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I started out with 3 1x10" boards and marked out where my cuts and hinges would be, aproxametly. Once all my holes were drilled I joined all the boards together so I had one giant slab of wood.
I also drilled some smaller holes like on the Ikea door to accommodate the little nubs that are on the hinge. After you get all the holes drilled and hinge pieces attached I snapped the doors on the cabinets.
I customize mine by using fabric covered cardboard inserts that can be easily changed almost instantly giving them a brand new look.  You can do this bookcase makeover on any bookshelf, cabinet, or china closet to add a permanent or temporary change. You may remember how I used the fitted sheet as a window treatment in this post – In An Instant No-Sew Window Treatment. Cut the fabric about 5 inches longer and wider than the size of the cardboard so you can wrap the excess to the back and secure with packing tape.  It is as easy as wrapping a gift box. Once the fabric is secured onto the cardboard – place into the shelf.   As you can see I had a little help. They are just one more way that you can customize a Billy bookshelf or any bookshelf you may have.

Javascript is disabled.Without Javascript it is not possible to place orders and a number of features is not available. I decided to use the hinges that Ikea sells because I wasn't sure if other ones would work or not, but I didn't want to spend the $6 per pair.
You might have to check back a few different times and spend a little time digging through.
Thankfully I could just take one of the doors off of the dry bar and measure where the center point is. You might even want to snap a picture of some hinges from one of the kitchens in the show room for reference.
Then since I had to drill the hole for the hinge in the same spot ten times I made myself a little template out of a scrap piece of wood. So once more I returned to the lumber section at home depot and got one 1x4" board that was also 8' long. You can take care of all your store needs yourself by transforming and combining Ikea products to get what you need. This fabric was used for the summer look.  It, too is a classic and still looks good even after all these years.

You can find the easy diy here**Pretty cool lamp made with the wooden stand Ikea EKBY VALTER**Wow this is what we call a true Ikea Hack!
I used my new table saw (ultra romantic b-day gift from MJ, I think he's a keeper) and ripped boards to go in between the 10" boards.
If I was to order the same high gloss grey doors that we have in dry bar it would only cost $670. And even if I ordered them, it wouldn't have solved my water valve hole in the wall problem. Attach the 6 legs to the corners of the cabinets and then attach the doors and the door pulls. Paint it if you want so it can match the rest of the kitchen or the island.{found on ikeahackers}.

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