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DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. To get started, check out our free Pinewood Derby Car Design Guide that gives you hundreds of different car design ideas. We even performed controlled experiments to prove that this technique works to reduce your track times. While it is nice to get a ribbon or trophy for winning a pinewood derby race, it is also nice to get personal award. You people offer the very finest support and equipment for Pinewood derby cars on the planet! LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group and Pinewood Pro is not in any way affiliated with the LEGO Group. Randy Lisano Romans 5:8Awana Grand Prix and Pinewood Derby racing - Where a child, an adult and a small block of wood combine for a lot of fun and memories. Stan Pope wrote:If I understand, you want to safely display a whole pack's worth of cars in a safe, visible and equitable manner.
The boys from Webelos I worked with Matt and Ed to make these fantastic Pinewood Derby Car stands!
Pack 196 is a volunteer organization committed to providing boys in our area with a rich, fulfilling, and character-building experience.

Feel free to use the "Contact Us" form on this website or call (267) 354-0807 for more information.
You can search for tips in the internet or pick up a few speed tips from friends,but to win, you need ALL the secrets.
It won't win the race for you, but it gives you an example of one of the things you can do to increase speed.
In our Speed section titled Race Winning Secrets, we tell you how to eliminate a source of Friction and Inertia by lifting one of the front wheels so it doesn't touch the track at all.
What's all the buzz about, what do you need, and how do you make a Rail Riding pinewood derby car.
This gives each racer time to fill in their license and add their photo to the lower right corner! Check our Pinewood Derby Rules page to download Pinewood Derby rules for different kinds of races.
We followed your Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets and his car smoked other the cars by 4-5 car lengths each race. Because as an engineer, I invented new speed techniques and every one of my speed tips have been tested on my own track.
Your car is rolling on only three wheels, thereby eliminating friction from one wheel, along with the Inertia required to get that wheel turning.

I have used you guys for 3 or 4 years now, ALWAYS fast, great products, I am very happy with you guys. Now we have just left the cars sit on a table and each boy would get a colored bead that would reflect the certificate award. When you're done, put the bulletin board back on the wall and put away the dividers until next year. We draw primarily from Deibler Elementary School in Perkasie, but we encourage any 1st to 5th grade boys to get involved with us or any other area Cub Scout Pack. No matter what place your car comes in, it can still be displayed proudly at home in style!
Yes, the friction is re-distributed to the other three wheels but the friction from the lifted wheel has been eliminated and adding lubricant, such as graphite, reduces friction from the other three wheels. I would like to build a stand that the cars would sit on so they couldn't get knocked of the table.
Does anyone have pictures of what they have built?If I understand, you want to safely display a whole pack's worth of cars in a safe, visible and equitable manner.

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