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During a busy 5 days you will learn how to mark out and precisely cut a whole range of woodworking joints. Depending on your progress, you will have the opportunity to also make Biscuit Joints, Halving Joints, Dowel Joints, Mitre Joints, Bridle Joints, Housing Joints, and KD (Knock Down) Joints.
This course is suitable for people who have done some woodwork but would like to improve their skills or even for complete beginners.. Each drawing is an exact copy of the original showing the inventor, patent number and year of the patent. So based on that, I drew some 14-degree lines, leaving about 2 mm space for bearing movement.
Next I switched to my straight router bit and mounted the pins template to the template holder. I also wrote down how far from the top my pins template now was after moving it, just in case I'd goof up later.
Using both handtools and woodworking machinery you will join timber without the use of screws or nails.
It is not necessary to have attended a course prior to attending but it is not suitable for complete beginners.

Details of all these joints will be included in the course notes given to every student on the course. A stock control system is integral to the website so you can book a place on a course confident in the knowledge that space is available. 72 shows a bridle joint in what is perhaps its simplest form, the separate pieces being given at the left and the completed joint at the right. 86, that it is necessary to saw inside the gauge line; otherwise the joint will be too slack, owing to the amount of sawdust removed by the thickness of the saw blade. The number of joints covered on the course will depend on the speed that you are able to work.
For those students who have previously atttended my Tool Tuning & Sharpening Course you will have tools sufficiently sharp to achieve precisely crafted joints. Of course, if you wish to contact me before booking your course you are welcome to phone or email me with your questions. A joint of this type may be applied in nearly all cases where a halved or a mortise and tenon joint could be used. The shaped rail at the bottom of this frame again shows the application of the bridle joint.

This leaves the ends standing over the horizontal rails, and, after fixing the complete frame together, the small projecting ends are levelled off flush with the cross rails. The index finger on the side of the saw, pointing in the direction of the saw cut, will greatly help the worker to saw in a straight line, as it is natural to point with this finger to any object that is to be aimed at. The work, however, is treated in a similar manner, with the exception that an adjustable joiner's bevel is used instead of a try square to mark out the shoulder lines, and that a change of direction in the grain of the wood will occur when chiselling out the work. Bridle joints have an advantage as regards appearance over the mortise and tenoned variety in cases such as Fig.
Confirmation of your booking will be sent to me, and I will contact you to confirm your preferred payment method (card or cheque). If you would prefer to pay only a deposit of £100 at the time of booking with the balance of the course fee payable 6 weeks prior to the course then this too could be arranged with an "email" booking.

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