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You can pick a size or set your default picture viewing size if the full size of 171K is too large. Back in 2010 Nick Homer and his college buddy Stewart Clyde made headlines because of their silly invention: a remote-controlled motorized couch.
As with the original ride, Nick’s guide will consist of combining an electric wheelchair base with a loveseat.
Walden on Wheels, by Ken Ilgunas.I recently read a very inspiring book called Walden on Wheels.
The basic premise of the book is about a guy who simultaneously discovered his love of nature while struggling to pay off his student loans and dealing with chronic unemployment. Since a liveaboard lifestyle isn’t too different from vandwelling, I was inspired by the book to join the vandwellers mailing list.
This small, 27 foot liveaboard boat is equipped with a wrap-around couch, bathroom, V-birth.
I kind of already mentioned traffic, but that is one thing that I think really sets boating apart for land-based travel.
I would say that living in a boat is more expensive than living in a van, mostly for the reason above. Mold and mildew on a boat is more common in terms of damp stuff, especially if you happen to get salt water on something fabric.
Grocery store runs can be pricy if you happen not to have a bike on your boat or there is a lack of public transportation. All I know is that if my daughter brought home a young man who lived out of his car, I’d have a different feeling about it up front than if she brought one home that lived on a boat.
For the record, I asked my 28 year old daughter if living on a boat and living in a van sounded the same to her.
Anyhow, this is from a young woman who just left her job and is now becoming an entrepreneur and will begin her travel adventures in December. Hmm, well as a child of the ’70s what I remember was that if someone lived in a van, we considered them likely to be murderers or child molesters, or worse.
I’ve done both, I spent 18 months living out of my Honda Element while filming the documentary The New Homeless,it was an awesome adventure with countless thousands of miles driven, hiked and biked but it always cost money.

Now Nick is working on a comprehensive guide for couch potatoes who have a very slight need for speed. If you get both of those components used – and you should – the whole thing should cost you only about $150 (USD). You only need to pledge $2 to gain access to Nick’s online guide, which will include videos, FAQs and recommendations for the supplies. He learned to appreciate a spartan lifestyle that allowed him closer communion with nature on extended trips into the wild.
This may not be true all over the world, but it’s definitely true in the Puget Sound.
In my mind a van is equivalent to a 25 foot boat, a cargo van a 27 foot boat, and and RV a 40 foot boat.
Laundry can be an issue for the same reason if you are not at a marina that has a washer and dryer. It takes practice and skill to feed yourself reliably out here, but it is possible for anyone.
There are numerous places in the Puget Sound to take on water and pump out the black water tank, even if you don’t want to pay for overnight moorage. You need to deal with the weak electrical currents that run through boats and eventually corrode the metal… You need to know more, I think, to live aboard if you are not permanently tethered to a dock and even if you are, there are more issues. By living in his van, he was able to achieve his burning desire to go to graduate school, without going back into debt. The waiting lines, traffic lights, cops, irritating neighbors, and paranoia are instantly gone. Sailboats handle bad weather much better than power boats, but all boaters know when the sea is upset. Bigger boats require more maintenance, and I’m pretty sure the same would go for vans and RVs.
And then there was the water spout (tornado on the water) that we narrowly got out of the way of (sailboat). You can’t always haul out the boat and take it to the shop to get it repaired and it can be expensive to have the repair person come to you.

But I think people who live in automobiles of some kind have to work to convince people they are doing so out of choice rather than necessity. It’s rare in native cultures to have cultures with elaborate artwork, as time spent doing art takes away from time required to hunt and gather food. Lived in regular houses ,caravans, vans and now finally I’ve settled on a 36 foot aft cabin cruiser. True the coast guard exists, but in five years of active boating, I’ve never been hassled by them. The natives of the Salish Sea (Puget Sound & Inside Passage) were renowned for their craftsmanship and woodworking skills.
I’m here in South Sound for the time being and hope to start my extended cruising this next summer. They lived in ornate log cabins, constructed fast canoes, and carved intricate totem poles.
Salt water is very corrosive, and when you mix in high winds, freezing temperatures, and a lot of movement, things break. As to maintenance, there are those that are constantly doing some sort of maintenance on their boats. Either there is many repairs needed or, I think this is the same mentality as the guy next door that washes and waxes his car at least once a week or is forever tuning it for that perfect, smooth sound. Washing the boat about once a month is a necessity for the crud in the air that settles on the deck and lines. Once I’m away from the dock for good, that opinion of little or no maintenance may need to be adjusted, but based on past experience, probably not too much.

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