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March 8, 2016 by Susan 22 Comments I love being outdoors, listening to the birds chirping and feeling the soft breezes as they stir through the trees. Donna and her hubby created this wonderful greenhouse-style potting shed using reclaimed windows and doors. Thirty-four windows were repurposed in the design of this beautiful outdoor room. I love the tool storage for those most oft used tools like shovels, rakes and weed puller-outers.
Angela built her garden shed from an old play set her children had outgrown and were no longer using. My wonderful next door neighbor, Ruby added a full conservatory to the back of her beautiful home complete with soaring glass ceilings, a stone fireplace, air conditioned for summer comfort and tumbled slate floors. Using an old door to create a photo gallery for an entrance hall, passageway or feature wall is a wonderful way to not only repurpose a door, but also to put your treasured photographs on display. An old door can make an attractive feature for an entrance hall, like the one shown below with mirrors added to the panels and a decorative shelf with hooks for hanging coats, etc. Grab some Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray and turn an old door into a weekly calendar or notice board. Two old doors found at a salvage yard are repurposed as bedside panels for mounting decorating sconces. Old doors are ideal for repurposing as headboards, whether hollow-core or solid wood doors.
If you are looking for storage that is affordable and unique, these old doors are repurposed into bathroom storage shelves simply by adding boards in decreasing widths to make a staggered shelf unit. If you love shopping for bargains and secondhand finds this vintage table is finished off with an old door painted to match. If you need a quick and easy table for outdoor dining, nothing could be easier than an old door popped on top of a couple of trestles!

Create an outdoor setting on a patio or deck using French doors found at a salvage yard or removed from your own home.
If you have some old doors lying around, or perhaps taking up wanted space in your home, think about how these can be repurposed and used in the home - or garden.
I’ve been known to go outside and spend the entire day there, either digging in the yard or just whiling around the hours on the porch completely lost in a good book.
I absolutely love all the soft colors Donna chose for the painted surfaces in this darling garden room. Donna will serve you a nice glass of iced, sun tea she made right here in her back yard oasis. My dear brother inlaw said he would make me a tool shed using reclaimed barn siding, so I am thrilled about that ! It is stunning and a great place for entertaining, but personally I would love a little hideaway like this one. It just feels like all is right with the world when you look at those pictures, doesn’t it Mary?
Secondhand stores, antique shops and salvage yards, as well as online auctions and classifieds are full of wonderful old doors that can be given a new life in so many different ways.
The colours used in the room were taken from the doors, with an upholstered headboard made up in the same paint colour as on the doors. Leave unpainted for a rustic decor style or paint in bright hues to add a splash of colour to a bedroom. Cut the door in half using a jigsaw or circular saw, arrange the two sections to fit into a corner and cut shelves to mount onto the sides. The glass panes have been replaced with chicken wire, which can be used to add a decorative feature or be used for hanging your jewellery.

Grab a couple of cans of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in your choice of colours and add an interesting feature to your patio or deck. Above, a decorative water feature becomes a focal point with the addition of two doors that frame the beautiful eye-catching arrangement. On this deck secondhand bargains are arranged in front of the doors for a charming display and a relaxing place to sit.
They are so beautiful paired with the warm colors of the terracotta pots and the natural wicker cases that offer additional storage.
My very dear brother inlaw built a potting shed for me and I stay in there playing more than I do in my house. If and when I need to replace my sunroom ceiling design (it’s all windows), I would love it to be the traditional conservatory architecture style. I could stay outdoors all day, and have actually had neighbors laughing about me working in my yard at midnight. If you have an old door that you can't bear to throw out, take a look at some of the ways to repurpose doors.
I have been shell-shocked by the price tag for the ones using colorful recycled wood and suggested to my husband that he should make some for our beach home. I think some designs can be really complicated, but I bet there are some out there that wouldn’t be too bad.

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