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As a result of these changes, many businesses are considering cloud computing solutions to augment their day-to-day activities. Upon committing to digital transformation, the first concern becomes obvious: What are the challenges inherent in digital transformation?
There are four trends driving real change across industries today and I’m sure many of you are experiencing these trends, both as business leaders and also as consumers.
Google Israel, spectacular 8’000 m2 office in Tel Aviv, is an incredibly inspiring and innovative work environment for Google’s ever growing teams of engineers, sales and marketing. Hub for EntrepreneursOnly 7 of the 8 rented floors in Electra Tower are actually occupied by Google. It's a simple technique that you can adapt to any project to help organize your time and keep on schedule. You can also use it for estimating how much time a project will take when you are pitching to a client. Rearrange your list until it reads in chronological order, with the first task at the top and the last at the bottom. If you are working with a team, assign a color to each team member so they can easily see which tasks they are responsible for. You can either: start with the deadline and the final task and work backwards, or else start from the beginning to give you an end date for the project.
If you have a project team, make sure you use a different color for each team member to show which tasks are allocated to each one.

This stage shows the importance of planning: as it stands, you might be overshooting the deadline or else you might need an extra team member, extra resources, or some further input from your client. If you are overshooting the deadline or can't start any earlier, have a look at what tasks you can move to an earlier date, or what tasks could run in parallel. To counteract the competitive landscape, savvy business executives must do what they can to adjust to changing climates and remain adaptable through technology and strategy. Thanks to digital, operators are witnessing an evolving customer journey and a significant shift in the way customers and operators engage.
Much like desktop computers in the 1980s and 1990s, mobile devices have revolutionized work and play, creating new mediums and interactions. The remaining floor gives space to a new ‘Campus’, which was opened by the Israeli Prime Minister.
If you do not have a specific deadline, estimate the length of time: you can always add or remove columns later.
This doesn't mean that it will take all day to do a task, just that you need to allow different days for each one.
Some tasks will be able to run concurrently, whereas others might only be able to start once a previous task has ended. Be sure to adjust your settings to Public on the web (which anyone with access to the link can access) or keep it Private. Check out Envato StudioChoose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and images priced from $1.

For innovative and engaged businesses, the popularity of mobile technology has offered an opportunity to maintain lines of communication with customers and employees regardless of industry. Each of the themes were selected by a local group of Googlers who also assisted in the interpretation of those chosen ideas,” says architect Tanya Ruegg.Being in Israel, for lunch the Googlers can choose from three amazing restaurants, non-kosher, kosher dairy and kosher meat, each of the restaurants designed to its own style and theme. This can require some thought, but it is worth getting right: some tasks can't start until another one has ended! You may have to discuss this with your team or external contractor to get an accurate estimate.
For my example of planning an event, I am going to start with the deadline of May 20 and work backwards. This is a really important step: the more detail you go into, the more likely you are not to forget anything essential. This is an essential part of the planning phase as it can have a knock-on impact on when you can start future tasks.

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