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Rustic walnut has become a very popular wood because it is very rich and unique looking but does not carry the high price of clear walnut.
Walnut is the richest and arguable the most beautiful wood that we have the opportunity to use. Oak is a classic wood that has been used for hundreds of years for fine furniture and cabinetry. No stain is applied, just a clear lacquer that brings out the natural beauty of any type of wood. Walnut is a very hard and elegant wood that can be used in a wide variety of applications from entertainment centers to cabins. It is on the medium scale of hardness and for that reason it stains to many different colors.

It is a very hard wood with tight grain which makes it a great wood for floors and cabinetry. In Cabinetry we use a lot of Rustic Hickory because of the beautiful contrasting dark and light colors. Because of its hardness Maple does not accept stain real well, however there are techniques available to make maple dark. Many times we have used this wood when someone wants the look of alder but wants a harder wood.
Alder is a hard wood, however it is on the softer scale of hard woods which is the reason it can be stained so many different colors.
Knotty Walnut is a wood we commonly use because it is more affordable and it has some amazing characteristics.

Hickory is an open grain wood which allows it to accept stain, however most of the time we finish Hickory in a clear natural finish.
As it is exposed to light is will gradually get darker making whatever color you have stained it even look that much deeper and richer.

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