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When using metal pipes, there are five different types of pipes people have the opportunity to pick from. Polyethylene pipes (PEX) are used extensively in newer homes due to their abilities to use both hot and cold water. Some of the newer types of pipes like mentioned in this article and plastic pipes are better at standing up to cold weather than the copper pipes. We had copper pipes when I was a kid, and the pipes were not well wrapper or protected from the cold in anyway. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Pipe Fittings are used to connect piping or tubing systems that convey liquid, gas, and occasionally solid materials.
Steel pipe (or black iron pipe) was once the most popular choice for supply of water and flammable gases, but fell from favor as water pipe in the mid 20th century due to its tendency to rust. Steel pipe is joined using thread connections, where tapered threads are cut into the tubing section end, sealant is applied in the form of thread compound or PTFE tape (similar to teflon tape) and it is then threaded into a corresponding threaded fitting using a pipe wrench. Usages vary from country to country as different nations have different standards to install pipe.
Regarding natural gas (NG) and propane (LP gas), black iron pipe (BIP) is used to connect an appliance to the supply, it must however be marked (either painted yellow or yellow banding attached at certain intervals) and certain restrictions apply to which nominal pipe size (NPS) can be put through walls and buildings. Copper tubing is most often used for supply of hot and cold water, and as refrigerant line in HVAC systems. Soft (or ductile) copper tubing can be bent easily to travel around obstacles in the path of the tubing. Flare connections require that the end of a tubing section be spread outward in a bell shape using a flare tool. Compression fittings use a soft metal ring (the compression ring) which is squeezed onto the pipe and into the fitting by a compression nut. Crimped or pressed connections use special copper fittings which are permanently attached to rigid copper tubing with a powered crimper.
PEX (cross linked polyethelyne) is a popular choice for underground loops in geothermal heating, as supply line for lawn sprinkler systems and in water supply applications. Nylon tubing is often used for water lines inside appliances, and to convey various flammable fluids and solvents. Aluminium is sometimes used due to its low cost, resistance to corrosion and solvents, and for its ductility. Plastic Pipe Square White, View square pvc pipe, HIDALY or OEM Product Details from Foshan Lvzhike Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

2.We insit on only use virgin material packing material in order to make package look fresh and upgrade the level of products. I buy, renovate and resale old houses and when I look at the homes that had copper piping, more often than not the plumbing is gone. However, you can do a few simple things that will go a long way in making sure that pipes, even copper pipes, don't freeze. When you know the temperature is going to drop a good bit below freezing then you should leave the faucets running just a little to keep the water from freezing. Whenever the cold weather hit during the winter we could count on being without running water for at least a couple times during the winter. Steel pipe is still used in many homes and businesses to convey natural gas or propane, and is a popular choice in fire sprinkler systems due to its high heat resistance. With propane in particular BIP can be run from an exterior tank (or cylinder) provided it is well protected from the elements and an anode-type of protection is in place for when the pipe is to be installed underground. The special fittings, manufactured with sealant already inside, slide over the tubing to be connected.
It is rigid, and uses thread or solvent weld (glue) connections, it also can be heat fused.
It can be joined using barb-fittings with clamp rings, or it can be heat-fused (sections can be melted together) using an appropriate tool.
Heat fusing is a two-person job requiring specialized equipment and therefore is not commonly done. Aluminium tube is more desirable than steel for the conveyance of flammable solvents, since it cannot create sparks when manipulated.
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Poly pipe has low pressure ratings around 125 psi compared to PVC pipe of the same size which is rated around 450 psi. It can be joined by any of the three methods, and it is the only type of copper tubing suitable for flare connections. Flare connections are the most labor intensive of the three options, but are quite reliable over the course of many years. Rigid copper, rigid due to the work hardening of the drawing process, cannot be bent and must use elbow fittings to go around corners or around obstacles. Compression connections do not typically have the long life that sweat connections offer, but are advantageous in many cases because they are easy to make using basic tools. Thousands of pounds-force per square inch of pressure are used to deform the fitting and compress the sealant against the inner copper tubing, creating a water tight seal.
It is available in various pressure ratings, with the most common choice being Schedule 40 for pressurized uses, it is available for waste water lines.

Because PE pipe is flexible, it can be curved through a radius to make turns, and thus avoid the complexity and expense of fittings required to make turns with other types of piping. Aluminium tubing can be connected by flare or compression fittings, or it can be welded by the TIG or heliarc processes.
You can also cut off the water at the point where it enters the house, and then run all of the water out of the pipes. You might get water and you might not. Sometimes the water in the pipes would thaw and the pipes would survive without any damage, but more often they would spring leaks and we would have to turn off the water and let my father try his hand at home plumbing repair.
Plastic, cast brass and forged steel inserts fittings are used to make connections to the pipe. Soft copper is the most popular choice for refrigerant lines in split-system air conditioners and heat pumps.
A disadvantage in compression connections is that they take longer to make than sweat, and sometimes require retightening over time to stop leaks. The advantages of this method are that it should last as long as the tubing, it takes less time to complete than other methods, it is cleaner in both appearance and the materials used to make the connection and no open flame is used during the connection process. Standard PVC can only be used for cold water supply, and is a very popular choice for landscape irrigation. This way there is no water in the pipes to freeze. You might also want to leave a light on under your house if that is where your pipes are located. When this didn't work, which it usually didn't, he called a real plumber and we had to wait until he arrived, which was sometimes days. Sweat connected rigid copper is the most popular choice for water supply lines in modern buildings.
The disadvantages are that the fittings used are harder to find and cost significantly more than sweat type fittings.
In situations where many connections must be made at once, (such as plumbing of a new building) sweat offers much quicker and much less expensive joinery than compression or flare. The rubber mallet keeps the fitting from being damaged when tapping it into the pipe.If you have this type of pipe in your yard you will probably at some point need to upgrade the piping to something else like PVC pipe.
What I have noticed is that over time the pipe becomes brittle and will begin leaking in multiple locations.Pros – None. I can’t think of any advantages this pipe would have over any other type of sprinkler pipe.Cons – Hard to repair, time consuming to install fittings, and has a low pressure rating.

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