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We learned with our first kitchen that building in your fridge is a huge help in making a kitchen look fancy schmancy.
That’s where an also less than schmancy $19 cabinet from the Habitat For Humanity ReStore (mentioned yesterday) came in handy. The point of the trim pine was to make the front edge look more finished and a bit more substantial looking.
Then I carefully clamped and screwed the pine trim to the plywood piece so that the edges were flush. Here’s the same view with the cabinet sitting on it, to give you a better idea of why the filler was needed (I ended up adding a wooden shim to make sure the cabinet sat 100% straight). We brought in the second side and used our camera tripod as makeshift jack to hold it in place while we screwed it all together, checking and double checking that everything was square and level. Before standing it up we added a spare board across the back to help keep everything straight and supported from front to back.
Oh and if you scroll back up to the built-in pic above this one, you’ll notice that the fridge sticks out just a smidge from the wooden sides. Do you have any idea how many people come clicking over here at 10:00am on the dot for a kitchen update?? I was so excited when I was working out of town in AZ for a couple weeks, and I got to read the post first thing when I got to work at 7:30 since I normally have to wait til 10 on East Coast time.
Since the whole cabinet and fridge can be pulled out, we just thought it would be smarter to do touch up painting after the wall is opened to create the door to the living room.

Haha, he does have a younger sister- but she has a boyfriend and can’t build as much. Random kitchen question: Do your cereal jars have the rubber ring around the lid for an air tight seal? So I broke out my trusty Kreg jig and drilled a bunch of holes down one edge of both plywood pieces. Since we wanted the cabinet to sit flush with the trim (not behind it) and needed the opening to be slightly wider than our fridge (which was the same width as the cabinet) – I had to add some filler pieces (aka, leftover scraps).
Like priming and painting it, priming and painting the paneling behind it, adding matching doors, adding molding around the top, adding trim around the bottom, etc. Next on the agenda is attempting to finalize the placement of the peninsula (we still need one more cabinet to complete that area) by the end of this week so that we can finalize the placement of the giant eight foot doorway to the dining room that we’ll be adding with the help of a pro (which we hope to begin sometime next week!). You two always are so good at giving great ideas to update our own houses, I appreciate it! That way we just have to get the primer and paint out once instead of a few times in a row!
Long-time reader and LOVE your blog, but I have to comment on something that bugs the grammar nazi in me very often.
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This style comes in many sizes--with a single sink-- 25", 36", or 42" wide versions, and with double sinks, either a 62" or 72" wide version. The planks were still too big for our Altima so I rented the $19 Lowe’s truck to get it home. One stack of scrap wood went up at the front of the cabinet and the other was located at the back (neither of which would be seen at all once it was all installed). We also put a similar plank of wood across the bottom (again to keep things square and to allow us to screw the whole piece into the wall). But for now, we’re enjoying one pretty noticeable step towards making the kitchen look a lot more pulled together.
These cabinets easily can handle the weight of the countertop without being reinforced.When we’re asked to install one of our countertops on standard factory cabinets, those cabinets usually have to be reinforced.
The truck rental, fridge planks, plus a few 1 x 2″ pieces of pine trim brought my grand total to about $90.
For a wide span such as a sink base, we often reinforce the door opening with a length of 2-in. This plywood layer helps to distribute the weight of the countertop evenly over the cabinets, and it provides a flat, level substrate for the countertops.

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