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Pat and Brian Pilat take their Hallmark K2 deep into Canada’s wilderness searching for gold mines, ghost towns, and more.  Get lost, and find what you’re looking for. Two years ago, Pat and Brian Pilat ordered a custom Hallmark K2 for the exact purpose of exploring some of Canada’s most remote regions.  The tent was out, the camper was in, and the journey was at least as important as the destination. Brian is over six feet tall, so the entry door in some of the pop-up campers was an issue.  Of the makes and models we were considering, Hallmark has the tallest pop-up door. TCM: With you living in Alberta, how did you go about ordering your factory direct Hallmark in Denver? We got all of these details squared away via emailed messages and pictures from Hallmark.  Once our shopping list was complete, Hallmark gave us a time frame for our build, and they met it. TCM: You told us that you knew what you wanted on your camper.  What specifically did you order?
TCM: How was the transition from tent camping to truck camping?  Did it take you long to learn how to use your new truck camper? Then Hallmark showed us how to use the cassette toilet, coached us on cold weather camping, told us what to watch out for including what could freeze and what would not freeze, and they explained how to properly operate the pop-up roof system.  It took two hours to go from one end of the camper to the other.
TCM: You said that you modified the truck and camper for “roads less traveled”.  How have you modified your rig? TCM: Being that you’re mostly off-road, have you ever gotten to a place that was impassable?
Pat: The following summer we want to travel down the coasts of Washington, Oregon, and California.
Our trips closer to home are typically over the weekend with an extra day tacked on to ensure we are fully fulfilled before returning to work.  We plan to continue extending our durations eventually going up to three months away from our home base.
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