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The purpose of this Schedule Management Plan is to establish a formal process by which the Server Upgrade Project schedule will be created and establishes how schedule management will be executed.
This section describes the roles and responsibilities of project personnel as they relate to schedule management.
Project Sponsor: The Project Sponsor is the approval authority for the Server Upgrade Project. Project Manager: The Project Manager has overall responsibility for schedule management on the Server Upgrade Project. Lead Information Technology (IT) Technician: The Lead IT Technician will participate in all bi-weekly project team schedule meetings.
Facility Manager: The Facility Manager will participate in all bi-weekly project team schedule meetings. Project Stakeholders: Stakeholders identifying potential schedule impact events will work with the Project Manager and Team to determine if a schedule change request is necessary. The schedule management strategy outlines how the schedule will be created, what it will be based on, what tools will be used, and any key milestones which must be included in the schedule. The schedule for the Server Upgrade project will be based on the Project Charter, requirements definition, WBS and WBS Dictionary for the Project as outlined in the Scope Management Plan. Once developed, the Project Sponsor will review the schedule, communicate any necessary modifications to the Project Manager, and approve the schedule once any required changes are made.

The creation of the Server Upgrade Project schedule will result in many scheduled tasks and milestones. This section should outline the process the project team will use to monitor and control the schedule.
The Server Upgrade Project will be monitored and controlled aggressively by the Project Manager and team. As each schedule task is completed, the team member responsible for the work will provide an update to the Project Manager notifying him of such. Changes in schedule are not to be taken lightly and should follow a formal process to ensure that the proposed changes are necessary, their impact to the project is determined, and that the changes are communicated to all project participants. For the Server Upgrade Project, proposed schedule changes will follow a formal process which is agreed to by senior management.
If the impact of the change request requires any changes in the projecta€™s scope then it will follow the process defined in the Scope Management Plan. All project and management plans must have the approval of the Project Sponsor and Project Manager. The signatures of the people below indicate an understanding in the purpose and content of this document by those signing it. This Project Schedule Management Plan Template is free for you to copy and use within your organization.

Most importantly, you need to be sure that you not only have a structured schedule management approach, but also have a realistic project schedule. The signatures of these individuals indicate their acknowledgement and understanding of the Schedule Management Plan. By signing this document you agree to this as the formal Schedule Management Plan for the Server Upgrade Project.
Public distribution of any of our templates is not permitted and are protected under copyright laws.
If the schedule isn't realistic you need to determine which of the triple constraints should be adjusted in order to achieve a realistic schedule. This will allow the Project Manager to fully understand the status of the project schedule and provide him with the opportunity to shift or re-allocate resources, funding, or submit schedule change requests as necessary.

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