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Lightweight, inexpensive and easy to maintain, this PVC outdoor furniture is easy to build with our plans. Bathroom designs and floor plans will give new influences and effects toward our new bathroom outlook. A bathroom floor Plan remodel project can be a daunting task –not generally a task for the do-it-yourselfer. Remodeling ideas for master bathrooms and free bath design floor plans for finding ideas for your new bathroom layout. When it comes to remodeling your small bathroom, your small bathroom floor plans will be your guide. Can you suggest a system that could help a group of employees manage a long, many-stepped process? Currently we're using a spreadsheet I whipped up, but there are more steps than there used to be, more products coming in than there were previously and it's inefficient and inconvenient to access and interact with. Is there some sort of program we could have written, or a website we could create that has check-boxes for each step, or something creative I'm not thinking of? I have not used dotProject, mentioned above, but if it does the major tasks of Microsoft Project. Here's an image of a sample Microsoft Project page, showing tasks, subtasks and a timeline. More specific than project management, this sounds like process management, and there is a lot of software out there to automate it, depending on the application (ProcessMaker is an open-source one that I have never used and do not vouch for, but it seems pretty typical).
I'm assuming here that there's some specialization in who handles which of the thirty steps, so that people could physically hand off the checklists to the next guy in line.

Yeah, I considered physical solutions, but we aren't really in close quarters, and with 50-70 products coming in every few weeks, plus 30+ steps per item, I don't think it'd be feasible. Maybe there is something you can adapt from the idea of library aquisitions and cataloging.
A database is created with different people updating and upgrading the item record along the waay. First, a record with title, creator, unique item number, product code, and vendor is written up. Another staff works on the catalog description, using a controlled vocabulary and agreed upon conventions. The items are physically labeled with information provided by the cataloger, also any ink stamps or security measures are applied at this time. Everyone with acess can see the status of every item and the number of copies that were bought, since each has an item barcode number. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems.
HGTVRemodels has expert tips on making the best choices whether you intend to remodel your bath yourself or will be hiring a professional. The product is selected, imported, assigned data (size, color, etc), has photos taken, and about a zillion other steps in between and after. Our company isn't small enough to have one person manage all the steps, nor large enough to have 'departments' to forward things to when a step is complete.
This will allow you to track a task (or in this case an item) through all of your steps - lanes on the board - until it's done.

That said, there is a cost involved in money and time, but there are many tutorials available online. You have decided that you would like to remodel your bathroom, but want to maximize the look and feel. Although 30 steps is probably pretty excessive for a Kanban board to handle, you might be able to alter it to fit somehow. It allows you to link tasks (Task A can only start after Task B is complete, for example), assign people, set schedules, and see how changes early in the schedule affect later tasks. One of the interesting things I saw on the show Ace of Cakes is that they have one big wall dedicated to their current and future projects - they just hang a clipboard up for each project with the cake design, due date, and status of the cake.
Our company is growing pretty quickly, and we're all fairly fresh at this kind of process and scheduling (as opposed to me doing every step for every item, as we did several months ago) so I was totally unfamiliar as to our options.
Four to six people are currently involved with this process, and it's a pain to communicate back and forth about what's done for which products and what's next and where there's a hold-up and so on.
Master bathroom floor plans should be created for a remodel after you have a budget in mind your project.
This could be adapted to work with preprinted checklists - grab the right list, fill in the header with product info, then check off boxes as you complete them. Another important step that surprisingly is left out of many bathroom remodeling plans is drawing an actual floor plan.

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