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There’s no more thorough and readable guide to joinery than this new book from expert woodworker Gary Rogowski. Trained as a writer and teacher, Gary decided right out of college to learn the craft of woodworking.
Join us May 6th from 5-7PM for an Open House at the Studio and a big thank you to all of our WIN supporters. The area along the Pacific Coast north of California and between the Cascade Mountains and the ocean, is the home to many Indian nations who traditionally based their economy on the use of sea coast and river ecological resources. For the people of the Northwest Coast, the single most important plant is a tree – the cedar. Shown above is a display from the Royal British Columbia Museum showing house construction. To split the cedar into planks which could be used for building houses or boxes, a small cut was made in the log.
The people made two basic kinds of stone hammers: the hand maul in which the handle or grip was carved into the stone and the stone hammer which had a wooden handle. One of the unique items among Northwest Coast First Nations are kerfed boxes (shown above loaded in a canoe for transport).

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery uses full-color, step-by-step photo essays to show you how to make every practical woodworking joint. You will build several small projects learning about tool care and use, sharpening, and joinery. His life had changed when he found an old hand plane and a chunk of fir outside his place in SE Portland. This year has been a huge success and we want to express our appreciation for all that our sponsors and friends have done for us. Learn the fundamental pros, cons, legalities, and costs for building a tiny house on wheels, a backyard cottage, and other types of small homes, and figure out the path that's best suited for you. This is an area which stretches from the Tlingit homelands in Alaska to the Tolowa homelands in northern California. The use of this tree permeates all aspects of the Native American cultures of this region and provides for many of life’s necessities. Traditionally, the Northwest Coast people made several types of adzes: an elbow adze in which a blade was hafted to longer wooden handle, a straight adze in which the blade was driven into an antler haft, a U adze and a D adze. Shown below are some of the different stone hammers and mauls which are on display at the Royal British Columbia Museum.

These are wooden boxes in which the sides of the box are made by scoring and then bending a single board to form the sides of the box. Over 1,400 color photos and drawings illustrate the methods, from simple butt joints to angled tenons and complex scarf joints. The Indian nations along the Northwest Coast, and particularly in the northern and central portions of the region, have a highly developed woodworking tradition that includes houses, canoes, bent boxes, totem poles, and household utensils.
Prior to the European invasion, the people of the Northwest Coast lived in large, multi-family houses built with planks on a post and beam frame. The jade blades often used in the adzes and chisels were made by Indian nations in the interior and traded to the coast. It will be a fun time, with no pressure, just a thanks to everyone who helped us get started this year.
The watertight boxes can be filled with water and when hot stones are dropped into the box the water can be brought to a boil.

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