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A recent rash of trailer rentals has left me craving a motorcycle-capable trailer, but our property will not accommodate one. However, I now suggest the use of three tie-down straps to secure the front wheel to the tow bar where the white lines are: horizontal at the front, 45 degrees at the brace, and vertical at the bottom. Even when the front tire and forks are well secured, the rest of the bike leans enough to make me nervous when going around 90 degree right hand turns, but no foot pegs or turn signals scraped the ground during my testing. After a few years of dust on this thing, I decided to update it a bit because I need to use it again. If I were building this again, I would make a pivoting design similar to the Fatz or the TOW-STER.
The innovative patented design of the Tandem Towa„? Dolly gives you the freedom to tow your Car and your Golf Cart, ATV, or Motorcycle to a campground or another destination easily and safely.
The gross trailer weight rating (GTWR) is the total mass of a road trailer that is loaded to capacity, including the weight of the trailer itself, plus fluids, and cargo, that a vehicle is rated to tow by the manufacturer. For customers who order Bandicoot Trailers, we can supply bike tow bars (sometimes called tow hitches) for a wide range of motorcycles.
Bandicoot Trailers can supply a tow bar when you order a motorcycle trailer, or we can supply it as a separate item. When you're ordering your Bandicoot motorcycle trailer, you may want the towbar delivered first so you can get it fitted in plenty of time. Designed to fit into a square 2" inch heavy duty hitch receiver tow bar on an appropriate vehicle. With the flash of a manga fever dream, the "Retriever" motorcycle adds the utility of a tow truck to the relative agility of a bike.
The Retriever is already in use in 10 countries, says Retriever NA, its North American supplier.
I'm putting up two pictures instead of the usual one, simply because I think it looks awesome. It obviously works, but doesn’t two less tires touching the road mean less towing ability? The great limitation on towing *anything* is seldom the motive power of the towing vehicle but their ability to stop the load once it’s moving. I think I had a toy motorbike that looked something like this when I was a kid, but it had unfolding helicopter blades. This thing might be good for Repo, but it looks like it deploys too slowly, and 116hp might have a lot of strain against a parking brake or a vehicle left in gear.
I could see a Trike being built that could tow, but that would defeat the ease of accessing an accident site, and then one might as well have a real wrecker.

Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. Since our motorcycles and our friends' motorcycles are constant works in progress, it will be very handy to be able to tow a bike. Several of the more expensive varieties incorporated trailer screw jacks and other moving parts. The reason for this is the bike's rake angle and the fact that the front wheel is elevated off of the ground. I do not think I would have a problem going a long distance with this if I had newer tie-downs and I stopped to check the rigging periodically. You can bring them along without having to use a big full sized trailer to haul everything or having someone else transport your golf cart for you.
Our Tandem Tow Trailer can easily transport your Car and your Golf Cart, ATV, or Motorcycle safely.
In the United States and Canada, the static tongue load, the weight of the trailer as measured at the trailer coupling, is generally recommended to be 10-15% of the GTWR.
Tow bars have a standard 50mm chrome tow ball to connect with the 360 degree swivel hitch on your Bandicoot trailer.
No welding or cutting is required - it's a bolt-on accessory designed for your specific motorcycle. Built atop a modified Honda Goldwing, the Retriever uses a 118HP 6-cylinder engine that allows it to tow up to 5,000 pounds — plenty for most cars and light trucks.
Goldwings aren't exactly cheap in the first place, so I would imagine that buying a Retriever would set you back a bit, but certainly not more than a standard truck-based towing rig.
I prepared every weld surface with a grinding wheel and stainless steel wire wheel, MIG welded with pure argon gas (not ideal, but works) at 25cfh, and used solid core 0.035" ER70S-6 wire. I suggest using a ratchet tie-down from each side of the sprung fork triple trees to each side of the bumper so the fork springs compress 25%-50%.
The effect is accentuated because the pivot point is well behind the tow vehicle's rear wheels. In addition to being much easier to load and unload, lowering the front wheel brings the steering angle closer to 90 degrees to the ground and therefore reduces the amount of lean in sharp turns. Let us know if your bike has any modifications, especially to exhaust, frame or wheels, as that can affect towbar fittings. This spring action is necessary to keep tension on the straps and to prevent strap overload when the tow vehicle's vertical angle changes relative to the motorcycle's. The pivot point's angle is not 90 degrees to the ground like a trailer and a trailer ball, so the motorcycle body actually leans quite a bit in sharp turns, but in the opposite direction of the turn.

We cannot be held responsible for towbars not fitting based on incorrect or incomplete information supplied by you.
However, the production version of the design I found used thin steel and the parts holding the front wheel did not make enough wheel contact for my taste. The second shows a different view with a 3'6" 2x6 ramp attached, but a 3' ramp may be needed for shorter wheelbase motorcycles. Newer and more plentiful tie-downs along with some safety chains would make me feel better. I decided to improve on this design by beefing it up a bit and making sure its dimensions fit our vehicles. Additional straps securing the bottom of the front wheel to each side of the bumper and the receiver's safety chain mounts will help lock the wheel into the tow bar and prevent twist.
The leaning effect is exaggerated because the front fairing on my FZR is actually connected to the body and not the forks, so it looks very strange in sharp turns from the rear-view mirror. The most important dimension for us was the receiver pin to bumper clearance distance because our Rovers' receivers are tucked under the vehicle more than most. A tie-down strap should secure the front wheel to the 45 degree 2x2 tube that braces the vertical tube to the horizontal tube. Loading the bike is a two-person operation unless you are prepared with accessible straps already connected to the tow vehicle. I've seen plenty of sportbike stoppies and hard braking, so I'm not particularly worried about this amount of lean angle damaging the steering head bearings. Additional tie-down straps should connect the left and right sides of the triple trees or handle bars to solid points under the left and right sides of the bumper.
I didn't snap any photos of my bikes leaning in sharp turns, but I borrowed this one from Fatz, who makes a pivoting tow bar that eliminates the leaning problem. These additional tie-down straps compress the front springs, help secure the wheel to the tow bar and vehicle, and keep the motorcycle from leaning in turns. Obviously, the motorcycle must have a functional and secure front wheel, rear wheel, and steering.

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