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Our salespeople and support staff are available all the time and you can access technical support from the people who design and make the doors.
Prices are not on their site, but the doors pictured are $580 and pre hung in a frame about $760. Frank Lumber’s Door Store stocks eight models of mid century doors in 11 different sizes. Frank Lumbera€™s team of expert sales-people provides you with personalized service and advice for all of your door projects. Mega thanks to reader Brian for pointing us in the direction of yet another source for mid century style front doors.
I should add that I am always delighted to see a store that is still in business since 1948 and bucking the big box outfits.
When a home in my neighborhood that looks to be mostly original goes up for sale, I check out the real estate listing to see if they have any valuable vintage parts that may come out with the new owners…then I watch for a dumpster in the driveway. Just this morning, while walking my dog Leo, I happened upon the remnants of a built-in desk that was torn apart and waiting in a heap for the trash…salvaged two chrome 1960s knobs off the drawers! I scored an original set of metal cabinets for free just yesterday as soon as I heard the owner was selling the house. Nobody local selling the door, so my contractor is having a flat steel door made with custom cut outs to put in 3 diamond windows and a Rejuvenation Atlas door knob set and dead bolt. That sounds great Janice J — email me photos when you get your new door finished, we’d love to see! We have been looking for an exterior door between our kitchen and garage for quite sometime.
When you enhance and embellish your front entry door, you are creating a lasting first impression that shows that you take pride in your home's appearance.
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It has long been known that the wood exterior front doors is a great way to sound insulation and the best ability to bring in an interior room comfort, style, harmony and perfection of the whole decor. They have mid century doors and you can customize as much as you want with different glass, positions etca€¦ They have more glass then what’s pictured.
If you are local you can bring your old door in and they will cut it down, match the hinges and install them on your new door.
We stock our exterior doors with wider stiles so that a broader spectrum of hardware will fit, and to improve sturdiness of the lock area. We have warehouses full of inventory- hundreds of combinations of models and sizes on hand and ready to ship now. We customized our solid wood front door with the Crestview door-lite kit about 4 years ago. Although my husband is quite handy, he is already inundated with enough home reno projects, so building ourselves a new door is not top priority on the list.. If the new owners seem to be tearing out something that I have a use for, I’ll ask if I can have it, even if it means digging it out of the dumpster! I live in a neighborhood of Cliff May homes so finding cabinets that already fit the space I needed them for was awesome! I would like something that has some fire safety, but can’t seem to find anything that looks mid-century. It’s the first and last space they see, and it has the power to make a positive or negative impression.
Offering doors beyond the traditional 6-foot, 8-inch height, the collection offers an 8-foot height to complement the growing popularity of higher ceilings and grand entryways.
From shutters and corbels to rafter tails and beams, the designs can be incorporated into any home to create a distinctive look. With a faster drying time than traditional, oil-and-gel-based stains, you can finish your project quickly, making it a great weekend project. Typically, wood exterior front doors are installed during repair and directly because of them the whole interior from wall-papers to furniture is selected to make it look holistically.

We work with manufacturers so that the doors we carry are built with the best technology available to ensure maximum strength and resistance to the elements. Custom homes, remodels, commercial projects, or single door replacements- wea€™re here to help you right now. That was okay for us, but a lot of work (the old wood door was surprisingly hard to cut in spots).
I even look on local mls listings and if there’s something I like in the photos I call the real estate agent and they leave a note in the file for the buyers. They are disgusting as the renter who lived there previously trashed the place, but they will clean up. The store gets all of their doors from Kylemont Custom Wood Doors, a partner company located in Marysville, Washington, that makes every part of the door in house.
Our door was constructed as a Dutch door but they will also cut any door to a Dutch model to order. In my quest for a more authentic door, I have actually resorted to searching google street maps in a local area of mid-century homes to hunt out front doors I really like (in otherwise run-down looking homes).
I bet if you offered to buy them a new door from the big box store in exchange, they would take the bite. Kylemont Custom Doors can make you a door to fit your exact needs and specification from nearly any wood — up to four feet wide by ten feet tall. We stock a wide variety of period style leaded glass doors to match your homesa€™ original design. Our original front door is long gone and I have wanted to replace the current, poorly insulated and poorly fitting door forever. I only feel bad thinking about the cool stuff that I wasn’t able to save and ended up in the dumpster.

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