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The open kitchen floor plan also known as the Great Room is the current rage in home renovation. The design is highly promoted as if the homeowner does not have enough expenses to deal with!
We all realize times are difficult and building and construction has slowed down. The best way to put builders back to work is to create a new style and market it so every homeowner will feel like they can’t live without it. It is said that the open kitchen floor plan is probably the single largest and most widely embraced home design change over the past 50 years. True there are some nice benefits of having an open floor plan but let’s stop and realize the reasons for keeping the kitchen a kitchen. As you will read they make some very good points people may not think about when caught up in the excitement of a remodeling mentality. This article states some positive reasons but also states Reasons 1-8 against the open kitchen floor plan.
The author makes realistic statements against open floor plans – something homeowners do not hear from those with a financial interest.
A kitchen, family room, and living room all have different uses and different personalities. Remember when someone approaches your house, the exterior sets up their mind for the experience. Altering your old house for this fad is altering history and why you purchased a vintage house in the first place. At the same time hiring an architect or contractor to do the job may result in the loss of the architectural integrity of your home. My prediction is in ten years these open floor plans will be converted back to what they were originally. Bottom line is if you want the look and feel of an apartment then just live in an apartment. I am not a real estate expert however I would guess it adds to the resale value even in older homes. I say this as the owner of a beautiful vintage house that I would never change, but I recognize that its architecture was designed for an entirely different way of life than ours. And, the marketing has worked, whether or not everyone wants an Open Floor Plan, the existence of an Open Floor Plan boosts resale value — at least now.
Economically, the requirement of an Open Floor Plan depresses the home values of older neighborhoods with homes without the feature, especially modest homes. I hear of frustrated sellers who clean and declutter their homes, depersonalize them, make repairs, etc.
Regardless of whether a person likes living in an Open Floor Plan design, the one-sided marketing of it has changed everything.
Thanks for your comment – you make very important points that homeowners need to be aware of! Historically walls were constructed as a mechanism to practically divide interior spaces that differed in their use. Over-sized furniture had to be manufactured to help mediate the parking-garage atmosphere of a giant unstructured box.
My husband and I once rented a beautiful modern home while we were working on our own little cottage. For my sake, I was never happier than when we once again settled into our own little nest, with a place for every type of living activity that families typically experience, and none of the aggravation of trying to balance activities like piano practice, reading or conversation with the incessant video games, movies or TV. A pox on the folks who rush to “remuddle” charming old homes and strip them of all of their character in the process! We had to replace the curly clapboard siding, the insulation (back-plastering filled with snakeskins and mouse nests), the 2-over-2 windows (which were being installed c.

We also had no choice about fireplaces or stairs–the original house was 4 rooms + attic with back-to-back fireplaces, but those had been ripped out in 1929 in favor of center stairs when the attic grew dormers. The holiday season is a great time to re-evaluate your kitchen design, especially if you are someone who loves to cook and entertain. I like the rooms separated, as long as they are big enough to not make me feel claustrophobic. YES!  My biggest problem is that it's too small, but being open is another reason I can smell food cooking everywhere.
No matter your kitchen is big or small, poorly plan and design can cause look narrow and clutter. This flaunts success to the neighbors who will soon do the same (not realizing the open kitchen floor plan is how apartments are designed). It provides work for builders and architects and increases sales for home improvement stores and manufacturers. Upon entering a house and seeing an open floor plan – pretty as it may be, it will conflict with their inner senses expectations. You can easily build a new Colonial or Victorian house with an open floor plan instead of taking a vintage house and changing it into something it was not meant to be. She takes homes of the 1800s and early 1900s and tries to use as much of the old as she can. It may seem to be a wonderful idea for entertaining, but few people open their homes for formal parties anymore. It’s sad watching people modernize older bungalows or just destroy and scrape them off completely. Many people are taking these older homes and completely knocking down all the walls to get that open floor plan look.
1900 to replace the 6-over-6s, as we see in an old photo), the interior walls (no way to salvage that accordion-type lath, sadly), and the entire second story (quite a big surprise–but it had been altered in major ways by very poor farmers in 1929).
You certainly understand the importance of having a well-equipped kitchen with all the latest professional-grade appliances and gadgets to making cooking holiday creations enjoyable and easy. Friends of ours just bought a house and knocked out ALL the walls to have an open floor plan. My parents bought an older closed-concept house and had to knock down the wall between the dining room and kitchen, because otherwise it felt like you were eating in a closet. I'm annoyed enough we have radiators and large doorways which make furniture and art placement tricky. Unfortunately this expense results in additional debt for the homeowner and maybe postponement of that vacation they were planning.
With today’s more casual approach to entertaining, guests are invited into the kitchen to sit around the island and chat or even help with food preparation. I also no longer watch these shows for a host of reasons including that I simply cannot stand watching the infantile types of miserable, horrific whiners that these shows consistently feature.
One can never have enough counter space or efficient prepping, cooking and cleaning workstations.
If this occurrence happen to you, it’s time to remodel with open kitchen floor plans style. The absence of walls also makes it easier for the cook(s) to converse with guests in another room while preparing food.
In some ways, not much remains but the 8×8 beams, rubblestone cellar, and most of the floor plan. I can see how this might be annoying if my H is watching TV and I'm cooking.Overall I need space and walls. Women being a vital part of the workforce has made the concept of having meals prepared and ready at the end of the husband’s workday impractical.

And yes, I confess, sometimes at the end of the day after dinner, if we feel like piling the dishes in the sink and doing them later so we can hang out in the den, we do. They are designed with an abundance of cabinetry, island counters, efficient work zones, multiple faucets and sinks and the most innovative and efficient appliances.
Don’t worry, too many sources from books, magazines and webs related to open kitchen floor plans pictures and open kitchen designs are available to stimulate your creativity. You can expand your storage area beyond the kitchen without changing the rest of the decor. The re-design made it function better, but I gave it a lot of thought and didn’t do so on a whim.
And as for keeping an eye on children with an open floor plan- I knew to go to the den and check on the children when it got REALLY QUIET.
Here are five beautiful examples of open kitchens that illustrate these advantages and many more.View in galleryThis kitchen basically occupies an entire wall.
Instead, many family meals are prepared together in the kitchen with space for many people to move around, while family members catch up and reconnect after a long, busy day at work or school. It also made the space feel larger and brighter, but there are some down sides to that as well. I also still live in my starter home too resisting other people’s attempts to influence or to try to run my life.
If there was a little one around, that child simply hung out with me in the kitchen and played in the tupperware cabinet. If people want the latest trend I have to wonder why they just don’t purchase a newer tract home instead of destroying the character of older homes and communities. I hate granite counters-granite is a non-renewable resource, and one day all of that beautiful stone will be in a landfill.
The kitchen has a white ceiling and white walls and it’s like a bright spot for the whole room.
In this particular case, the open plan is advantageous for the kitchen because it solves the storage problems.
The wall removal sometimes requires expensive industrial support beams to redistribute the weight of the floors above.
Also, the whole room is much more spacious and airy this way than it would have been in the case of two separate rooms.View in galleryThis open kitchen and its living room have a continuous interior design and decor.
The whole room features grey walls complemented by a white ceiling with lots of spotlights. The color palette for the whole space is composed of earthy tones and crisp white elements.
But for the 325 days a year they are NOT there, it’s a nice space away from the bigscreen. The kitchen occupies the back of the room and integrates perfectly into the decor.View in galleryThis is a more traditional open kitchen. It shares the room with the dining area and the decor is a little more rustic than those seen until now.
And I have yet to find a contractor who does not insist on vinyl windows and knocking down half the walls. The most eye-catching detail is the angled ceiling and the exposed wooden beams that continues even in the kitchen area. It adds warmth to the whole room and it’s balanced by the crisp white walls and the wooden floor.View in galleryThis is a mid-century modern kitchen and living area.

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