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In the pocket tray method you staple landscaping fabric from the top of back panels to the top of the front. Step 4 – Working from the bottom up staple the long pockets first, so pockets 6, 4, 2 will go first (yellow lines in diagram). Step 5 – After the pockets are in place, wrap the bottom and sides of the pallet like a present. Step 6 – You can now stand stand your vertical pallet planter up against a wall and put soil in the pockets. I think that planting herbs in plastic is not much safer then planting them in chemically treated wood. Hi…how do you know that your pallets are heat treated …and where did you find them? Recent Comments10 Great Upcycled Projects for Summer Holidays on Bubble Blower10 tolle individuelle Geschenkideen zum Nachmachen. DesignLibero is a design studio based in Milan whose Fluidity dish rack is such a cool idea.
Jaime Derringer, Founder + Executive Editor of Design Milk, is a Jersey girl living the laid back life in SoCal.
The multifunctional Fluidity is a dish drying rack that at the same time cultivates a mini kitchen garden right on your countertop.
Designed by Milan-based design firm, Design Libero whose shelftop rotary hydroponic garden, Green Wheel, we wrote about recently, Fluidity is another of this firm’s small space-saving designs for indoor gardening. The fluid form of the base directs the wastewater into the rack’s plant growing sections. It is so cute and lovely, but of course it will be very selective for plants, and not many kitchen has sufficient lights to go with it. There is a saying, A?i??i??Be the chair, the bird, the thing.A?i??i?? This artist will never look at a nest or an egg or a day the same again.
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The freshest innovative and eco-friendly designs, trends, and ideas for urban gardens and stylish small places. For my wine racks I used a heavy black bin liner in one and a large recycled plastic shopping bag in the other. Depending on the size of your wine rack you might be able to fit a tray or container in the bottom of yours. Starting at the lower part of the rack make a slit in the bag where you want to place your first plant. Although these particular wine racks were too narrow to use them, coco basket or trough liners can be used in larger wine racks. To make assembly of the Vertical Garden a breeze, we’ve provided three animations that will help you visualize the steps.

Sand the smoother side of the cedar boards with 120-grit sandpaper before cutting the individual parts to length. Refer to the conduit hole locations on the diagram and mark them on the sides (A, B) (Drawing 1, Project Diagram). Temporarily clamp the upper and lower unit sides (A, B) to pairs of rails (C) positioned at the top of the sides (Drawing 2, Project Diagram).
On both sizes of planters, first drill pilot holes and glue and screw the fronts and backs to the bottoms.
Apply a fine bead of construction adhesive to the unpainted backs of the metal strips and clamp them to a planter box and allow the adhesive to dry (Drawing 3 and 4, Project Diagram).
Attach the mending plates to the top back edge of each lower rack side, drill pilot holes, and secure with 1-inch screws (Drawing 2, Project Diagram).
Good to KnowUse angle brackets to prevent the rack from tipping forward once it's loaded with planters. Position the rack against a wall and secure with screws and angle brackets attached to the top of the planter (be sure to use screws that reach a wall stud or wall anchor).
Both sides of the pallet compartments should be the same, but it doesn’t hurt to check. We love succulents. We think this vertical pallet planter works best with succulents because they are so low maintenance and gorgeous. There’s a small planter attached to the rack that uses the water that runs off your dishes as they dry, growing plants or herbs. She dreams about architectural jewelry + having enough free time to enjoy some of her favorite things—running, reading, and drawing. I can not find it anywhere, but now I’m furnishing my new kitchen and I totally want such a dish rack!
Water recycled from draining dishes in the rack provides irrigation for two built-in mini herb or plant containers. If you are using or recycling a plastic bag be sure to poke a few small holes in the bottom for drainage. I don’t think they are quite as pretty as the moss, but they are especially nice because they eliminate the need to camouflage a planting bag!
Create a wall of greenery by hanging do-it-yourself planters in two sizes on a three- or six-tier rack you can build. For six planters of different sizes, add the top section using most of the same steps and techniques.
Cut the lower unit sides (A), upper unit sides (B), and rails (C) to length (Project Diagram).
Remember to mark a mirror-image version of the holes to create right and left sides on the upper and lower units. Then unclamp both assemblies and remove the screws to take one side off of the upper and lower units.

When all of the pipes fit, re-attach the side to the rails using 2-inch screws in the holes you created earlier.
Use a metal file to smooth the cut ends, and then wash the pieces with a degreasing dishwashing liquid.
Set the upper assembly in position and secure the mending plate to the upper assembly with screws through the mending plates.
If you know where you'll set the planter rack and can find the wall studs with an electronic stud finder, adjust the bracket positions to screw directly into wall studs. So we changed it up and came up with a new fabric pocket method instead. The fabric pockets are advantageous as your planter can be vertical right from the beginning and you need a lot less soil. The fluid base design directs the water runoff into the plant containers, which are with clay pellets and coconut fiber. To control the plant’s water absorption and also keep the dish drainer base clean, the containers get filled with clay pellets and coconut fiber.
All of the dresses had been developed by designer Sunny Arora, who was also awarded the ideal Designer’s Award by renowned filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar, who was also the chief guest. This vertical planter will work your wall like a show girl and the best part is that its made from a pallet. For those dreaming of a herb pallet planter, some pallets are heat treated rather than chemically treated. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted.
Either drill holes in the bottom for drainage and plant directly in the units, or place potted plants inside the boxes. For a stable plant rack, it's essential that all like parts -- such as the sides and rails -- be cut to identical lengths. We used Vintage Teal (#5010-9) to paint four of the long and eight of the short metal straps. Conduit pieces should also be cut to the same lengths to avoid slipping out of the mounting holes or bowing the sides. We painted two of the long metal straps Twilight Meadow (#5007-8A) and four short metal straps Cool Rain (#5005-10C). Pocket 7 will be created at the end of the project when you wrap the back, sides and bottom of the pallet like a present.
You can stack multiple parts on top of each other and cut them at the same time using a miter saw -- this improves accuracy and saves time.

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