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4.) Back at home, J + J removed the door hinges from the door and attached the vintage legs. This post was brought to you in partnership with The Home Depot and Scotch Blue™ Painter’s Tape. Armed with a few rolls of ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape and spray paint, I set out to make it happen. After some DIY’ing and a few rain delays, I am now the proud owner of what looks like a brand new set of outdoor furniture. Without the use of  ScotchBlue Painter’s tape, I would have had to remove the seat slings from the frames – way too hard.  I simply protected the slings before I painted with the tape and newspaper. Before bringing the chairs to my garage to paint, I ran a sanding block on all the metal surfaces to rough them up a bit. I lined my garage with drop cloths and started the job of masking the slings on each chair and the glass on the table so that no overspray paint would get on them. I always spray paint in my garage – plenty of ventilation and light.  Even with that, it is important to make sure you wear a mask so you don’t breathe in the fumes and overspray. I sprayed 2 light coats on each chair, letting the first coat dry overnight before applying the second.  I let them dry in the garage for 24 hours and then brought them back outside. There were a few small spots where the sling met the top of the chair frame that  were still green. It was worth the time and effort to give this classic outdoor dining table and chairs a brand new look.
If you do a lot of backyard entertaining, have the space to accommodate an average size picnic table, and happen to be pretty handy with power tools, then this DIY might be right up your alley!

This little project from Remodelaholic uses standard 20? x 10? planter window boxes for the cooloers, which you basically construct the table around. For my side table, I used cedar, and the wood was just so beautiful that I left it unfinished. Enter your email address to subscribe to OPD and receive notifications of new posts by email. And let's face it, if you grew up when I did, pretty much anything break from Dick, Jane and Spot. Truly, looking back at these photos, I'm not exactly certain why it happened but not a single piece of patio furniture or clay pot was spared.
Having a brightly colored, Seuss themed, garden and patio for a year was fun but I have to admit, it never really felt like me.
So, this weekend, after I got home from visiting my oldest at college for "Mom's Weekend", and the temperatures rose into the low 70's, I grabbed some white primer and a few cans of white spray paint and erased  the last of the Seuss theme! We also took a day to hit up Hogwarts at Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Attach the long side 1×8 boards to your assembled short sides using your Kreg Jig as shown above. Oh my goodness, this is the set that I’ve been hoping somebody would share plans of, love it! It’s part of their Ready, Set, Paint  event and blog hop that features fun DIY summer painting projects by a few of your favorite bloggers!
The set is in great shape, but the green color has faded and no longer coordinates with my other outdoor furnishings.

This will help with paint adhesion.  I then scrubbed them down with mold and mildew cleaner.
I also like it since it is a neutral color – it will go with any table setting color scheme I use. The plastic inset planters become your ice bins, but the best part is, there are lids that hide the cooler holes in the table so if you're not using them, you can cover them for extra table space. Yes, let's just go with whimsical because I have no other plausible explanation for the choices that I made that year. We’ve been through lots of life transitions together, with the most recent one being becoming first-time home owners. I then sprayed the paint into the lid of the spray paint can and dabbed a small tipped paint brush into the lid to pick up some paint. Because a good portion of us now own humble abodes, we are always swapping decor finds, home improvement stories and tips. Jess is doing a wonderful job of balancing both design styles and she’s graciously allowing me to share the DIY outdoor dining table they built together just a few weeks ago. Kirsten- you and many others have inspired me to start my own art blog documenting my journey back into painting again.

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