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Mountain bike car racks like this Kuat Sherpa 2 Bike Rack get up to 2 bikes to the mountain easily, efficiently, and safely. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
When I bought my full suspension mountain bike a few years back, I had a seriously hard time finding any bike racks that met the following realistic criteria:1. To make the bottom junction:First, screw the brake post into the suspension element on the left and right sides of the bike.
This step is pretty straightfoward, possibly with a twist.This step will depend on what kind of frame you have. I used two circular hinges near the axis and a cut down screen door hydrolic bolted to the seatpost and rack.
It looks like tere is enough room to put in a short piece of plastic gutter inverted below the rack to shield the contents of your panier, or save the muddy track on your back in the rain.
Whether you're outdoors by choice or by necessity, the VitalGrill ($80-$170) will let you cook up a tasty meal using nothing but a couple batteries and whatever burnables you can find. If you need to carry a lot on your next fatbike adventure, you’ll want to check out the Sherpa front racks for a number of different fatbike forks standards.
Out back, the Sherpa rack is found again but with hardware designed to fit the rear end of a fatbike. One of the coolest features of Old Man Mountain racks is that they work with almost anything – including suspension. A production Phat Sherpa was spotted on the back of a Borealis Yampa that was rolling around the show.
Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. This rack features a built-in repair stand, wide tray spacing, and many other features riders will appreciate.

These mountain bike car racks easily secure two bikes weighing up to 40 pounds each and are compatible with two-inch and 1.25-inch receivers (hitches) thanks to the one-sized-fits-all attachment.
Available in stove and barbecue varieties, the VitalGrill is powered by two AA batteries that run a blower fan, allowing your fire to produce up to 20,000 BTU of heat while your food cooks in no time. Zippo Outdoor Gear ($25-$300) is an all-new line of camping equipment, including a dependable Windproof Stove that borrows tech from the aforementioned lighters to keep the fire burning, a rugged, stylish All-Terrain Grill with an oversized stainless steel work surface, a log carrier, a 4-in-1 Woodsman tool that serves as a saw, axe, mallet, and puller, a LED-based Rugged Lantern, and the unique Utensil Tree for keeping all your grilling tools safe and off the ground. Old Man Mountain has been producing high quality, super sturdy, made in the US racks for year and they continue to expand their goods. Essentially a 135mm Sherpa rear rack that has been modified for use on the front of a fatbike, the Sherpa fat racks are offered to fit Pugsley (offset), Mukluk, and Moonlander forks (based on tire clearance, each has 135mm symmetric front hub. Again, they are offered in offset 135mm, and non-offset with 170 and the Phat Sherpa 190mm option.
So to keep up with axle standards and allow you to put a rack on your modern mountain bike, they have introduced a line of impressively machined thru axle adapters for their racks. Though the Kuat Sherpa 2 Bike Rack isn't Not suited for DH or freeride bikes, it fits almost all other bikes with 20-29in wheels and up to a 44.5-inch wheelbase. It has holes along the flat horizontal panel that makes up most of the rack, if your rack doesn't have holes you'll need to drill some or decide on another way to affix the rack to the top junction of the vertical support.
Being a product designed for the outdoors, it's easily collapsible, making it a no-brainer to include in your "shit just hit the fan" bag. Thanks partly to the growing popularity of fatbikes and adventure touring Old Man Mountain has stepped up to equip the fatbike hoards while offering new options for thru axle mountain bikes as well. Old Man Mountain will have kits for Syntace, Dt Swiss, Rock Shox (15 and 20mm Maxxle) and the Fox 15mm front axle. Also cool is how the Sherpa 2 provides an ample 13 inches of space between bikes to eliminate bike-on-bike violence during the drive, heat-treated aluminum chassis withstands road abuse, folds up for storage, and tilts downward for access to your vehicle's trunk.
It charges your phone up to three times faster than a USB charger and gives you 2 extra hours of extra battery life — and does it in a size that's easy to fit in your pocket.

Other features include a front and rear tire ratchets that use an easy hand-tight cam system and frame supports to eliminate movement, and Hitch lock and an integrated cable lock for security.
Most full suspension bike racks -- even the super pricey ones -- are rated only for 10 kg or so. Thino's microchip-based sensor system figures out how fast your device can be charged and provides the optimal charge. The "Swiss Army Knife" of chargers also features a double-sided locking mechanism that ensures the cable never unlocks by accident and it won't get tangled. Most of the weight should NOT be loaded onto the saddle post, but rather downward to the tire.4b. Vertical supports along the sides to make them compatible with clip-on Ortlieb pannier-bags like the Office Bag.
I decided not to use aluminum to save weight --- I wanted supports that could stand up to real loads and offroad abuse. Since reading an article here about coffee roasting long ago, I've been roasting my own fair-trade organic beans for years now! Instructables is my favorite website ever (sharing first with indymedia) -- so I've decided it was time to participate! These MUST have an M5 or M6 threading at the top, which usually allows you to secure your caliper brakes in place (though not in my case).

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