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The really cool thing about this coffee table is that it is completely playable, all the buttons are entirely functional and it can be connected to a normal NES console and played like a normal controller. This is extremely cool coffee table that measures 40 x 17.5 x 19 inches, and handmade by Charles Lushear, a creative furniture builder from California. The handmade Nintendo controller coffee table is priced at $1950 USD, while the functional version coasts $3700 USD. Bohemian Workbench has commercialised the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller design coffee table, which doubles as a fully functional NES Controller!
Boho Workbench offers a number of different design and material alternatives to suit requirements and they’re even offering Nintendo Wii Controller design coffee tables now. The NES controller itself is made from maple, mahogany and walnut with dovetail joinery and mid-century modern legs. 157 107 0 2 19 18 0 11 0 0Coffee tables seem to be the new trend when it comes to custom made builds by geeks.
The table itself is one of the most elaborate builds I have ever seen, and it’s fully documented in the included clip in this article.

The Steampunk NES controller coffee table is perfect to serve you some best meals of the day, but its non-functionality ruins it all. I am pretty sure that you guys will buy it only if you are a diehard fan of Nintendo as it costs $2,600. I was gonna get a small movie of that in progress, but I didn’t have time right then. But if you want to own the awesome creation, the following handmade Nintendo controller coffee table should be able to catch your eyes.
As we can see from the images, the wood coffee table is shaped as a huge game controller of Nintendo Entertainment System, and comes with exquisite details and accurate colors from the original design, and the tactile D-pad and four buttons make the coffee table more like a workable game controller, while the glass holder is perfect for cups, magazines and more.
You simply connect your wooden NES controller to your Nintendo NES base station and start playing. Whatever the situation may be, you will just love Charles Lushear’s marvelous creation which is a coffee table inspired from Nintendo controller.
Yes that’s right, you cannot play games through this controller and the buttons are just brag, embedded to turn your geek on.

Katanga Cross, used as the directional pad is a copper cross that was a former currency of Democratic Republic of the Congo. But if you are willing to buy it then you can contact Charles on his Etsy store called BohemianWorkbench. Apart from that, the talent builder has offered a functional Nintendo controller coffee table in order that you can enjoy those classic video game using a huge game controller. The artistically created coffee table features Steampunk style and is therefore called “Steampunk Nintendo Controller Coffee Table.” It is made from recycled materials with a glass set on the top to hold your coffee.

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