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Do you have a really cool idea that promotes environmental stewardship within a school but haven’t been able to get approval to implement it? Working with your city’s environmental department is a great way to get ideas for helping the community on Earth Day. Another way to beautiful your school’s neighborhood is to mark storm drains with fish decals to show they lead to waterways and should be protected from chemicals, paint, etc.
This last project will take more time and energy to plan – but the results would be awesome. Good luck and be sure to post your experiences with Earth day projects within your school on our Fan Page – keep the inspiration flowing! AboutMommy Footprint is my journey of finding creative ways to engage children in nature and how to avoid chemicals I believe are harmful to the environment and human health. Your browser's javascript interpreter is disabled, Blend Swap will not work at 100% for you.Please enable javascript so you can enjoy Blend Swap to it's full gloryYour browser doesn't support Local Storage. In Austin stops at local galleries included in the Texas Biennial in addition to local art institions, with a final stop at Gallery Lombardi, where his much talked about FUCK Bike sculpture awaited patrons of the Texas Biennial. The moon has been a source of fascination for centuries, appearing in numerous poems and artworks.
The city everyone loves has been photographed, filmed, sketched, and painted countless of times. Vintage Cars have an unmistakable charm, but Italian vintage cars are in a league of their own. To ensure a new mattress continues to give you a good night’s sleep, it’s recommended you rotate it about every 3 months. Cycling became fashionable in the 1880s, a time when women commonly wore corsets and petticoats – not very practical, or comfortable, on a bicycle (much less anywhere else). Fortunately, there are a million great shoe styles on the market with non-slip soles, comfortable insoles and materials that hold up in the elements. Sweet Spot makes these ingenious wrap-around, snap-on, reversible skirts that you can wear over a cycle short or, if you’re like me, over a pair of leggings and boots. There are so many great brands, stores and websites for finding women’s clothes that pair functionality with fashion. An old bike chain (I had one out in the garage in our box of spare parts, you can also get used chain at your local bike shop).
Chain tool (you can get these are discount stores with a bike section, but be aware that the cheap ones, like the one pictured below, are a pain in the you know what).
After too many close calls while cycling on the road at nighta€”and inspiration from a Blackberry commerciala€”Instructables user Adobi created a bike for safer night riding. In the detailed tutorial a€?Night Bikea€™, Adobi instructs viewers on how to make their bikes glow-in-the-dark, so that they can be more-easily seen by drivers at night. Adobi advises to use phosphorescent paint (super glow-in-the-dark paint), as it takes a shorter time to charge up, and its glow is brighter and lasts longera€”these may be purchased from websites, such as Glow Inc. Users are recommended to disassemble their bikesa€”and take pictures along the way, to know how to put the bike back togethera€”and put little pieces that make up one common part (such as the seat) in one bag.

Tie a string (with a large loop for easy maneuvering) to every part youa€™d be paintinga€”but tape up the string that is in close contact with the parts that would be painted, so that the string wona€™t be a€?sealeda€™ to the partsa€”and hang up the bike parts (but with a long-enough string so that the parts are low enough for you to reach). Prime the parts with a layer of paint (doesna€™t have to be a thick layer to cover the previous paint), and let it dry for 24 hours in a place with good ventilation.
Then spray paint it whitea€”with as many light coats to make the bike really white (as that the phosphorescent paint glows better on a very white background).
Use a paintbrush to apply the phosphorescent paint in even coats (uneven coats causes uneven glowing).
I was hoping to have the school’s support but I might be biking solo with my clan on April 22nd. If not, I love the idea of using up-cycled tires to make them and how much easier can it be to build a bike rack? Does the school’s neighborhood have any invasive species or plants that kids can help the city identify and control? We marked the storm drains along our street a few years ago – it was a great activity that my kids are still proud of! The key to keeping children engaged about learning how to help the environment is to let them speak to the issue. Green minded parents banding together to improve our environment, community, and health are important to our children's legacy. Thankfully, the bike changed all this and yards of material and centuries of tradition gave way to bloomers, divided skirts and knickerbockers, predecessors to our modern-day skorts and knickers. We don’t want to show up anywhere (except maybe the gym) looking like we just got off a bike.
And since I get most places on my bike, I buy clothes for everyday life that work on and off the bike. I’ve learned that I can ride with my bike’s flat pedals in any shoe (including heels, boots, dress shoes and sandals) as long as they have rubber soles. I’ve often thought of them as a stodgy brand, but they’ve proven they can do style and comfort, and they work on and off the bike.
And for longer bike commutes when you want some padding (chamois), try this lingerie knicker from Sheila Moon under your dresses and skirts. Skirts, skorts, shorts, dresses, tops, pants, leggings, jackets (phew!) all come in fabrics and styles that work for the ride and the destination. If you’re inclined to commute by bike but not sure what to wear, try some of these recommendations to see what works for you.
Your awesome idea stands a good chance at getting passed because school administrators often needs help coming up with Earth Day projects. I can only hope that my children understand the importance of celebrating Earth Day by challenging ourselves to try new things that reduce waste, fuel, or consumerism. Our school doesn’t have bike racks so I thought this project of building them teaches the importance of up-cycling materials already available. From a journey of learning whole food eating habits, she's taken on the challenges of baking bread, muffins and cakes from scratch and filling the cellar shelves with scores of her own canned goods each year.

Before the bike became popular, women in the western world had little to no means of getting around on their own.
God forbid you head out for work or the store or the bar and look like a MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) or a hipster (unless of course, you are one) or a crossing guard (decked out in safety yellow).
A good friend just told me that the other night she rode to the opera – in an evening gown! They’re really comfortable; many are water resistant and most can go anywhere in total style.
At bike shows over the past year, I’ve found skirts that are intended for riding, but I wear them everywhere. I let mine soak for a few days, but not on purpose, I’m sure a few hours would do the trick. Note that because I didn’t know the wrist sizes of my friends I sent them with one clasp unattached so that they could adjust the length as needed. The outdoors is infused into everything we do; which explains why I'm better at mud pies than home decorating. The other half of this project is to post a challenge sheet in each classroom and kids can record the number of miles or Kms that they walk or bike ride to school during Earth week (April 22-26). Many storm drain marking kits come with literature to hand out so they children become the educators with this project. As the first product put out by Make, it sure is a strong design both functional and perfectly crafted to suite urban living space. Who knew  you could make something so ascetically pleasing out of  an old bike chain and some utility cord.
I would imagine that there is some sort of clear finishing you could paint over it if you wanted too? At the end of the week, classes or Grades can tally their totals for the number of carbon emissions or greenhouse gas emissions saved by the act of walking or biking instead of kids being driven to school. Maybe this idea could catch on and become a routine day of the week where students bring littler-ess lunch every Monday.
They are lead by Consult, a developing group based out of Montreal by visionary Daniel Finkelstein. The school could post the total number and I think kids that don’t normally bike or walk to school would feel very proud! There would be one large bin with 10 items that need to be sorted into compost, recycle or garbage.

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