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Writing letters longhand is one of life’s simple pleasures, as is building this traditional lap desk.
The portable writing desk was an integral part of 18th and 19th century life, when writing was the only form of long-distance communication. The portable desks needed to be sturdy and lightweight, hold stationery and writing utensils, and have a place for people to write easily. While you might not abandon your laptop computer for this more traditional item, it is an excellent place to write holiday cards, thank-you notes and personal correspondence. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks continues to turn back the clock (a good thing in the world of hand-tool woodworking). The bench will be more expensive than the two styles now offered by Lie-Nielsen, a European bench starting at $2,000, and a David Charlesworth-style bench for $1,500. But if you’ve seen these benches at shows or in other shops, you know that the quality justifies the wait.
Very interesting to see how quickly after being reintroduced by The Schwarz that Roubo went more or less mainstream.
When Roy Underhill went to a Shaker Village, he showed some footage of a Roubo bench, and the leg vise was particularly interesting.
Even if they don’t sell thousands of these benches, at least thousands of woodworkers will see this bench and, hopefully, be drawn to its design.
I loved your book, but the one thing you didn’t explain was how to build a bench for hand tool (or power tool) woodworking using hand tools without having a bench to work on.
In all seriousness, there are several reasons I am really glad they are offering this bench, and it really looks like a wonderful bench. At long last, it looks like someone is offering a bench for sale that is as good as one you can make yourself.
You know, having a lot of catalogs (wish books?) can trigger consumer behavior not quite intended by the company – buy lumber and build your own workbench. When I started building custom furniture many years ago, I discovered the best way to advertise my work is to let people see it.
At the start of each year we try to come up with something that our regular customers haven’t seen before. Our cover project is a handsome and functional lingerie chest by our new Senior Editor Glen Huey. James Ipekjian has built a career on reproducing furniture designed by Charles and Henry Greene.
By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 60-65 From the December 2006 issue #159 Buy this issue now I’ve been attending tool shows to see new woodworking machinery and hand tools for 10 years now, but the 2006 vintage will be remembered as a very good one for years to come. MEETING NOTICEDISCOUNT SUBSCRIPTIONS TO FINE WOODWORKING MAGAZINE Club member John Francis has worked with Taunton Press for many years to make discounted subscriptions to Fine Woodworking and Fine Homebuilding available to our members. Western Pennsylvania Woodworkers[contributed by John Bridges] ADVERTISEMENTS Fine Woodworking Magazine Discounted Subscriptions to Fine Woodworking and other Taunton Press magazines and publications are again available to members.

Stepping Down, Stepping Out10 ¦ POPULAR WOODWORKING MAGAZINE October 2011 W hen I interviewed in 1996 to ture – pure digital subscriptions. Contests And Sweepstakes – Free Sweepstakes Worth EnteringFree sweepstakes and contests to win cars, cash, and other dream prizes.
Free Woodworking Plans – WoodworkingPopular Woodworking magazine offers a free download construction drawing in PDF format of NBAF: Magazine Subscriptions Best price or we pay you! Kevin has been away from woodworking publishing for a number of years, but not away from woodworking. What makes me have lots of confidence in Popular Woodworking Magazine‘s future is that the person following me in this job has a strong background and great appreciation for creating quality editorial products – be they magazines, books, videos, even content for our Woodworking in America conference.
I can’t claim I hand-picked Kevin for this job because there were a number of people involved in the selection process for this important position.
Each year around this time I like to sit down and plot out the furniture projects and holiday gifts I want to build over the coming fall and winter months.
First, the job brings me full circle to my years as managing editor of American Woodworker magazine and later as editorial director of Rodale’s successful woodworking and home improvement book program.
I also very much enjoyed interacting with readers like you for reasons any long-time woodworker can understand. As I step into this new job, I not only have the good fortune to follow former publisher and editorial director Steve Shanesy, I have the opportunity to draw on his wisdom as he transitions to a new role with the magazine’s editorial team. Your input is essential, for at the end of the day the most satisfying project I can tackle this year is meeting your needs.
Steve Shanesy is the former publisher (and former editor and senior editor) of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Is there any chance we could get F+W to stop putting DRM that doesn’t do anything but annoy legal users on their PDFs? As people spread across the globe in the 19th century, correspondence by mail became much more popular, and so did the writing desk. The desk seen here will do all of the above, plus hold paper clips, rubber bands and more in the simple side drawer. Though we all like the immediacy of e-mail, a hand-written letter always is a welcome surprise. Wear in the front of the bench is due to many hits of frame saws used vertically for rip cuts in large boards, to divide them.
Everything happens on top of the benches, and we can see croscutting and ripping being done right in front. The bench is quite similar to the version I built for Woodworking Magazine, with a few exceptions. The company has temporarily suspended taking orders for benches until it can reduce the waiting list, which Thomas says is now at about nine months. I saw a drill press table in a Rockler catalog, and for less than $15 of materials, built my own, saving at least $85, plus shipping, gotta remember the damn shipping.
Because all my work is one-of-a-kind and made using solid hardwoods, I needed something I could build in about four hours to make it affordable for my customers.
The December 2006 issue of Popular Woodworking focuses on the best of the best with a list of our top 16.

By Philip Leon Page: 104 From the December 2006 issue #159 Buy this issue now Distinctive furniture styles such as Hepplewhite, Sheraton, Phyfe and Chippendale are named for their creators.
By Bob Flexner Pages: 98-99 From the December 2006 issue #159 Buy this issue now This article makes use of a clever title to combine two unrelated facts about wood finishing. By Judy Ditmer Pages: 90-94 From the December 2006 issue #159 Buy this issue now A platter is a great project for beginners and advanced turners alike. By John Wilson Pages: 74-79 From the December 2006 issue #159 Buy this issue now The solar drying kiln is the most cost-effective way for the craftsman to get quality boards for woodworking from green lumber.
By Clarence Blanchard Pages: 72-73 From the December 2006 issue #159 Buy this issue now Few tools spark the affection of so many as the Stanley No.
By Paul Sellers Pages: 66-71 From the December 2006 issue #159 Buy this issue now Many aids to hand-tool woodworking were actually fairly ingenious, very efficient and simple to use because they acted as positive guides to the tools.
By Geoffrey Ames Pages: 57-59 From the December 2006 issue #159 Buy this issue now The housed dovetail joint is mechanically sound, historically correct for 18th-century casework and a hallmark of fine craftsmanship. Bill Luther was in touch with Paul Fulcher, owner of Canadian Woodworking, a couple of weeks ago to confirm that Paul now has the names and addresses of the winners.
Expert sweepstakes tips on winning more prizes, finding the best sweepstakes, and avoiding sweepstakes scams. We’ve spent nearly five months finding the right person to take my spot as publisher and business leader for all things woodworking here at F+W Media.
It’s a good way to transition from a summer filled with simpler construction work outdoors, and I always enjoy the excitement and anticipation I feel as I search through web sites, magazines, books and catalogs for interesting and challenging projects. During that extended time, I enjoyed working with some of top craftspeople in the country – including Marc Adams, Jim Tolpin and Bob Flexner – all of whom are still passing on their wisdom through the pages of Popular Woodworking Magazine and F+W Media books.
I intend to absorb as much as I can from Steve and the other editors, designers and professionals who have built an excellent program here before I start looking for creative ways to expand both the products we offer and the way we deliver them to you. Following his retirement, he is now a contributing editor, blogging about what he's doing in his own shop. The reason I ask is that our protocol is set to allow everything except page extraction – so you should be able to copy text blocks, no problem. The two ends of the base are a bit different , there’s extra stretchers in there to attach the top, plus cross-bolts that allow the bench to be knocked down. We take along a selection of jewelry boxes and other small items that we feel show the quality of our work.
Not to mention using up some of the melamine left over from my work table and router table projects. The advice was excellent and, as always, you offered an fresh take on an interesting aspect of woodworking.
This is an accessory not shown in Roubo, but is very handy for securing wide panels and doors.

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