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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Getting a project team to both understand and support the scope of a proposed project is arguable the most important task a project manager should focus on at the start of a new project initiative. In this excerpt from his book, Campbell explains components of his one-page project management tool. The One-Page Project Manager helps everyone avoid surprises, and when managing a project, you don’t want surprises. Toward the bottom, left-hand corner, a rectangle is divided into five, unequal, pie-like pieces. Keep in mind that behind each of these tasks, you could have another One-Page Project Manager or Microsoft Project or P3 Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) charts. Tasks are really the centerpiece of any project — the heart of the One-Page Project Manager. Moving clockwise around the Matrix, we next come to the section labeled Target Dates — the dates the tasks are to be completed, and the intermediary dates for each step that needs to be completed before the entire task is done. Write notes about aspects of the project not covered by the other sectors of the One-Page Project Manager in the Summary.
For example, a construction project might have as its objectives for each task: Building Complete, Systems Operational, and People Deployed.
Clark Campbell’s best selling book, The One-Page Project Manager, published by John Wiley & Sons, is in its fourth printing. Get your group together and join MPUG at our lowest prices – the bigger the group, the bigger the discount (continuous training for pennies a day). GET OUR FREE WEEKLY NEWSLETTERSign-up for free how-to articles on Microsoft Project and upcoming web training events! Some exciting things have been happening here at The Lion Project and we wanted to take a couple of minutes to fill you in. This month we revamped our social media sites, launched a new website (, and hired new staff members!

We will find an organization that has a tangible need or a concrete project such as a playground, computer, or vehicle maintenance, that is priced from $1000-$5000. This business model is new, but it’s something we’ve been planning for several months now and plan to implement mid-April.
Whether you are a creative, business person, or a nonprofit, we would love for you to be involved in our next project.
Decisions about project scope can impact the composition of the project team, and serves as the basis for subsequent cost and schedule estimation. Let’s say you are constructing a building and the One-Page Project Manager with the topmost view, the one seen by highest management, has as a major task the construction of the foundation. Constructing a building involves many different tasks, and ideally, they are done correctly, on time and on budget. Usually two bars extend across the page, one for the capital budget and one for the expense budget. They are the desired results of the project, and, as you can see on the One-Page Project Manager, objectives are tied to the various tasks. His second book, The One-Page Project Manager for IT Projects, is scheduled for release by Wiley in 2008.
We also have some big plans for the upcoming year including implementing a new business model, producing a new internal marketing film, working with some new creative partners, and expanding our service to even more non-profits in the Denver area. This project will function as a prototype and a launching pad for various ventures in the future! Hearing stories of what you’re doing is incredibly inspiring and I and the others at The Lion Project can’t wait to help tell those stories. There are many benefits to engaging the project team in the planning and scope definition process.
On one line of the form, you could write, “constructing foundation.” That task could then have its own One-Page Project Manager that covers the major tasks involved with constructing the foundation, such as digging the hole, constructing supports, and pouring the concrete. With a pay-what-you-can model, the owners and volunteers offer healthy, organic and fresh food to people of every economic background.

If you and your business would be willing and able to commit to donating $300 every month, for three months, we will provide you with your own short film of the project to share with your customers.
Try again and please make sure that all information is accurate and that you complete every part of the form.
As you become familiar with the One-Page Project Manager, you’ll see that its various elements all flow to this rectangle. But be aware that too many tasks will minimize the effectiveness of the One-Page Project Manager.
We are so excited to be able to partner with such a meaningful and life-changing cause and to help tell their story. Never reiterate in the Summary and Forecast what is already illustrated on the One-Page Project Manager. I will describe how I integrate this tool in an iterative and collaborative project planning process, to ensure that the project starts off on the right foot.
Knowing what you now know, give management your newly informed view of how the project will appear by the completion of the next two or three time boxes. Clark has served as Assistant to the President, Director of Corporate Planning, VP for Quality, Senior VP for Corporate Development and is currently Senior VP, Administration and Professional Services. Clark managed the design and construction of Tanner’s state-of-the-art automated distribution center and the successful pursuit and receipt of the Shingo Prize.
Tanner’s ISO 9000 certification, and their implementation of SAP and Trilogy software to enable the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, client relations, sales and financial processes of the company.

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