of furniture makers, but the client who ordered this piece wanted something to house part of his painting collection but also be to presentable for company.
The client who ordered these two pieces has limited seating and book storage space in her home, so the solution was to create two benches with book shelf space below the seating.
L-shaped computer desk in cherry, hard maple and curly maple, with ebony and other highlights.
Circular dining room table in Honduras mahogany, ash, alder, maple and red oak, with ebony highlights.

I used the pieces of this box as guinea pigs, figuring I'd ruin most of them and discard them. Coffee table of salvaged forklift pallet woods, including red oak, but others unidentified.
Japanese-style jewelry box in curly maple, walnut, ebony, zebrawood, Honduras mahogany and red oak. The top of the two-work station computer desk, described above, near completion in my shop.
They would be shipped disassembled, but with clear instructions and this is hardly a complex task. Trestle dining room table in koa, Spanish cedar, ash, maple and hickory, with accents of ebony and zebrawood, among others.
The wood was black and mildewed, but a trip through the plainer revealed that there was a great deal of life, and beauty, left in it.
For many years, I dumped out my scrap bin in September and made whatever was there into cutting boards that I used as holiday gifts. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
While none of these specific items are for sale, they can be used to guide your custom order. They're a desk in koa and salvaged mahogany (from a door taken from an office building under demolition), with two drawers, and a console table in koa and salvaged red and white oak forklift pallet lumber with salvaged padauk leg inserts. I've had a particular interest in forklift pallets and this coffee table is made primarily of luaun from two different salvaged pallets.

One is about 10 inches longer than the other and they are arranged in an L-shaped fashion in a corner of her den.
The one that appears without towels is the larger, 50 by 32 inches, while the smaller one (with towels) is 32 by 25 inches. Wood color and grain are subject to the charateristics of pallets that may be available for salvage.
So I laminated it together into 1 ½-inch by 5-inch beams, which are the main horizontal supports for the table.
In 2011, I as I started to focus more on repurposed and salvaged wood, I created a special series of cutting boards done entirely from recycled forklift pallet materials.
The drawers are, obviously, shallow and small, but the client needed a desk for her home office, in a very limited space. Apologies for the crude photo backdrop, but the piece is large—more than four feet high and about four feet wide and deep.
Like the ones you see here, the new ones will stay at the same price points, between $45 and $60.

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