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You are here: HomeHome Decor and DIY Projects25 Furniture Hacks That Will Make You Think: Why Didn’t I Think Of That? Table seating plan hints for weddings and events, Hints on how to create the perfect table seating plan for your wedding, ceremony or event.. Home furnishings, kitchens, appliances, sofas, beds – ikea, Ikea home furnishings, kitchens, appliances, sofas, beds, mattresses. Cabinets plans – download a cabinet woodworking plan, Modular cabinets plan these cabinets were designed to be flexible. This page summarises some of the many improvements we have made to PerfectTablePlan in version 5. If you change the Default display name format you will be given the option to update display names for existing guests. The last option is particularly useful if you are displaying a VDU chart on one PC while updating the plan from another PC.
This allows you to create a single table comprised of a top section with from 2 to 9 sprigs. PerfectTablePlan is designed to save you hours creating the table plan for your wedding, party or event. If youa€™re planning a wedding then you need a wedding seat chart template to help decide where each person will be sitting, and how you can arrange them. While they dona€™t have a lot of options, you can download and use a wedding seat template right in Microsoft Word from Microsoft templates.
Seating Arrangement is an online wedding seating chart planner that allows you to arrange floor space, set up a guest seating chart, and generate reports. The Knot requires you to sign up to the site, but then you can take advantage of their free seating planning software.
Google has a rather nice selection of free wedding planning templates for use in Google Docs, or for download. Perfect Table Plan offers a range of different wedding seat chart templates as well as ordinary table seat charts for any event.
While not every event hall will have one, most keep seating charts or floor plans available that you can use to plan your guest seating. If youa€™re looking for a beautiful and special wedding seat chart template that you can hang up or display, Etsy might be a great place to look. Pinterest is popular for cooking but you can also use it to find a range of wedding seating templates, as well as actual wedding seat charts that you can purchase. As the automatic seat assignment is now solving a harder problem you may need to run it for a little longer to get the best solution.
Seats are considered opposite each other if the table is less than or equal to 2 metres (approximately 6 feet) in width and has an equal number of seats on each side. Score 'smoothing' ensures that we don't choose a seating that makes one guest really happy at the expense of making several others slightly miserable. You can now edit a guest property for multiple guests in a single operation by selecting Edit>Guest Property from the main menu (or a right click menu). If a name cannot be displayed in the space available in the Floor plan or Table plan pane, the size of the font will be reduced until it fits.
You can now customize the colours used for displaying meal choice, gender, group and custom fields in the Floor plan and Table plan panes.
You can now use a gradient (instead of a solid colour) as the background in the Floor plan or Table plan pane. When Next to, Near to, Not next to and Not near to proximity lines are shown together on the Floor plan or Table plan panes, the Next to and Not near to lines are shown thicker to make them easier to distinguish.
The tableware check box in the Floor plan and Table plan panes in v4 has been replaced by a Places drop-down list (you may have to click the more button at the top left of the pane to see it). You can now display a colour key in the Floor plan and Table plan panes when you are using colour to visualize gender, groups, meals or custom fields.
Guide-lines are now optionally displayed when you click on a single object in the Floor plan pane.
You can now drag an image file from your operating system or from a web browser straight onto the Floor Plan pane. If your device supports gestures, you can now use a 'pinch' gesture to zoom in and out in the Floor plan and Table plan panes. In the VDU chart the floor plan can now optionally be placed above (instead of to the left of) the scrolling text. If an item of text is too large to fit on an item of stationery, the font size will be scaled smaller to fit.
You can now drag an image file from your operating system or from a web browser straight onto the Stationery Plan pane. There is now an option in the Auto assign tab of the Preferences window to assign tables in the order shown in the Schematic pane. You can now easily show all the backup files in the Find Plan Files window by selecting File>Backups. Similarly you can use the substitution field {next_row_letter} in the New row name format field.
The amount of space available for text Name only (radial) and Name only (text) layouts now adjusts to the distance between the 'legs' of an E-shaped table. The Multi-plan report (see Advanced edition) uses unique guest ids to link guests across plans and can report on up to 20 plans at a time. However you can set them up in a template plan (along with custom fields, regular guests etc) and use that as the basis for new plans. Visualization using colours and icons now works for rectangular and chair seats (previously it only worked for circular seats). Seat number are now larger when they are displayed on tables in the Floor plan and Table plan panes.
You can press the Esc (escape) key on your keyboard to cancel whatever you have typed in a Search field. If you are displaying an item of stationery per group you can now use the substitution text {group_table_sections} in the Stationery pane to display a list of the table section(s) a group is seated at.

A warning is now displayed if you run a Multi-plan report on the current plan and the current plan has unsaved changes.
Changing the Export a record per drop-down list from guest to group in the Export Data window unchecked all the guest related check boxes.
PerfectTablePlan sometimes crashed when clicking on the drop-down list to change folder in the File Save window.
If the User interface style was set to Unified toolbar and titlebar (the default) in the Preferences window, the height of the Main window at start-up was less than the height of the Main window at exit. On Mac OS X 10.8, if you choose to print to a PDF from the Mac Print window and then change the folder the PDF is output to, PerfectTablePlan may crash.
Save time by importing your guest list from existing spreadsheets, address books, databases or other formats. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.
This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Unfortunately, a chart can be difficult to find, especially if you need one that you can print and display at the wedding. You can choose the shape and size of the tables, arrange guests, and choose the number of people per table.
You can then use the same software to create cards, invitations, and more, to match your template. Seating arrangement also allows you to collaborate with others so that your best maid, your husband-to-be, or your mother-in-law, can all pitch in and help with the seating arrangements. The Knot starts out with a guest list manager that you can use to sort through you guests and send invites, and then helps you to set up seating.
You can use their free wedding seating chart template to help decide where everyone has to go, and who sits next to whom. You can add guests online, arrange people however you like, and then print directly from your computer. These templates will likely be on paper but you can use them to work with another template to get the results that you want. All you have to do is put in the size of the room, the number of the guests, and then drag and drop your guest list onto the appropriate tables. With many handmade and one of a kind options, you wona€™t have to worry about your seating chart looking bland, boring, or like you purchased it from the same website your best friend did.
If you want a template that you can print and frame, make sure that the template is appealing, easy to read, and consider making a draft and then having it sent to be made into a larger poster that will be easier to read and view. The automatic seat assignment will now attempt to sit guests opposite each other on narrow tables, for example on banquet tables and the sprigs of E-shaped tables. You can now control whether the members of a group are displayed using their first name (e.g. In the Floor plan pane you can now check Freeze floor plan to prevent changes to the position of table, shape, image and text items.
In the Floor plan and Table plan panes you can now press a red flag button to show critical issues in your seating. When exporting a plan to the web you can now choose to export all details or only minimal details. You can now optionally display the folder you have exported a file to using Windows Explorer on Windows and the Finder on Mac OS X. Use Default display name format in the Names tab of the Preferences window to change the default display name for guests.
The default names for new tables and rows names can now be automatically generated using letters instead of numbers, e.g. Previously you could drop plan files you wanted to open and files you wanted to import (e.g. PerfectTablePlan now reminds you to backup your plan files after the 10th, 100th and then every 500th save. You can now change the size of the font used for displaying seat numbers on tables by selecting Seat numbers (small), seat numbers (medium) or Seat numbers (large) from the Places drop-down list in the Floor plan and Table plan panes. The Select groups window now shows the number of guests and up to the first 2 members in each group. Next to, near to, not next to and not near to proximity lines between seats on a head table or row of seats or between seats on the same side of a banquet, rectangular, custom or E-shaped table are now drawn as curves to make them easier to distinguish.
The headings of the troubleshooting report have been improved to show how many of each issue there are.
It is rarely advisable to set the Selected and Drawing area Inside colour to the same colour. Some of the options in the General tab of the Preferences window have been moved to a new Names tab. The PDF version of the Help documentation has been removed from the download to the reduce the file size.
Sample plans and stationery templates are now not removed when PerfectTablePlan is uninstalled, in case you have modified them. The number of custom proximities is now displayed in the Summary report in the Report pane.
If you deleted multiple guests from the Guests or Groups pane with the Table chart, Guest chart, Stationery or Report pane at the front it could cause PerfectTablePlan to become unresponsive for a long time.
The number of match(es) found in the Find Plan Files window was previously always shown as 0. Previously if you closed the Table spacing window in the Floor plan pane, changed pane and then returned to the Floor plan pane, the Table spacing window would reappear.
Previously long names were sometimes truncated in the Floor plan and Table plan panes when the ** line separator was used. Previously, if the Floor plan pane units were feet, each new shape added would default to smaller than the previous one.
The issue that caused changing folder in native Open and Save window to crash PerfectTablePlan is now fixed.

Previously, on Mac OS X 10.8, if you choose to print to a PDF from the Mac Print window and then changed the folder the PDF was output to, PerfectTablePlan crashed. Leading or trailing white space is now automatically stripped from the values of custom fields of type selection. The column headers for custom fields for E-shaped tables in the Table plan pane legend were misaligned.
Old bookshelves become benches and bunk beds become coat racks and many more such amazing makeovers.
This is particularly useful if you are changing from a 1 colour scheme to a 2 colour scheme. Set the Seats drop-down list to Rectangular+name, Chair+name, Rectangular or Chair and the Places drop-down list to Seat number (small), Seat number (medium) or Seat number (large). Also we have increased the default attempts without improvement in the Auto assign tab of the Preferences window from 25 to 100. This allows you to show guests where they are seated graphically on their invite, escort card or other stationery.
For groups and custom fields of type selection you can optionally use combinations of 2 colours. For example you can use a colour coded spot to show a guest's meal choice on their place card (e.g.
For example if the Floor plan pane had focus, but the Guests pane was visible, pressing Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd-F (Mac) would set the focus to the Guests pane Find field instead of the Floor plan pane Find field.
We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. You can also download individual pieces to add to your chart such as the cake table, the head table, and more.
You can also import guest lists from spreadsheets to save time if you dona€™t want to enter each person manually. You can choose to print a table report, print a canvas (which is not free), or export the table to wherever you like. Etsy is not free, but does offer complete printable and hanging charts that you can keep forever.
Best of all, you can pin the ones you like and go through them later to choose your favorite. If you want to use a texture that doesn't tile seamlessly try checking the mirror alternate tiles check box in the Select Texture window.
For example a guest who has at least 1 'next to' proximity, but isn't sitting next to any of them. Minimal details doesn't include guest notes, special requirements, VIP status, custom fields etc. The guest title, first name, first initial, last name, last initial and suffix are substituted into {title}, {first}, {f}, {last}, {l} and {suffix}, respectively. The size of the seat numbers in the VDU chart pane are set by the Places drop-down list in the Floor plan pane.
We have taken some liberties with the proximities - but would you want Berlusconi sitting next to Strauss-Kahn?! We have now changed this to 0 so that 'C' shaped tables with seats only on the outside can be created. You save so much money on your new furniture, simply because you have an idea about making them from your junk furniture!
Wedding Wire is very easy and is free for anyone to use no matter how big or small the wedding. This is different from the conflict (lightning) button, which will show every unfulfilled 'next to' proximity.
This helps to avoid accidental scrolling, for example when you are dragging from the Guests pane to the Floor plan pane. Now you can also drop them onto the Floor plan, Table plan, Schematic , Table chart, Guest chart and Report panes. To disable this behaviour uncheck check automatically for unsaved changes in backup files in the Backups tab of the Preferences window. You can disable this warning in the warning window or in the Warnings tab of the Preferences window. PerfectTablePlan will attempt to guess the custom field type and set-up allowed values of Selection types for you.
We have changed to different Open and Save windows for Mac OS X 10.8 to workaround this problem. But on some plans with lots of small tables close together it may possibly be a little slower (see 1.
Smith) using the Display group members as field in the Names tab of the Preferences window.
For example you might want to seat staff according to the department they belong to and the area they come from. To use letters instead of numbers use the substitution field {next_table_letter} in the New table name format field in the Names tab of the Preferences window.
If the department is more important than the area, you can set the area custom proximity to have a lower weight than the department custom proximity. It would be difficult for anyone to believe that you did not buy them from a high profile exhibition.
A particular thank you to James A for sending us a video that clearly identified the issue.

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