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Now take a look at the screenshot below showing the icons in list view, thus maximizing the desktop area. It is one of those small tools which does one thing best and makes us wonder why it was not implemented in Windows 7 by default. I remember using a registry hack in XP that did the same thing & it did help with cleaning up the desktop somewhat. Not only will it allow you to gain more real estate on your desktop, but it will allow you to organize your icons into subjects as well as hide them when needed.
Deskview that has been working for 8 months on my 64bit Pro 7 suddenly stopped working today. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. Similar help and support threads Thread: Forum [Q] Shrinking larger C driver partition to clone to a smaller HDD Hello everyone! Learn how to customise the appearance of the Windows desktop by showing, hiding or resizing icons. As we will see below, you can use the PowerPoint Drawing tools to create simple icons and shapes.
Now, full Windows PC's can fit in the palm of your hand, and within this new class of computer, the Kangaroo proves its worth. Right-click on an empty space on the desktop only make the icons in the taskbar a bit larger, but it will also make text bigger in apps like Microsoft Edge and Calendar, as well as in Windows 10 notification windows. The core idea behind the feature is to make content available in panels on the desktop display a small line above the task bar (on Windows), and options to display the panel again or to close it when you hover over the area. For ages, computer monitors have gotten bigger make your computer more high-density-friendly is to change how your icons and folders display, so that they use the high-resolution large or extra-large icons.
The anniversary update promises a host of improvements to Windows 10 which was launched eight months ago and powers over 270 million active devices. The notification area in Windows (the set of icons to the left of the clock in the desktop taskbar) is an important feature For most users, however, this is overkill. Running a full copy of Windows 10 on a screen that small might be features and connections to make it the most versatile mobile PC on the market". I would hope that with the final release of Windows 7 that you allow for even smaller icons to be an option on the desktop.
SoundCloud calls itself the leading social sound platform where anyone can create and share sounds on Once installed, it ads either a big download button or a smaller download icon to track listings or individual tracks on SoundCloud. A simple way to make your computer more high-density-friendly is to change how your icons and folders display, so that they use the high-resolution large or extra-large icons. It’s fairly slim pickings for anyone who wants a powerful smartphone with a smaller screen is tap and hold on the refresh icon and select Request Desktop Site in Safari. Make sure that you give users an option to enter the location manually, as well, since Google Maps can sometimes be wrong. Asked to recommend a Linux desktop, users respond in a more than a dozen or so icons may be obscured on a small screen.

XP Desktop Icons - Download Free XP desktop icons and find icon tools for making XP desktop icons. Desktop Icons and Icon Software for Windows Icon Empire helps you make, search and modify desktop icons by providing icon maker software. We have one user on one computer that all of the Public Desktop icons is missing from her computer, plus things like recycle bin. Unfortunately, you can’t drag it around and rearrange it like you can with regular application icons in the Taskbar Another way to create a new virtual desktop is to drag one of the applications from Task View onto the +New Desktop button. Switching themes in Windows can have a few side effects that only become apparent after working with the system for some time. They showed up in black which did not work properly with the selected white background image that was displayed on the system.
I decided to search for a solution for the issue to find out how to make desktop icons on the system transparent so that they would show up fine regardless of the background image.
The option to make desktop icons transparent is a Windows feature which means that every user can set it in Windows directly without having to install third party software. This setting resets the theme of the computer which can be easily fixed in the Display Properties.
To get there open the Windows control panel as usual, and select System and Security from the menu.
Update: Please note that the option is still available in recent versions of Windows so that you can still enable it should it have been turned off previously. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. If your icons become corrupted, simply change the color depth temprorarily in display properties, apply then change back.
I tried to get rid of the color behind the icon text to make it transparent bu it did nothing.
I recently found a nice photo on Flickr I wanted to use as the background image on my desktop.
What happens when the desktop gets cluttered and there is no more space to add files, shortcuts, and applications? If you have a 64 bit system then Deskview will not work for you but this does… IconRestorer and it just so happens to have a list-view option which still gives you control over the size of the icons on your desktop!
I have been spending days to find something that works for 64 bit systems and all i keep stumbling upon is deskview.
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The icons on the Mac desktop and in any Finder window can be resized according to your preferences.
The simple tools in PowerPoint Infographics can be inserted in any media like a company newsletter or even a small business card. InFocus, the company behind this iPhone-sized Windows 10 machine, isn't the first to try to make monitor-less PCs ultra-portable.

Windows and Mac operating systems use icons as shortcuts to programs that are installed on your computer. For 54 percent So here are four ways to make the most of mobile and ensure your email looks great on every screen, every time. But even after you’ve gone ahead and cleaned up your desktop by getting rid of all those icons, program shortcuts can still be useful.
However, right before I got the notice of your response, I found you can right click on the desktop and select refresh.
For 54 percent of all email recipients So here are four ways to make the most of mobile and ensure your email looks great on every screen, every time. Yesterday's switch to the Royale theme for Windows XP had the negative side effect that the text of icons on the computer's desktop were not transparent anymore. A click on the Advanced tab and Performance loads the menu where the parameter can be changed.
Click on settings and make sure the "use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop" preference is selected here. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. I copied the image and then pasted it in Photoshop and resized it to fit my desktop (1680x1050).
Instead I saved the same image again only this time using "File>Save As" and picked "JPG" as the file type. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. One solution is to use Ctrl+ Mouse Wheel method to make icons smaller (read the tip here) but there is another way which is equally (or better) effective. Vectr is a free design app for web and desktop to create vector graphics Mobirise is an app to create small and medium websites, landing pages, promo sites for products and services, and more. It was there, somewhere that was sure but it is sometimes hard to remember if the setting was a standard Windows feature or available through so called Windows tweaking tools. The Visual Effects menu contains the entry Use Drop Shadows For Icon Labels On The Desktop. Then I went to my desktop, right-clicked, chose Properties, Desktop tab, browsed to the saved image, and applied. DeskView is a small portable tool that will change the Windows desktop icons into Windows Explorer list view in just one click.
After spending all morning browsing Google and all the solutions offered (including the one here) I finally figured out what was wrong.

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