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Make the most of your Business Analysis Skills with these great tips from Watermark Learning. IF Number 2: You are currently using MS Project v 2007, 2003, 2002 or 2000 and have no immediate prospects of migrating to v 2010.
Right-click on the view title bar and you see that more Views are added to the menu, some that did not exist in previous versions. Select the a€?Projecta€? tab and notice there is a tool for comparing projects, totally new and readily available. Beyond organization of tools are the enhancements: changes that you must understand and use properly. I continue to discover new features and complex uses of MS Project and I always enjoy sharing them. In my classes I use an abbreviated sample project (screen shot below) to review the Gantt chart table, symbols, timelines, dependencies, etc. What pressure is the team under if four tasks must finish at the same time and their finish is the end of the project? As I inidicated at the beginning, this is elementary, but keep in mind that the neophyte user must know how to create and how to interpret.
The following screen shots display the detail of each a€?Ribbon,a€? moving from left to right. I am impressed with the organization of previous and new tools and functions packed into each a€?Ribbon.a€? For example, in previous versions that I had to search for over-allocated resources. Scenario: I must send a monthly report to the finance department, exporting (converting) task cost information for all tasks into an Excel workbook.
When I create such repetitive reports I also create a Macro to simplify creating the next monthly report.
It makes sense to estimate task duration in calendar work days assuming a full-time resource assigned to the task. We can maintain the original task duration AND (their emphasis) increase the labor or effort by adding additional resources.
Obviously the world continues and project success is not determined by my use of a particular Task Type. Through Watermark I will spend a day at a company working one-on-one with project managers.
For example, Jan Smith can work 33% of her time on a task you have estimate as 6 days in duration. Okay, now let's talk about the a€?Effort Drivena€? check mark just above the Task Type window. When you make an assignment(s) and click the a€?Okaya€? command button the software calculates as describe at the beginning to this article. Effort Driven, Fixed Unitsa€”Leave the check mark and the task duration will be decreased because you have now added additional resource units. Effort Driven, Not Fixed Unitsa€”Remove the check mark and the task duration will remain steady and the work will be increased. The first step in our discussion is to assure me that the questioner can distinguish between the PMP certification and the MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist). Yes, Microsoft offers an exam that tests your knowledge of Project tools and capabilities as well as your ability to effectively employ these tools and capabilities. The site reference above provides links to practice tests and information regarding test companies and test sites. The Microsoft certification in no way assures capability as a project manager, but it does provide the basis for determining how efficiently and accurately the support person can work within and maintain established projects.
Some minor changes are required to make it work with SharePoint 2010 but it certainly makes a good starting point.
With this template even the novice Microsoft Project user can produce a high-quality, comprehensive, and professional Microsoft Project Plan.
Like all of our documents, this template was created on the job and refined by a team of consulting project managers.

HD Projette - Microsoft Project Viewer Main Window - Highly Developed Limited - Microsoft Project Plan Viewer.
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Use Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services deployment plan, open this template on your Project 2003 or newer for Project Management templates.
Currently we have more than 425+ Presentation Designs and Project Management templates ready to download, and more new templates will be added periodically! How to get your Project Plan to Work for YouBy Abby Dryer on July 16th, 2012 When I was first learning about Project Management, and thrown into my first PM role at work, I remember desperately asking for some samples of project plans before diving in and creating my first attempt. The next thing to do is put in the dates for these tasks.  The high-level tasks will auto-update when you enter dates on the sub-tasks.
Now you know the basics on how to create a project plan.  By utilizing this tool, you can increase your efficiency and give better reporting to your stakeholders. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
The following information will probably only be of minor interest (at best) to your curiosity. For example, when entering a task name, duration, etc., you have the choice of a€?manuala€? scheduling or a€?automatica€? scheduling. Today, however, I focus on one of the beginning steps, the introductory exercises I have seen PMO's employ to gauge the a€?preparednessa€? of beginners to read and understand the Gantt chart, assuming the a€?beginnera€? has never seen MS Project, reports from MS Project, or created a project utilizing MS Project.
She had created three new tables in her template and wanted them to show when she navigates to View a€”> Table. If you love the a€?Ribbonsa€? in Office 2007 you will be ecstatic with this project version.
For this illustration I am naming the file a€?Monthly Financial Report November 1, 2010.a€? Click the a€?Savea€? command. Place a check mar k in the square next to a€?Taska€? because I want to export Task cost data. To accomplish this, click on the a€?Base on Tablea€? command button and select the a€?Costa€? table. Since I will run this report every month I will save the work thus avoiding the work to create the report each month.
The discussion started between two a€?seasoneda€? project managers, but soon engaged all the students. During a future class I intend to ask the students to group themselves according to either Fixed Work or Fixed Units.
Typically the employees can sign up for a 30 minute session during which I come to their work space and coach them on their use of MS Project.
Think of it this waya€”you estimate a€?Task Aa€? will take six days if someone works on it full time.

Make sure you have selected the correct task and have set the Task Type before you make assignments. We have experience managing a wide variety of project types, large and small, across several industries. It allows use to see the offline version of the website Tech Writers and all it require is to download the app.
It provides a large selection of shapes, formula based engine like in Microsoft Visio, a lot of automatic layout algorithms and many other features.
She focuses much of her energy on team-building and morale - as a cohesive team with high morale can be a determining factor in the success or failure of a project. Furthermore,I suggest you download a free copy of v2010 from Microsoft (IF company policy permits) and see what lies in your future. 2010 a symbol appears in the Indicator Column, indicating where one or more resources are over-allocated on a specific task (see example below using the Microsoft template: a€?Project Plan for New Businessa€?).
This newly dated report will always show in the list of reports available to you in the fifth screen. I asked each group to identify reasons for their choice and to then limit their presentation to the top three. Their assignment will be to make the strongest case possible for changing to the other group, i.e. Second, Let's assume you have inserted a new field (named a€?Worka€?) into your Entry Table. You estimate a task will take 45 hours of labor (Microsoft calls this a€?Efforta€?) and you enter 45h into the work field.
You are going to give Jan Smith a task that is estimated to take 15 hours, but you will give her 2 weeks to finish it. This MS Project template contains many standard phases and tasks, recommended by PMI, to help you plan.
The list of companies that have used our templates includes household names like IBM, Accenture, AT&T, American Express, Dell, Microsoft, HP, and more.
Tech Writers IO v2.0 will perform without complaints and is less likely to crash but in the event that it does crash simply close the app and restart. Put setting on color, font, style, size of text watermark on Adobe pages of Acrobat document.
You can use Project 2003 or newer Microsoft office software to open and edit Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services deployment plan. For those of you who find the a€?Ribbonsa€? irritating, the final screenshot and comment is for you. Right-click on the icon and you are presented with a variety of options for resolving the over-allocation.
The project example I use in this illustration is one of the templates that come with MS Project and I have set the project start date as October 18, 2010. Does that rigidity ever get in the way of successfully completing a project on time and on budget? I am going to assign a resource to this task and the resource is can work on it one-third of the time.
When entering a task name you can choose the method of scheduling the a€?Ia€? column or you can select from the a€?Taska€? section of the Ribbon. If inserting, click in an empty row in the a€?Froma€? column and select any additional data I want. The software calculates the work as follows: Work X Duration = % of Jan Smith's time required to complete the task on time. Left-click on a menu item (Resource, for example) and every tool you need for entering, modifying, assigning, etc.

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