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Tutorialzine is a site dedicated to bringing you the coolest web development tutorials and resources. Encapsulating the splash screen functionality into a jQuery plugin makes it portable and easy to incorporate into an existing website.
In the fragment above, we are basically saying that the stylesheet div is positioned absolutely with relation to the document window and that it should take the full width and height of the page. It might be good to add to the code some jQuery cookie (sessional would be best) action to allow for showing the animation only once per session so as to not annoy users on smaller sites where the homepage might be reloaded more often (blogs with featured posts come to mind.
A quick temporary fix would be to create a duplicate index page that doesn't contain the intro, "index2" that all other pages link to, rather than the actual index. I think maybe setting up a cookie for checking if the user saw it once per browser session? Just wondering: there's a way of using a swf for the splash screen instead of a background image? Actually, scratch my last comment about not having the problem with the demo code here - I was able to replicate it on IE7. Can you provide instructions on how I can load splash-screen css and js in the header section without interfering with other theme or plugin script?
As this article is all about the divider screens, let us start with the advantages of office divider screens.
A giant floating Cheeseburger pops out of nowhere and Ronald McDonald (With his minions Sideshow Bob, Robotnik, Xerxes, Cheeseeburger Thief and Dr.Rabbit) annouce that the YTP Tournament is coming tonight, so the YTP Heroes decided to patecipated to the Tournament and become the champion of YTP. But before starting work on the plugin files, we first need to lay down the HTML markup of a simple demonstration page, where the plugin is going to be used. Usually it is best to include them in the body, after all the other content, as otherwise the page rendering blocks while the js files are being downloaded and our visitor is left staring at a blank screen. The first one is pretty straightforward, and as it is only used to style the underlying page, is of no interest to us and will not be discussed here.
The background color is the same as the one of the MacBook illustration, which we are using as a background image, as you will see in a moment.
As I mentioned in the first section of the tutorial, it is important that the script is loaded before any content is shown to the user, otherwise they will witness a somewhat unpleasant flicker when the splashscreen is shown. Notice how we take the offset of the image from the top of the page with the offset() method on line 25, and set it as the offset of the background image on the splash screen. The document ready event is perfect for the task, as it is called before the page is visible to the user and we can safely display the screen straight away. You only need to remember to limit it only to one of your pages, as it will become annoying to the user if they have to sit through a 30 second intro on every page view.

I've been working on something similar but I went a completely different route and used jquerytools expose plugin to achieve the layover effect. I like how you can click the intro screen to make it jump to the content, would this be enough for users though? If set or equals to a certain value, like 1, you display the splash screen, else, you don't. Just wondering if it's possible to redirect to a specified URL upon load after the animation has completed? I am using a slightly modified version of this to cycle through 4 small gif's, and was having issues with the text.load() not being called when the page is refreshed (F5). Problem is, once the images have been cached by IE (as with a page refresh), it skips over the .load() code. I've been trying to work with cookies and a plugin for splash-screens in wordpress and it was a mess!!
I want to position them in the lower right section but can't find a css rule that seems to have an effect on them and I'm not that familiar with jQuery. I was wondering if there is a way to put two images on the splash plugin and only having a colored background.
I modified your code so the text and image of the macbook are in separate div elements when the text changes the image of the macbook flickers or something like it i don't know if i am using the right word.
If you're using Google Chrome, you'll have to download the image to your hard drive and then set is as a desktop background by going to Control Panel -> Personalization. As the name divider itself suggests, dividers provide an ample amount of privacy to the working staff. A massive advantage is the improvement in the concentration of the employees as they don’t get distracted by the co-workers every now and then. Mainly use for printing the logo, with the perfect design and innovation technology, ensure fast printing speed and good printing quality. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. Risking to start a trend, in this tutorial we are going to create a simple jQuery plugin that will display fancy Apple-style splash screens for us. This time, however, this is a necessary evil, as we need to be sure that nothing of the page is going to be shown to the user before we show the splash screen. It will then create a splash screen div and set the illustration as its background, offsetting it so it aligns with the #promoIMG div below it. This property should be an array with the URLs of all the images with promo phrases that fade in and out above the MacBook illustration.

This gives us perfect alignment and in the same time frees us from having to pass the offset as a parameter, making the plugin more robust. Also, using the textLayers parameter, you can turn it into a slide show with different product screenshots, which would be an interesting effect to see. It was handy because it allowed easily for a background image to be used when overlaying the site instead of a solid color, but I'm sure you could work that in on this example as well. Only workaround seems to be to attach a random query to the img src, which forces IE not to cache. Like remove the mac-book image and leave the changing text and below it have a picture of logo or something.
If the divider is a mobile one then the added advantage is the full utilization of the office space. These dividers can be made up of any material from wood to metal and glass to contemporary plastics. It was developed by The John Studios, ILAR Team, A90 Studios and Youtube Poop Games and published by Capcom for Xbox 360, Wii U and PS3.
Finally, when the splash screen is hidden, we are left with the impression that the page around it slowly fades in.
You can make this array arbitrary long, and even put any kind of images there, not just containing text.
Read below how you can set this this image as the background of your desktop computer, laptop, mac, tablet or smartphone. Tap on it and then then tap on the icon in the lower left corner and choose "Use as wallpaper". The dividers are custom designed by taking care of the requirements and a fashionable look is given to the place.
This is done to keep the office environment healthy as the ambience plays an important role in keeping the staff happy and productive.
Thus, the huge meeting area can be converted into a special working area just by keeping screening products like glazed vision screens, wheeled room portioned etc. The good side is- the employees can feel a part of a strongly bonded organization as they will be available to help each other in the office timings also.

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