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Outdoor curtains are a beautiful addition to porch and patio designs that provide more privacy and good protection from the sun, adding style and comfort to your summer decorating ideas. Outdoor home fabrics, used for making outdoor curtains, chair pads, table clothes and decorative pillows for your porch or patio designs, take your outdoor living spaces to a whole new level.
Modern outdoor curtain fabrics are breathable and keep you cooler and more comfortable in hot weather, which is great for summer home decorating.
Modern curtain fabrics for outdoor rooms provide a UV protection, moisture and color fade resistant.
A wide array of curtain fabrics styles and curtains designs are available for your gazebo, porch and patio designs. Outdoor rooms with curtains allow to enjoy summer season and your backyard decorating in the privacy and shade.  Outdoor curtain fabrics can be used for exterior wall decorating and a gracious setting for a summer party.
Outdoor curtains are a great way to transform your porch and patio designs, gazebo or pergola sitting areas into romantic and cozy private retreats, adding more color and interest to your summer decorating ideas. Understated from the outside with no big sign to indicate that you have arrived, which saw me frantically searching around making sure that I had got the right place.
It was agreed that we both had a small bit of room left for something sweet and therefore both opted for the poached Yorkshire rhubarb Eton mess, rhubarb sorbet. Individually designed to specific requirements and with great attention given to every detail this detached house occupies a desirable elevated location and provides a most comfortable large family home.
Information relating to the accounts for the Bed & Breakfast business may be made available through direction negotiation with the sellers, preferably after the property has been viewed. Generously proportioned recently re-fitted farmhouse style kitchen with an excellent range of base units with wooden worktops over. Twin bedded room with window to rear fitted with ‘black out’ roller blind and wooden curtain pole over. Twin bedded room with window to rear fitted with ‘black out’ roller blind and wooden curtain pole over.
Double room with window to front fitted with ‘black out’ roller blind and wooden curtain pole over. Newly refurbished shower room fitted with a contemporary 3 piece suite comprising W.C, wash hand basin set in vanity unit with cupboards below and walk in double shower cubicle. Dunvegan is a very popular part of the Island and is a magnet to tourists throughout the year. Every reasonable care has been taken in the drawing up of these particulars for the guidance of interested parties. The skilful combination of principle and pragmatism underpins the exemplary renovation of an historic house, says Gillian Darley.
Astley Castle is not the usual kind of ruin, being neither ecclesiastical nor primarily defensive. As William Mann puts it, ‘a stabilised ruin is a sort of necessary fiction.’ The usual approaches tend to come from either of two extremes, one being reconstruction involving the imaginative recreation of the ‘original’, the other a long descent into decay.
Window looking onto the Dining Court from the first-floor reception room; oak beams and window in a bedroom.
To see that the coexistence of the old can liberate the new, you need look no further than David Chipperfield and Julian Harrap’s renovation of the Neues Museum in Berlin or Stanton Williams’ work on the Granary Building at Kings Cross. For all the necessary sacrifices and unexpected losses of fabric, the outcome is a better result for the castle than it might have been since, as Mann puts it, ‘the ruin and the project were originally on divergent paths,’ with responsibility for stabilising the stonework and for the new building temporarily in different hands. The castle sits on a shallow ridge, forming part of a significant historic landscape with the fourteenth-century church of St Mary, traces of medieval field systems and eighteenth-century gardens. Much use was made of models, employed to manipulate ‘families’ of detail for the satisfactory resolution of fenestration, with an artificial sky used to find a good level of interior illumination despite the castle’s mass. When I first saw Astley Castle in the mid-2000s, despite the strong character of the remains, it was all too obviously in a parlous state, the core of the ruined structure filled to almost half height with detritus and scaffolded at intervals. The approach is through the east front, now become virtually a screen, providing a kind of dramatic curtain before the stage, two immense full-height courtyards, imprinted with remnants of chimneys, flues, fireplaces, window reveals and door embrasures punched deep into the old masonry, honest evidence of what has been lost, what replaced.

There, the plan is essentially inverted, with the living space a floor above the sleeping accommodation.
As William Mann puts it, WWM undertook this project ‘principled to the point of dogmatism’ on its essential aspects, which appear to have been applied in a spirit of inventive pragmatism. Stephen Witherford, Christopher Watson and William Mann began collaborating in 1997, establishing their practice in 2001 after winning their second European competition.
One of the many Toll trucks that have been put on the road recently with max height, width, length, 2 tonne tail lift and 40mm ringfeeder.
This truck will be transporting gas bottles, with a one tonne tail lift and support uprights making loading and offloading easy. Outdoor curtains can be styled as tab curtain, rod pocket, grommet curtains and made of heavy or light outdoor home fabrics in different colors and patterns.
Whether for creating a private area and fill it with romance or decorating your porch and patio designs in an elegant style, outdoor curtains are a way to create a tranquil atmosphere and add luxury to your summer decorating ideas.
Outdoor curtain fabrics resist stains, mildew and rot and can be cleaned with a soap and water.
Curtain fabrics can be beautifully coordinated with the rest of your outdoor decor, adding more color and texture, interesting fabric patterns and designs to your backyard ideas. It was a lunchtime, I wasn’t feeling extravagant and the pennies are already starting to pinch, so prix fixe it was. What actually came was grilled marinated salmon, radish, coriander and baby gem that was lightly dressed.
Ed sat in the same boat for this so he politely let me choose as we agreed that we shouldn’t have the same. The gravy was slightly sweet and the mash was deliciously creamy both complimenting each other. The current owners also utilise the four en-suite bedrooms to run a lucrative up market ‘Bed & Breakfast’. The famous Dunvegan Castle and Coral beaches are close by and the village has very good local services including shops, hotels, restaurants, a modern medical centre and a primary school. The closer to ‘A’ rating, the more energy efficient the property is and the lower the fuel bills are likely to be. They are believed to be correct but no guarantee of their accuracy is given and or error or misdescription herein shall annul any sale or be made the subject of compensation by either side. The Isle of Skye Estate Agency Ltd is a Limited company registered in Scotland at Companies House with company number 98381. A fortified medieval manor house, set within a moat and gentle park landscape, adjacent to Gothick stables and a remarkable frescoed church, it is steeped in historical associations from Lady Jane Grey to George Eliot. William Morris’ view – as articulated in the 1877 manifesto of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, a visionary document which anyone applying for membership of SPAB still must read and sign – is entirely consistent and as I see it has close affinity with WWM’s thinking at Astley Castle.
Stone has been repaired with new brickwork, while the brick used for paving has been reclaimed from the demolition of unstable parts of the ruin.
At Astley Castle, the insertion of an uncompromising, contemporary house within the shell of the existing structure has involved sewing together masonry, but never to deceive. In the end the architects were able to treat both as a single conception, and retained rather more of the structure than they had expected to. To the north, seemingly in less immediate danger of collapse, were remnants of a jettied timber-framed wing, with Victorian elements. Approached by an open tread stair of steel, oak and birch ply, the principal room takes the theatrical metaphor further.
In returning Astley Castle to use, the Landmark Trust has ventured well beyond its comfort zone.
They have been fitted with ferry tie downs, D.G signs, side handles and front steel kickboard.
Once you have entered the front door you proceed through a curtain to find a long, rather thin, well polished room with low lighting and lots of waitresses in smart unifrom.

I say that with conviction like I registered this difference at the time of eating, when in fact I did not.
The rhubarb was nicely poached with a gentle bite left to it, the meringue was nicely light and crunchy.
After a period as a hotel it suffered a major fire in 1978, and then fell into a downward spiral of vandalism and dereliction.
Slender, mushroom-pink Danish bricks abut hefty blocks of medieval reddish-brown stone, and the insertions appear on several planes and for a number of purposes, the new brick piers and concrete lintels the key to the structure while the depth and massive scale of the original fabric, standing proud from the adroit patching of masonry inserts, ensure that textural vitality is the memorable element here.
Key decisions about repair and the feasibility of retention had to be made continuously, but the contractors as well as Landmark’s own expert direct labour team were able to respond decisively. In this upside down, inside out house, such a huge space might have daunted a household – but this is for holidays and parties, celebrations and special occasions. It chose its architect well and I can’t help thinking that William Morris would have heartily approved the satisfactory conclusion of this story.
Service is not included and is 12.5% Our tactic was to go for starter and main so we still had the option to have all three courses if we fancied something sweet after. Given an extra three and I would say sleek, refined and french…because it is rather, french! In the mid-1990s the Landmark Trust stepped in, only to return the lease to the Arbury estate some years later, having been defeated by the task and likely costs involved. Visibly buttressing and tying stonework with brick, concrete and laminated timber allowed for the retention of the entire east front, so that WWM could intensify its sought-after sense of ruin, conveyed by the ‘hollowness’ of the holed building.
Ironically, the oldest elements, the early-sixteenth-century stair tower apart, proved to be the most resilient.
The wide-eyed windows, borrowing their proportions from existing mullions, look deep into the shell of the remaining ruin to the east, and out to the gentle parkland setting and church to the south. There are two small tables by the window at the front of the restaurant with the rest of the seating split on either side running all the way to the back. Admittedly it was only after I had offered him some of mine and therefore he probably felt inclined to offer the same! With new sources of funding in sight and more than a dash of tenacity, the Trust embarked again and in 2006 held an invited architectural competition for a new house on the site.
The initial impact comes from an adjoining pair of full-height courtyards, each bound at eaves level by a protective lip of timber roof, there to maintain the impression of a ‘gaping hole’ in the ruined fabric but also binding the structure together. Where existing masonry looked vulnerable, new brick edging and capping was inserted, giving legibility to the distinctions between ancient and new fabric. Downstairs, the bedrooms and bathrooms are tucked away, off the hallway, but inevitably rather subservient to the powerful architectural statement overhead and outside. Witherford Watson Mann was the successful entrant, one of only two practices who grasped the nettle by placing its design in the midst of the ruined structure itself. Surfaces are hard, there is no plaster employed to intercede for domesticity, the elbow-height wooden lift is ingeniously housed and detailed, and there is a touch of medieval austerity throughout that comes with the tough, economic finishes, in particular veneer panelling and concrete. A  secluded curtained table area is situated right at the back for perhaps those more private individuals that don’t want to be noticed?
The salmon was lightly grilled and was still raw in the centre so that it melted in your mouth.
The lamb was beautifully cooked, moist and really tender, the roasted onion puree was sweet and had a light fluffy texture which worked really well with the lamb jus. The French sometimes make marinades out of vinegar and sugar and therefore this might have been a sherry vinegar that was used?
The texture and sweetness of the salmon was a really nice contrast against the crunchiness and freshness of the radish.

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