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I did hedge my bets slightly by putting extra coats of varnish over the stained OSB prior to cutting and gluing it into strips and then squares.
As usual with these OSB projects, the borders are made of strips of 2X4 – usually scraps. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.
I think I raised a few eyebrows with my OSB nightstand a few weeks ago (thanks for all the cool and helpful comments, by the way), so I thought I might as well post all the other things I’ve made from this “ugly duckling” material for those of you who want to know more about its possible applications. I made it in two levels, where the first level has an ordinary “trap door” opening with a mirror installed.
One thing that bugs me is that I didn’t think far enough ahead to make sure that the pattern on the drawer match the pattern just over it. PGreene: I originally designed it with a pin, but I found that the axis of pivotation (sic) would come too far into the box, forcing me to round off the corner of the drawer.
The growth of OSB imports from Romania into Russia last year occurred due to the increase of capacities at the mills of Egger and Kronospan.
Bolderaja imports panels by rail, while shipments from the Romanian mills are carried out by water transport, which allows to reduce transport costs due to a larger volume.
The most expensive and high-quality panels on the Russian market are imported from Germany.
In 2013, the country had three mills for the production of OSB: DOK Kalevala (Petrozavodsk, Karelia) that launched first large-scale production, as well as Hillman OSB (Vladimir region) and Novovyatsky ski mill (Kirov region). OSB is a regional product, it is mainly consumed in the same regions as manufactured, and the share of foreign trade is relatively small. In Russia, OSB is used mainly in construction (production of rough floors, walls, I-beams and so forth), small volumes are also utilized in the production of furniture and pallets. All manner of lumber, building materials, tarpaulins, insulation, plumbing, electrical supplies, kitchen and bath fixtures and more. The first requirement for having and maintaining a well organized workshop starts with the desire to make it so.
The goal is to get the carcass of the cabinet, plus the drawer fronts, from that one sheet of plywood. Often overlooked by some novice builders is the toe kick area, and how something as small as 2" can make such a big difference in how comfortable it is to stand at a cabinet. The corners of the carcass are joined with butt joints that are glued, nailed and the screwed. As for strength, given the immobile position of this cabinet under my workbench, the simple butt joints will be more than adequate to keep it together.
Ideally, I would have liked to completely close in the top with a solid panel, but I had to make a compromise. To help keep the sides from bowing out, I added two more 2" stretchers right above where the bottom drawers will be.

To reinforce my earlier statement on how much raw material drawers consume, it took an additional half sheet of OSB to build these, on top of the full sheet I started with.
So I started playing with OSB – sanding it, filling it, planing it, varnishing it, etc. Since the edges are the least pretty aspect of OSB, I trimmed those with thin veneers cut from 2X4’s, and then putty, sand and varnish the whole thing. The original purpose of this table-top was to show that you could build a table with an 8 foot diameter (4’ radius) out of sections that could go through my 1-foot-wide Delta thickness planer. Pretty cool interpretation for material that is associated with construction grade projects. By the way – I have OSB and the OSB IDE running on Oracle Linux as a 64-bit application – see how here. If we take a look in my osbProject1 direction in my eclipse workspace, we see that it contains just a single file, ProxyService1.proxy. We define a property called osbHome which is then used throughout the POM.  This needs to point to your Oracle_OSB1 directory. Good luck!  Enjoy!  And a big thank you to Dimitri Laloue who helped me get configjar working. Actually, the clamps came off the next day, but the stool sat untouched until it was warm enough outdoors to do the final sanding. For those interested, this is the pattern for the stool showing all of the dimensions, other than the width, which can be anything you want. Sign up for convenient email updates to stay on top of the latest projects and build articles.
I know what you’re thinking, but remember that most people don’t know how cheap OSB is and have no negative connotations to this material.
I just bought a router, so it’s snuggly inset so the surface of the mirror is flush with the rest of the underside of the lid. Not one step, not two steps, but all the way to the finish.Brian is a powerful machine that needs to be treated with respect. Since I took these photos, I’ve added a small handle which is a silk band loop threaded through a small hole in the trap door. The latter completed an investment project in September 2013 worth EUR 40 million at its plant in Brasov and doubled OSB capacity up to 600 thousand m3. Kronospan, obviously, will soon complete the construction of its plant in the Moscow region and is likely to abandon a part of deliveries from Romania and Latvia, while the growth of the domestic market of housing construction in North America may cause the companies from Canada and U.S.
A significant part of international trade in OSB accounts for supplies from Canada, where OSB was invented and first made, to the U.S.
Eventually, I will paint this cabinet a solid colour and fill the nail and screw holes with bondo. This was due to my self imposed restriction on getting the entire carcass and fronts (all the visible parts) from a single sheet of plywood.

If this were to be a cabinet that will be moved often, I would have done things a bit differently, as it is not very strong and rigid. The two at the bottom are the deepest, the ones above that are a lot less deep and the top two are the most shallow. It seems impossible that these simple things that are so often taken for granted require so much material to build.
It was also cheap for the material, with the total cost somewhere around $30 - $14 for OSB and the rest for other materials (glue, nails, screws, etc.). She’s not a carpenter of any kind and has thus never seen OSB before, don’t know about its more common applications and, like most people, reacted with curiosity and fascination when she first saw it. In this regard, Kronospan partially transferred deliveries from its Latvian Bolderaja mill to the Romanian company, which led to the reduction of imports from Latvia, as says the report ‘OSB market in Russia’ recently published by WhatWood analytic agency. Romanian and Latvian boards are in the middle price segment, where they compete with the Russian-made Kalevala OSB, as a major Russian distributor of panels told WhatWood. One option is to jump in the AMC Hornet Sportabout station wagon and scoot on over to the nearest big retailer and buy some shiny new tool cabinets.
The first cut stops 3" up from the bottom, then another cut comes in from the front to finish it. Of course, one of the benefits of doing it yourself is that you can make it only as strong as it needs to be, and not waste time a material.
I carefully considered the three depths, measuring the tools that I expected to put in each. Having been down this road on many previous occasions, I decide the best money saving approach is to select the ultra economical, but totally suitable (in my opinion) oriented strand board (OSB). Of course, there is the time it took to build, but I think the results were worth the effort. I would be hesitant, however, to make this to a lumberchick, lest you break the relationship. The leading positions in exports have been recently captured by Latvia and especially Romania, from a zero base. In the end, you'll have something that will fit where you need it to be, looks like it belongs with the rest of your (less than shiny and new) gear, and you may save a buck or two. It would be neat to have the sides made of the same pieces, so the strands line up exactly, minus the blade width of the cut.
The second level I originally planned to be an ordinary pull-out drawer, but I figured it would be more fun to have it swivel around one corner. A word of caution, however; when hinging at a mitered corner like this (especially mitered OSB), the hinges are hanging on to basically nothing (It’s not poor quality, you philistine, it’s just delicate…).

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