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As I mentioned in my first post, I had hoped to find used base cabinets on Craigslist or at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, but wasn’t having much luck on that front.
Now, here is where I remind you that I am terrible at taking in-process shots… But I’ll do my very best to walk you through step by step! The first thing we did was cut the MDF trim into six 18” sections and attach two pieces to the bottom of each base cabinet as risers. The primed MDF didn’t even need to be painted since you don’t really see it nestled down in the carpet. Once the cabinets were flipped back over, we built a stretcher piece across the top of the center cabinet, so that we would have a place to anchor the top pieces. For each outside end of the desk, we cut a similar length of 2×4 for the outside edges for the plank top to screw into. I taped off the edges where the plank top meets the walls and around the tops of the cabinets and applied the stain with a rag. Once the stain dried, I used a hand sanding block to go over the plank top once more to smooth it out.
Now, while my brother was helping us build the desk, he made an off-hand comment about using some sort of metal strip to “finish” the edges of the desk where it met the wall and disguise the center seam. I initially wanted to use these cool steel flat bars that Home Depot sells in the aisle with the garage door hardware, but I was a little daunted by the whole “drilling through steel” thing – totally doable, my dad assured me, but definitely intensive.
Meanwhile, Bryan and I were also brainstorming ideas for creative pulls for the cabinet doors.
Hola , las patas de las mesas de las fotos son de IKEA, para el tablero te recomiendo que lo encargues en un carpintero y lo envejezcas a tu gusto.
Hola, mira de la primera foto las patas son de ikea y la encimera esta hecha con piezas de pino, puedes encontrarla en superficies tipo aki etc, encoladas y envejecidas ( en las mismas tiendas encontraras materiales para envejecer.
Son tan bonitas, en Le mason su monde hay de ese tipo, pero te puede salir mas barata y autentica si consigues una puerta antigua, mi hermano se ha hecho una con el porton de una antigua cuadra. Hola Sergio,Mira la web de Gonzaga Ferrer, hace unos muebles de madera increibles y muy bien de precio. Nosotros en Singular Market ofrecemos mesas de estilo industrial y vintage de madera con estructura en metal. Yo le encargue una mesa a gonzaga ferrer y es genial!estoy feliz y todo el mundo alucina cuando la ve.el trabaja sobretodo madera de nogal pero se adapta a lo que el cliente necesite segun presu y materiales.
Don’t ask me why, but a while ago I was on the search for a quality wood wallpaper for my HTC Desire. If your desk area is straight or an L shape, you can ignore these four steps below and measure and cut your pieces to the length needed using your miter saw. Determine the angle of your cuts based on where theA miter saw blade lines up with the chalkA line. Depending on the type of desk you are using, you may be able to attach the top with angle brackets.
Not all cabinets are put together completely even and shims work perfectly to make sure all of your planks are flush at their joints.

I actually love this new desk space so much I’m tempted to take it for myself and build them desks for their bedrooms!
What you did is beautiful, you might want to put a peace of plexi glass on it so when they try to wright on paper it wont get holes in it and start to frustrate your boys. A detailed description of how we built this awesome plank top double desk with copper accents and DIY copper pulls!
This led to our miraculously efficient trip to Ikea (in and out in under an hour with no extraneous purchases!) to pick up three 18” Akurum base cabinets with Harlig white doors for $54 a piece. This is necessary since the cabinet doors are flush with the top, bottom and sides of the cabinet frame – we needed to raise the cabinets off the floor just a bit so the doors have clearance to open. This short piece was cut from the 2×4, and then notched on either end so we could attach it. This way there would be one seam down the middle of the desk – which is why we needed that fixed center piece. The cabinets are are 24” deep and the plank top is around 28” deep, so it has an overhang of 2” on the front and the back. I helped out by using this OSHA-approved technique to hold the planks down while my dad attached them.
I didn’t want to sand too much and lose the top’s rustic appearance, so there are still dings, divots, and uneven areas.
Instead of a poly top coat, I used Feed-N-Wax, hoping it would give me exactly the antique-wood feel I was going for. Imagine his surprise when I immediately jumped on the idea, declaring him a genius and brainstorming what I would use! I decided to keep strolling the aisles at Home Depot browsing for hardware inspiration, when I stopped in the plumbing aisle. Si no vives muy lejos de Tarragona yo puedo hacerte una, dime las medidas y te dare el presupuesto. Los caballetes son de Ikea y los tablones puedes conseguirlos en un centro de bricolaje, encolarlos fuerte y darles una patina para que tengan efecto envejecido.
Hace poco hicieron una parecida a esta, con tablero envejecido con chorro de arena y patas de acero.
You can snap a chalk line to get your angle, or you can use a long ruler and draw the line with a pencil.
A If your desk is made of cabinets like ours, you will need to use scrap wood to fill in the space between the cabinet and the top. A Since my boys were not willing participants and hubby was at work, I put my dumbbells to good use. The chalk line angle tip may have just changed my DIY life- odd angles can be intimidating, but that trick makes it so easy!
Now you should never fill embarrassed about anything in your home, company comes over because they like you, not to judge you our your home, and if they are judging you our your home, then they need to read there bible.
We used liquid nails on the bottom of each piece, and then a few small nails to hold them in place.

Besides that, we wanted a 1.5” gap between the back of the desk top and the wall for electrical cords. You can also spy a little bit of orange from a ratcheting strap we used to hold the planks tightly together while they were being attached. Otherwise, you’ll be covering everything in the room with plastic sheets and pulling out your power sander. In other words, if you want this to be a smooth writing surface, you probably want to take a different approach.
The Feed-N-Wax soaked into the top, leaving me with a matte but smooth “hand-rubbed” finish.
Because the resolution of phones doubtlessly will rise over the years, and since Android has such a handy selection and resizing feature built-in, these images all have different resolutions.
A I’m so, so excited to be here today sharing this simple a€” andA most importantly a€” inexpensive way to update a desk! While we were remodeling the house, we slapped a coat of paint on it until we could decide what to do with it. A Make sure the pieces are long enough to accommodate the angled cuts you’ll be making. A That being said, this desktop was built between two imperfect (and not completely square) walls and some of the cuts had to be tweaked slightly on the angle.
A I used both my belt sander with 80 grit sandpaper and my orbital sander with 220 grit sandpaper. A If you have any questions on any of these steps, I’ll be happy to answer them the best I can! From this picture, you can also see that we cut off some of the back pieces of the cabinets, again with electrical cords in mind. And then cursing yourself because you have dark textured walls and it’s almost impossible to clean the streaky fine sanding dust off of them. Al ser para el comedor, si quieres algo mas solido y parecido al ejemplo de la segunda foto, tendrias que encargarla a medida.
As always, make sure to select the largest possible area of the image when you set a new wallpaper, or it might appear pixelated. A I chose 3 coats because this desk will be used and abused on a daily basis by my 6 and 8 year old boys. Felicitaciones al equipo X Cuatro Duros sois estupendos, igual algun dia me animo a ensenaros las cositas que hago. A Also, to protect the wood from crayons, glue, and markers, I ordered theseA clear desk pads. A They will make a perfect writing surface while still being able to see the beautiful wood underneath.

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