Marshall 18w cabinet plan,woodworker warehouse,custom kitchen bath center fremont - PDF Review

I'm going to build my first vacuum tube amplifier which will be a clone of the famous Marshall 18w.
The problem I have is that I'm not sure if the hight voltage in the secondary of the TA delivers enough current for the EZ81. 100mA should be sufficient, most guitar amps transformers I touch after a few hours of playing are pretty darn hot.
TU pin 4 is center tap and goes to the main reservoir capacitor, You don't need UL taps so leave them disconnected, pin 1 and pin 7 goes to EL84s plates.

OK if you must build a stereo amp you will need more parts starting with a pait of output transformers.
My buddy has an 18 watt Marshall one the last time I had my hands in it I think the power tubes were pulling around 45mA each. Just another question which came in my mind: for the wiring of the TU, I have to link the wire n 4 (centrale) to the cap 32+32uF, is that right?
And for the tubes should I use the ultralinear configuration or the full power configuration?

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