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We knew that refinishing the floor would be a huge job (though I don’t think we truly understood what we had gotten ourselves into!). Finally life slowed down enough for us to finish the floor for good, so we said goodbye to our only toilet for the next 5 days! Even the area around the toilet didn’t look half bad (knowing that the seam would get covered by the vanity). The timing ended up working well for us because we were out of town for almost a week after the last coat, so it had plenty of time to fully cure before we got back to work & reinstalled the toilet. I was so happy to finally have a reason to bust out the miter saw my sister’s bought us at Christmas. On a side note, I was really loving how much bigger our bathroom looked without the door swinging into it.
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It would solve my problems and add some style to my hallway.View in galleryThe plan was to make it 7 ft tall, and 3 ft wide door. You can battle the sheen with antishine powders: translucent cartier replica powders that will soak up your shine and re-mattify your face. Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine rolex replica is great because it's an all-in-one brush-and-powder duo that you can keep in your bag and always at the ready louis vuitton replica. There is no window in my hallway or laundry room, so I wanted to add a window to the top of the door. Lips can burn just like the omega replica rest of your skin, and nothing hurts worse than cracked, chapped lips. I also am going to continue the detailing on the door that is running down my hallway, a board and batten wood detail across the door. That replica wallets way, you can rock a na ral nude or perfect pink without the fear of sun damage.
They can be purchased at many online retailers.View in galleryThe first step is cutting the plywood down to size. YSL, Lanc?me rolex replica, Clinique and Dior all offer great options, but if you're not looking to break the bank on a lipstick, louis vuitton replica then just read the label on your favorite drugstore brands and make sure there's sun replica watches uk protection in there. I used a table saw, measured the sides and cut it to my desired length and width.View in galleryNext was using the long 3 inch wide and 1 inch thick boards. Cutting 4 down to the length of the plywood.View in galleryOnce they were cut, I set them in their spot to make sure it was the correct length. Using enough to make a line of glue along where the board will lay.View in galleryPressing down for a few seconds to make it stick.
Then I have a air nailer I used in a few spots, Just to make sure all is secure.View in gallery Next step is to add the detailing for the bottom and the top of the door.

All of this is up to personal preference, do what will work for your home and your space.I set the plywood down, measured and cut the size I wanted. Gluing it down and securing it the same way.View in galleryThere was one portion of this project I was nervous about, cutting the glass I had purchased. This way once it is cut I can wipe away the marker line.View in galleryTaking a tool oil and smearing it over the line written. You can snap it by setting one edge of the glass off of the counter and then pressing down. Measuring the length of the glass and cutting them to fit that length.View in galleryThen with the newly cut boards, I needed to make a small cut out line to have the glass set in. So go me!View in galleryThe door hardware I had provided door stops to go on either side of the ends. Moving the door back and forth to see where the stoppers needed to be then screaming them in.
Making it as easy to attach as possible.Setting the handle and marking it with a pencil through the holes.
And some style, using the white paint and dark barn door hardware makes this stand out so much. Really any style works great.View in galleryView in galleryThere is a few ways to simplify this process and still get a barn door. I broke it down for the people who are looking to create their own hardware or seeing what it is all about.

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