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RationalPlan Project Management Software is a powerful project management software designed to assist project managers in developing plans, allocating resources, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workload. IPM Global a leader in project management software partners with the financial services firm BDO Canada to distribute within North America.
It was important to BDO Solutions to choose a solution that meets the need and expectations of our clients in the Construction Industry while aligning with our overall Microsoft centric approach in delivering world class solutions. IPM Global is pleased to announce the signing of BDO Canada, LLC as its newest channel partner in North America. The new signing allows BDO to provide AEC firms in Canada and other parts of North America with access to and support for IPM Global’s project management software, IPM. Our partnership with IPM Global will complement BDO’s Real Estate and Construction Industry practice - BDO Real Estate & Construction Practice .
IPM Global is a software development company that specializes in developing and delivering current platform business software for the construction, engineering and project related industries. IPM Project Management is a Certified For Microsoft Dynamics® software solution that has been developed to meet the complex and individual needs of the construction, engineering and project related industries. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Simpler, more visual and easier than MS Project, and faster and more structured than planning in Excel or PowerPoint, Swiftlight helps you to get organised, communicate clearly and save time in the process. This page provides an overview video, an introduction to the user interface and, further down the page, screenshots of many of Swiftlight’s views and commentary on when they can best be used. Outputs suited to different audiences and occasions, and the communication that is critical to success. The Timeline is an intuitive and highly configurable view that provides a “big picture” perspective of the plan. For communication of project scope or progress to senior management, stakeholders or the team. Example 2: A 3 year timeline for a product launch focusing on key milestones and key activities. In addition to the examples shown above, the Timeline View has other display options including a “Review Mode” which shows the current plan timing vs a baseline. The Activity Group Detail focuses on what is happening, or needs to happen, for a particular activity. Note 2: Some people like working in the Action List over Time, others prefer the Activity Group Detail. Swiftlight makes your life easier at all stages of a project, with its different views supporting you at each step and facilitating the communication that is critical to success. Overall, with its outstanding ease of use, presentation-ready outputs and focus on fundamentals, Swiftlight saves you time, creates clarity for you and others, and helps you to drive your projects forward. Software houses develop and distribute computer software that may be used to learn, instruct, assess, calculate, entertain or perform a multitude of other tasks. Inconsistent project management practices applied on different projects depending upon the skill level of project manager managing the project. Lack of visibility on some projects as some project managers are shy from reporting the progress of the project.

Project managers working in isolation and not benefitting from the experience of each other. Multiple project managers fighting for the same pool of programmers, designer, testers etc. Inefficient or over utilization of human resources in different projects due to different style of project managers. Consultants responsible for making the solution operational, especially if some specialist knowledge is necessary. Virtual team enhances monitoring and control of projects by implementing standard reporting policies which the project managers have to follow. Virtual team provides training and mentoring to project managers so that they can manage projects effectively. Virtual team integrates all project plans by standardizing project progress reporting so that the management has a clear that which projects are getting delayed so that the resources can be assigned accordingly. Well-established software houses typically have some way of measuring their own efficiency. A virtual team works for your company, like an in-house employee, with one primary difference that it may be within our city or working from an office halfway around the globe.
VizTeams has local offices in USA and Canada and offshore offices in UK and South East Asia. After 1 week if you are not satisfied with the resource you can either ask for a replacement or 100% refund. Presented through Microsoft Outlook and seamlessly integrating mail and calendar services with day to day operations, IPM puts project management squarely where project staff spends most of their time.
IPM’s decision to build upon the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform will allow our clients to leverage their existing knowledge of Microsoft technologies, such as the integration with Microsoft Outlook, while at the same time allowing their teams to manage complex projects more effectively.” said Chris Johnsen, Partner at BDO Canada, Solutions.
With over 20 years of first-hand experience working and implementing solutions to these industries IPM Global understands what their customers want and need to bring their projects in on time and ahead of budget.
ZilicusPM introduces unique feature - online meeting manager in ZilicusPM 5.0 to help team to manage meeting information. It has a clearly defined working area or “page”, data entry by “click and type” or “drag and drop”, and a range of familiar features. With a number of display options and simple formatting controls, the timeline helps you to visualize and communicate your plan clearly, quickly and easily. It provides a section for activity objectives and deliverables (and other information categories), a mini-timeline highlighting meetings and milestones, and a to-do list (who, what, when, status etc). It is great for reviewing and updating “what needs to get done in the next few weeks”, and can be arranged by Activity Group or by Person. What is best for you will depend on your project and your working style – Swiftlight gives you the flexibility to choose.
Swiftlight’s flexible design means that you can use one, some or all of views as suits your needs and working style. Examples of this include: building multidimensional cubes in business intelligence software, integrating with existing solutions, and implementing business scenarios in Business Process Management software. Companies have now started to embrace the concept that it is the most convenient option they can adopt.  Thanks to improved technology, you gain the benefits of global talent with the control and collaboration opportunities as you hardly ever feel the distance.

We have a history of serving the software industry by providing all kinds of experts on lease on temporary and permanent bases.  Feel free to contact us for any consultation for your company.
Hire software resources from the pool of trained developers and launch the project right away.
It also enables informed decision maki ZilicusPM introduces unique feature - online meeting manager in ZilicusPM 5.0 to help team to manage meeting information. You can choose to use one, some or all of the views as suits the needs of your project and your working style.
With stunning charts and tables, this Project Dashboard will help you keep projects on track at all times.
This stylish Project Planner offers you all of the Microsoft Project features for managing tasks, and much more. You can build a new task list, schedule your tasks, allocate resources and monitor progress.
ZilicusPM users can schedule project meeting, view those in calendar clients like outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Google, Apple, and many others, create minutes of meeting (MoM), assign action items to project stakeholders with due dates.
Your project dashboards, plans and reports will automatically be updated with your Timesheet information, so you're always kept up-to-date. In most cases, team members will not need to access project workspace and perform update from home page itself. You can track any type of expense such as people, materials, Equipment and office expenses. As you enter each expense, the Project Dashboard tells you whether you're still under budget.
This project management software allows you to track them day-by-day, so that you can quickly resolve them before they Impact on your deadlines. Project schedule may undergo changes, ZilicusPM provides baseline feature that allows users to create baseline for project schedule. Once baseline is created, it can be compared with current plan and users can visually observe the difference between baseline and project plan in Gantt chart.Trusted by users in more than forty countries, ZilicusPM has emerged as the top-most choice for project and program managers because of the feature-richness and incredible performance. Just select the report you want to run, choose your Project Reporting period and click "View" to run the report across your projects. Its online project management software ZilicusPM – delivers on the promise of collaborative planning to improve team performance. Upload all of your files, documents, forms, templates and reports into this project management software so that it becomes your central document store. By actively involving employees with ZilicusPM and realizing gains in productivity, companies can meet strategic & organizational objectives.

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