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You know when you have those projects that you start on and you’re all gung-ho on getting that sucker done, then an obstacle comes out of nowhere and you’re back at square one? Once all six brackets were assembled (which took only about 2 minutes), I spray painted them with a light coat of Rust-Oleum’s textured spray paint (in Aged Iron).
As you can see, we picked out the ugliest piece of 2×10 framing board we could possibly find because we wanted the shelves to have as much character as possible. For us, the weight of the shelves and the texture of the pipe are enough to keep everything nicely in place. Aside from switching the accessories around here and there, without making it look too busy, I also plan on adding something to the top of the toilet tank so the shelves won’t appear as being top-heavy for the wall. On top of helping the space feel more finished, we’re also pretty thrilled with the price, which was a fraction of the inspiration shelves. I am wanting to do book shelves along a long (8-10 feet) wall and I’m concerned with the weight.
We took this idea and decided to do a set of 9.5-foot whole wall shelves to use in our den. We cut the boards about 1 inch shorter than the width of the wall to make sure we had some wiggle room when installing them. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
I think this is a very basic thing that most people know, but your instructable was very well written and clear.
Real life renovation happens amid crying outbursts of a stressed out woman who believes “NOTHING WILL EVER BE FINISHED AND EVERYTHING WILL ALWAYS BE COVERED IN DUST. I think I love these so much because they really fit into the whole vibe of the barn apartment. Some of my favorite blogs, which also happen to be NewlyWoodwards top referrers in the past month.
These beautiful Wooden Corbel Shelf Supports are great for installing a mantel over your fireplace or for adding decorative shelving in any room of the home. Unstained maple allows you to match the finish on these wooden shelf brackets to the rest of your home's decor.

Pre-drilled keyhole mounting holes make installing these wood corbel shelf brackets quick and easy. To complete the cleat, cut it in half at a 45° angle, screw the bottom (part B) to the wall, and glue the top (part A) to the bracket as shown. Well, that’s sort of what happened when we decided to finally get around to tackling the half bathroom. The shelves ended up coming at 30 inches long (leaving 5.25 inches on either side) and 12 inches apart. All he had to do was take a 10″ pipe piece and attach a floor flange on one end and a cap to the other.
Once they were dry, Greg covered them in a coat of flat black enamel spray paint we already had on hand.
Before we started the staining process, we sanded the boards and rounded the edges with a vibrating sander and 120 grit sandpaper.
Greg applied the stain using a sponge brush to ensure it would get down into all of the scratches and nicks we made during the distressing process.
The shelves really help balance out the vanity wall on the opposite side, and we’re thrilled to have some storage to be able to showcase some pretty things. Also, if you use heavy duty drywall anchors on the pipes that you can’t hit a stud, that would help. After living with open shelves for a few years, I’ve realized that they are the best.
I love how worn it is and I agree that hole at the end is awesome Wax, schmax, I think you are fine as is, too It’s really coming together!!! Featuring a simple, contemporary design, these wood shelf supports are constructed from attractive and durable maple and can be installed easily using the keyhole mounting holes which are pre-drilled into the back of these wooden shelf brackets. Slip the bracket over the wall-mounted section of the cleat and you have a strong and completely invisible support. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks! While scrolling around Restoration Hardware’s website, I stumbled on these reclaimed wood wall shelves.

Other necessities included a small can of Special Walnut stain, a sponge brush (we bought a few just because) and a can of spray paint (we’ll get to those details in a second). We went with galvanized pipe (you can find it in the plumbing section) because we wanted a good, chunky, industrial-looking pipe.
I’m just worried that the weight of the wood and books may be too much for the pipes. You had mentioned in an above comment that the wood itself sits on the length of the pipe – right in between the pipe cap and flange. This is where we talk about the projects that come along with living in our first house - a 1970’s brick ranch in Hanover, Virginia. I absolutely love this and couldn’t think of anything more perfect for open shelving in the barn.
Rout a stopped groove in the back of your shelf brackets and use that space to make a hidden cleat. Greg and I both loved the modern meets rustic vibe and thought it could easily be replicated with some DIY action. At that point, we grabbed our measurements and parts list and headed to the hardware store! However, for a more inexpensive version, you can go with EMT conduit (which is over in the electrical section).
Since a clear coat wasn’t in the plan, we made triple sure the stain was thoroughly dry before we put the shelves in place.
At that point, you’d just need to attach the shelves with screws through the holes in the pipes. Then, cut a cleat that fits snugly into the groove and flush with the back edge of the bracket. Can I tell you how awesome cordless tools are… Especially for indoor projects like this one!

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