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Data Solutions also provides IT skilled resources as a Managed Service Provider to reputable vendors.
Data Solutions takes pride in providing the best skilled resources with the right skill-set, strong work ethics and positive attitude which is highly sought after. We will meet the client to determine the position required, job description, cultural demands, competency profiles, "Ideal Candidate" specification and project strategy. Based on our understanding of the requirements, we will canvass our vast database of candidates across specific sectors, engage with our network of contacts, and advertise for the position (at the request of the client). We will contact all the candidates, screen and evaluate them as to their motivations, goals, remuneration expectations and cultural fit. We will engage and liaise with the client and the shortlisted candidates to facilitate the interviews and ensure that feedback is expediently managed.
We will act as a liaison for any issues arrising from verbal and written offers, and employment contracts. We will maintain regular contact with the client and the new hire to ease the integration process. Our team is made up of highly, knowlegable, skilled, experienced, motivated staff with true expertise in the hosting domain. Our support team can make all the difference when it comes to keeping a customer happy with your hosting and stay with your hosting company for years. Techxera offers a reliable provider of affordable, experienced outsource helpdesk support solutions.
Managing permissions and security groups :- one of the most common issues with SharePoint is the management of permissions and groups. First level help with “how to…” problems :- how many times have you been interrupted with a simple question. Trouble shooting error messages :- some error messages are simple to understand, whereas others can lead to a couple of hours of digging and untangling. Dealing with ad-hoc user problems :- these issues can come at any moment, and can impact any part of your SharePoint farm. Administration tasks such as checking backups and patches :- These are the tasks that can feel never ending.

Adhering to policy and governance :- users will try all they can to find shortcuts and easier ways of doing things.
If you would like to learn more about Dolphin Networks or have a project for us, please get in touch by calling us or completing the form below.
Dolphin Networks has completed several SharePoint, Business Intelligence and web development projects for us. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. I’ve just bought the same combination from Ikea Bristol as I saw it there, I got the malm double frame for the alsarp to go in to.
This is really cool.My wife and myself have a small apartment without too much of a storage space. The only thing to keep in mind is that the box’s cloth (which wraps around the sides) is white and will be slightly visible. I did this with the twin bed, and while it fits nicely, there is nothing holding the sideboards to the head and footboards. Oh and for all those asking about dust, it hasn’t been a problem for me so far after 4 months.
I’ve looked at the Malm bed for several years, but keep hoping that Ikea will come up with something similar, only with four pull out drawers (two on each side) on the bottom. We actually bought a bed like this in Japan, but after a mold issue we decided storing things near the head of the bed was a bad idea. That looks pretty darn cool—I know I want something similar when I move out soon…this looks like an ideal solution! I’m really curious as to how well it works if the mattress is butted up against the head board.
At Effectus, we understand that communication at this stage has to be handled professionally, with courtesy and decorum to safeguard the brand image of our clients. We will assist the client and the selected hire during the mobilisation period, prior to the start of employment. Subject to the initial project specification by the client, we will replace the candidate in the rare occassion of a poor fit.

Pretty soon things can get very complex, with a sprawling mass of groups with varying permissions.
We will gladly be your one stop shop to not only understand but to rectify these error messages for you. Let Dolphin Networks remove the Groundhog Day feeling that you have each time it’s Back Up and Patching time. Many times these are fine, but occasionally this can lead to policies being ignored and governance issues arising.
My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".
I am trying to figure what to buy etc and everywhere i look it doesn’t give you much information! Can you let us know the exact specs that you have to make sure I purchase the correct item when I visit Ikea next week, thanks in advance!
Is there room for it to rotate when it’s lifted or does it just compress the mattress at the headboard? A reference check may be conducted (subject to the agreed project strategy outlined by the client).
Was also told Ikea are bringing out a proper malm lift up bed in April for those who are interested. Between the mattress and a 2 inch mattress pad, we have about six inches of headboard visible, which still looks quite good.
To lift it up fully made does take a little effort, but the hydraulics on foundation help out enough to make it a manageable task. I’m scared to buy the queen-sized versions, drag them home, assemble them both only to find out the box is just a hair too big to fit inside the frame.

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