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February 24, 2016 by Delia 4 Comments To finish up our kitchen reno, I really wanted to replace our old dining table. Although black is apart of our color scheme, having a big, bulky black table seemed too imposing.
I wanted something simple, kid friendly, modern, and inexpensive which basically felt like searching for a unicorn! Then cue, this post from Vintage Revivals which introduced me to the idea of plywood tables… which then led me to find this post from HomeMade Modern.
To save a little money, I got the legs with a raw finish, so they came unfinished with a messy, greasy residue all over them.
If you do the same, just be sure to account for blade width when adjusting the cut measurements.
I stained the table top with one light coat of Minwax honey oak wood stain, which is ironic since I just painted all my oak cabinets white. To finish off the top, I almost used more of the Minwax polycrylic I used on my cabinets, but when Mandi recommended Varathane Triple Thick, I gave it a shot.
This table design doesn’t hide the hardware, but I like that it adds to the industrial look of the legs. So, it ended up not cheap, but also only a fraction of the cost of the other ready-made tables we were eyeing. It’s been about 4-5 months since I made the table and it’s held up to my kids like a boss! Bench – Nornas IKEA bench, painted black with spray paint and covered in Triple Thick. You may not use ANY images from this site unless you meet one or more of these requirements: 1) You receive permission in writing from Delia Randall for each specific image you would like to use.

Over the past 50 years, AMTAB Manufacturing has developed the classic folding table to a whole new level. Spring-loaded, Glide-Matic lock enables table to be locked in both folded and unfolded positions and makes folding and unfolding easy and safe.
High-pressure laminate is the finish commonly found on kitchen counters (commonly known as Formica). Relief Donation: Hertz Furniture will donate a portion of all sales made through Thanksgiving to the Red Cross Disater Reflief Fund to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. High-Pressure Laminate is an extremely durable and easy-to-clean surface, commonly used on kitchen counters, office desks and tables. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I scrubbed them clean with some denatured alcohol and a paper towel, until the grease was gone. Then I turned them on their top plates and gave them a good coating of clear enamel finish spray paint made for use on metal. I wanted to be sure the finish would hold up to daily scrub downs, spills, crayon, standing water…basically life with kids, and this seemed to offer the extra protection our table needed. I like that the matte finish doesn’t detract attention from the kitchen, and that it hides nicks and imperfections pretty well. Plus, if the table top ever gets destroyed for some reason, or if I get tired of the wood finish, I know that I can always remove the legs and make a new table! I didn’t clear coat any of them, so after a few years and a couple moves, they are a little distressed. They are actually part of the kitchen island, but they influenced our decision to put a bench on one side of the table, so I’m including it here.

It is made from layers of wood pressed together with grains going in opposite directions to increase strength. The room was feeling too white though, and the honey oak table top adds just the right amount of warmth to the room. AmTab folding tables feature strong .75 inch plywood core tabletops at prices that are truly hard to beat!
I decided to splurge a little on them, because I knew this table was going to see a lot of wear and I wanted to be sure the legs would be sturdy. We didn’t want to sacrifice seating on either side, so a bench and some low profile stools provided the perfect solution. It is made to support a sheet of plywood while it is being cut down to size with a circular saw. Temporarily screw or clamp it until you make sure the legs fold down all the way and lock vertically too.
Also make sure you off set the legs a little, so when they fold closed, they do not hit each other.

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