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That’s the end of the instructions for weathering the wood but before I show you how we put the finished piece together, a couple of notes.
First we spent a little time shuffling boards around to get them in the order we thought looked best. With everything screwed together we flipped it over and VOILA – a rustic background for my mantle. Many people like to DIY things like a hobby and also have the pleasure for their own creations.
April 24, 2012 by Shannon Acheson 23 Comments Pin Share +1 Stumble TweetTotal Shares 1.8KWe adore reclaimed wood. We used this method at our Bungalow on the shelves we installed above our desk for our home office space makeover.
March 28, 2016 by BethanyThere are sooooo many different methods and techniques out there for distressing or aging wood to look like rugged old barn boards. I took my little intern with me, and we had a lesson on how to spot cupping issues when choosing lumber.
You could use any type of wood for this, but I love pine because it has awesome wood grain and I love how it accepts the stain.
After letting the paint dry overnight, I went at it with 80 grit sandpaper on my Cordless Orbital Sander. You could almost stop there, because they look pretty weathered and all… but the last step is what really gives it something special! After sanding and dusting all the sawdust off, I stained with a medium brown stain (Minwax Provincial to be exact).
Rather than applying the stain with a brush, I just wiped it on with a cloth and wiped it off immediately with one swift motion!
And now that you’ve wasted all these minutes reading this tutorial, you can see the whole process time-lapse-style all squished into 1 minute and 4 seconds. And here are some examples of how we used this technique to make old distressed barn boards for actual projects! I love this Beth!I can not wait to try your method and the one posted by Nine Red.Thank You for posting such a cool idea. I was thinking of doing this to the floor in my flower shop but I heard that the urethane may turn the paint yellow.

How to Make New Wood Look Old {wood finishing}Brand new wood can have the charm and character of aged wood with these distressing techniques!
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If you love old barn wood like I do, but cannot get your hands on some (especially due to the cost!), you are going to love this post I found on how to make new wood look old. Well today I’m following through on my promise and sharing how I made my own weathered wood for that project. Put the steel wool in the vinegar and put on the lid. This concoction needs to sit for 24 hours so set it aside while you prep your wood. After 24 hours have passed put on your rubber gloves, open the jar, and get ready to make a mess. The steel wool and vinegar didn’t look any different after 24 hours than it did when I first put it in the jar. Then we flipped them all face down and Josh cut some pickets we had left over from another project to fit across the back. We pre-drilled the holes using used a countersink bit so there wouldn’t be any risk of the screw heads scratching up the wall when we hung it. Like when I cut old wood to the right length I have an old worn end and then the fresh cut. This is where I share my creative projects and anything else that inspires me. Most of the time I write about my house.
A lot of them also wonder how they can do those amazing techniques to make a wooden furniture look old or have an Antique look. Too much of the top coat came off, so now I’m trying to figure out how to clean up the mess and start over. But I’ve tried them all… and I’m going to show you the absolute EASIEST and most customizable way for you to make your NEW boards look like legitimate old wood. If I were doing this for my floors, would I need to also seal it with something else as well?
OMG I haven’t seen this before, I am ready to tell my boss that I need the rest of the day off and to run to home depot!
Unfortunately I wrote this post almost 4 years ago and can’t remember exactly which paint colors I used.

It is crazy easy and only takes vinegar, a steel wool pad and a cup of really strong black tea. While learning the recipe and technique for the aging of the wood, you will also see how to make your own floor mirror! We intentionally picked pieces that were split or damaged since that was the end look we were hoping for. Some sites I looked at said it had to be a non-metal lid but I used a mason jar and didn’t have any problems. Keep in mind you’re tying to make them look old and weathered so perfection is not your goal this time. On another site, I saw someone using the side of a candle to rub the edges, and that technique might work a lot better for sloppy folks like me. I know there will be a handful of you that want EXACT colors, but it just doesn’t matter. If you want a bright white to pop link it does in my example pics, I would use a satin or semi-gloss.
That takes a bright red and makes it an old weathered barn red… Can use black or browns for the stain.
There are many ways to make a wood have the aged look, and depend on the kind of wood you have and if it’s a hard or soft one. Just grab a handful of colors that are along the lines of the color scheme you’re going for, and roll with it!
We found  some amazing tutorials for you so that you can see these ways and decide what you like and what fits in your DIY skills. I specifically like adding in white to any color combo though because it really adds contrast in the end.

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