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Your Ottoman can easily become the center piece of your room, so its worth taking the time how to decorate, and use the space well, especially if you live in a smaller house or apartment.
Ottomans are large enough to use as a coffee table and perfect for serving trays, flowers, books, sculptures, boxes and candles to change the look of your room. Follow the Four Quadrant Rule and Seven Point Styling Guide below, change your items as often as you like and create a fresh look each time. Its easy to place a simple vase of flowers and one accessory on your ottoman to make it look stylish and more beautiful than a pile of magazines and a television remote that looks messy or neglected. You can add a throw, books and a decorative box for remotes onto your Ottoman, but this often looks messy. Remember to choose items that also fall into one of the beautiful, sentimental, functional or interesting categories. If you don’t have an ottoman, and not keen to make one, there are lots of great looking ottomans to buy. First, work out the best Ottoman style for your room; square, rectangular, round, fabric, leather, faux leather, tufted, with or without storage etc.
I have selected a rectangular and a square ottoman, as examples, because they both have storage and are moderately priced.
The dark faux fabric looks close to the real thing and can be moved to the end of a bed if you ever decide to upgrade. While this is a perfect coffee table size, the tufts make decorating the uneven top a challenge. Including a tray on your ottoman gives you a flat surface for you to stack, store and organize items with some order and symmetry. To choose your Ottoman tray, select from any flat surfaced decorative trays, wooden tray, silver serving trays, bamboo serving tray or tea tray.  If you have an Ottoman bench, large ottoman trays will match the size and scale nicely.
Here are some examples of trays that are moderately priced and on sale at Amazon and One Kings Lane.
Trays that are large square or rectangular, work best.  They are easy to display on and to move around. As its name implies, round ottoman coffee table is multifunction furniture that could be used as comfortable chair, coffee table as well as footstool in living room.
There are various shapes of ottomans such as rectangle, square or odd shaped like the one shown in the picture.
This elegant round ottoman coffee table features removable leather cushion so you could turn it into wooden coffee table as and when needed.
If you really plan to store something inside the ottoman, consider the left-side unit as it features spacious storage space inside. Thus, I wish to buy a round coffee table with storage feature to keep those things out of sight. Additionally, the lid could be flip over to be used as table for you to place some drinks or playing game in living room.
I think no one will argue with me if I said the following round ottomans are the elegant furniture. Honestly, the smaller size ottoman is not suitable to be center piece of furniture in living room.

The Republican Hour is a multimedia effort to promote Republican ideas, policies, and candidates in Delaware, but with a focus on New Castle County and the City of Wilmington. According to the website The Daily Beast, Delaware is more corrupt than New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and almost every other state. You can make your own easily and inexpensively, if you are willing take on a DIY project; using anything from a box to an old coffee table. Natural – Moss balls, a vase with flowers, a small plant, a piece of wood, antique wooden bowls, a horn magnifying glass,  tortoise shell bowl or amethyst crystal.
Practical – Drinking coasters, notepads, books, games or cards and boxes to hide remotes or computers in. Color palette  – select two or three colors for your tray, then place two to three items with these colors into each quadrant. You can always change it, quickly and inexpensively if you tire of it or if it doesn’t work.
Take time to shop online or offline for a range of prices, designs and read reviews about structure and craftsmanship.
This Ottoman bench is currently discounted on Amazon from $437 down to $141.96 and free shipping.
Decorative trays make the scale of your table a little smaller so your table doesn’t look like a block of fabric or color.
Make sure you have something in each quadrant so it doesn’t look empty and select things that are beautiful, sentimental or functional.
In fact, it only slightly bigger in term of diameter when compare to the left-side ottoman. The removable cushion can be placed on floor and offering extra seats for your guest to sit comfortably. On the other hand, pick the right-side unit if you always have gathering at home and extra seats are needed as it comes with two kidney chairs that could be keep inside the large round ottomans. I did list down few criteria when looking for the new one and this round ottoman coffee table just fulfills all my needs. My son used to place his Mickey Mouse pillows on my loveseat sofa and the toys almost occupy the entire piece of loveseat sofa.
When my son wants to hug his Mickey Mouse pillow while watching TV show, he can simply open the flip-top lid and grab it inside the ottoman.
But, if you want a footstool to rest your feet while watching TV, or a side table next to your sofa to put a cup of coffee while you are reading a book, then it is the best choice.
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More Americans work for the government than work in construction, farming, fishing, forestry, manufacturing, mining and utilities combined. Simply to reduce the number of State employees through an early retirement option with a commitment not to rehire for those slots. Dark espresso leatherette covers every surface, with extra-cushioned tops for comfort, lifting to reveal storage in each unit. Divide your table tray into four quadrants, placing an item in each quadrant from these groups to create an interesting and unified look.

Candles to add ambiance and scent to your room – think lanterns, candle holders and tea lights.
The warmth of a wood tray needs different items than a sleek lacquered or white tray.  Glass bottles, in different shapes but similar material and colors work well when grouped. It has over 200 positive reviews and enough storage for 2 queen size blankets and 2 standard pillows. This creates the flat surface you need to place items safely; like vases with flowers, candles or fragile keepsakes without worrying about their safety. Clear trays are very popular because they don’t clash with the rest of your decor, but any good sized tray works well. I found that it could be great to place at center of living room to enhance the entire design theme.
In my humble opinion, it is more ease to clean with leather cleaner and it could have longer life with proper care.
Over the last two years, we have highlighted the problems in and around Wilmington, New Castle County & the State. Square ottomans often have a cubic appearance, singular colors, and may hide interior storage. Add them in different heights and shapes for the greatest effect. One candle is enough if its big, but often three (odd number) looks better. Both items are faux leather; which means they wash easily and their coloring and texture means they look very much like real leather.
I like simple line design of the left-side ottoman at the same time I prefer the espresso dark-brown coloring which the right-side round coffee table features. The easy mobility feature also ease my cleaning task when I want to clean area where the ottoman place at. Nearly half of the $2.2 trillion cost of state and local governments is the $1 trillion-a-year tab for pay and benefits of state and local employees. Rectangular ottomans are also referred to as bench ottomans, with room for seating two, or the feet of two people.
Some common elements you’ll notice are tufted leather, bound and bulging around buttons most often. Classic leather ottomans almost always come tufted, giving the cushion surface a welcoming, detailed appearance.
Modular examples have hidden storage, drawers, and most often, reversible cushion surfaces, revealing tray tables and open space. Some of these examples combine two or more ottomans to form a coffee table, splitting apart for individual use. What you’ll notice most with this collection, is the sheer variety and versatility of the humble ottoman, doing double- and often triple-duty in a compact shape ready for any living space.

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