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Eric spends most of his time writing, reading, and hanging out with his chinchilla and bunny. Wooden coffee table, created by Bohemian Workbench, looks and functions like a real NES controller. When the glass cover is removed, the table transforms into a giant NES controller that people can use to play Super Mario and other games. They already got a big TV, I wonder if they would upgrade their TV with a much bigger one to match the console.
Kyle was neck-deep into this for long months putting this together, opening with an inspected image of his original NES control.
There are a lot more pictures of the table and its construction on Bosworth’s Imgur gallery. Child's Play is a non profit organization that enables the gamer community to make a positive difference in the lives of children and young adults, primarily through donations of toys and games to childrens' hospitals around the world as well as funding pediatric health research.

By day he can be found working at Quirk Books, promoting awesome books, and by night, he can be found writing them. He simply scaled up by vigilantly crafting each piece out of MDF and chopping his own electrics onto a broken old controller board. He’ll also be making an Instructable about the project, so grab some pine and paint and keep checking his thread for updates.
Well, here’s a piece of furniture that could bring you back to your childhood, and most important… IT ACTUALLY WORKS! Bene, ecco un pezzo d’arredo che vi fara rivivere quegli anni, e cosa piu importate… FUNZIONA REALMENTE! Kyle Downes is the artist behind this awesome piece of furniture… and it actually works.
The glass top offers a final touch; thereby offering a shield to those giant buttons along with a lot of storage space.

Bosworth made this sweet coffee table using a huge replica of the Nintendo 64 logo as the base.
The base of the table measures 18″ on each side and is made of polygons and pretty colors pine. Agreed, it’s not the high-end of the technology series but deserves its fall in the elite class. I forget what it was called but looking for it, I came across something else you might be amused by.

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